Improve Your Online Presence &
Increase Website Conversions
With AI-and Digital Marketing

Imagine the relief you would feel if all your worries about your business’ online presence went away. You could focus on what matters most to you without any interruptions, and save time because of it!

If only there was a solution for everything that’s holding me back from having my perfect website…sound like you?

If this sounds like you, we have the perfect solution: Building your business without letting it consume all of your time and energy.

Wondering how? Let me introduce you to our:

SoLoMo Concierge Service

The SoLoMo Concierge Service is the solution for small business owners in Killeen who want to improve their digital marketing without having to do it themselves.

SoLoMo knows that local businesses are busy with running and managing their own company, which makes growing your customer base a challenge. That’s why they provide affordable services like social media management so you can focus on what matters most: making more money!

It can be difficult to run a small business, but with the right systems and tools in place you’ll know that success is well within your grasp.

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by all the needs of your business. SoLoMo Concierge will help you actually generate the kind of traffic and income opportunities for your business that you intended from the beginning.

SoLoMo Concierge Service includes:


Without Pay-per-click Spends

The higher your listing ranks in search engine results, the higher the quality of your leads. We help you rank higher in search results without having to spend insane amounts on PPC ad campaigns.


The perfect tools you need to control your online presence at a glance

  • Client portal for tracking
  • Website support
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Content marketing
  • 1-year FREE support
  • Free 30-minute consultations
  • Social media management
  • Video marketing campaigns
  • Interactive lead generation
  • Chatbot Programming

We build your website on the WordPress CMS platform which allows for custom functionality.

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Never worry about forgetting to post often enough. We post daily for you to keep your online audience ready.

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We provide SEO optimization upon initial build and throughout the life of your website to maintain rank.

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We equip your website with SMS texting functionality to make it easy to respond quickly to mobile clients.

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We track all communications for your whether they come by way of website forms, visits, or phone calls.

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We create high quality promo videos for your business to enhance and strengthen your online presence.

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Social Media Management Around Your Brand

choose best plan and enjoy our services.

Social media management is a crucial part of your company’s ability to connect and engage with its prospects. People love to feel like they are a part of a company’s online community. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Social Media Engage

$549/ Month

  • 5 social media accounts
  • Daily lead generating posts
  • Email list building
  • Monthly promo video
  • Mobile Messenger Intake Bot

Lead Gen Bronze

$975/ Month

  • 10-15 exclusive leads/mo.
  • Monthly traffic reports
  • Lead Call tracking
  • Email list building
  • Mobile Messenger Chatbot

Salon Client Promo Video - Restoration Salon & Spa


We use technology and our understanding of it to help small businesses succeed right alongside their more powerful competitors.


We are seeking to become one of the best service providers around for small businesses seeking to compete and dominate in their industry.


With us onboard as your marketing partner, you get to focus on why you went into business in the first place. Do you still remember that?

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"This is my second website he ranked on page one for me. I never have to worry about results. My lawn service and my tree service calls are because of Fred's approach. Thanks Fred. I recommend if you need more calls and traffic." 

Adam Carrazco - Owner

Wells Branch, TX

“Frederick is the ultimate professional and so amazingly knowledgeable! There are so many ways to optimize your business across all social media but the average business person has no idea of what matters most, what you must do, what's currently relevant, and so on! Fred approaches your business strategically with an in-depth real world analysis of what critical actions you should take in order to create a larger presence for your business, gain greater exposure, be seen as a truly legitimate business by your business vendors, and how to create a truly targeted audience and customer following. I am still amazed at his easy to digest style and expertise. Truly a pleasure to work with!.”

Kimba Williams - CIO

Boca Raton, FL

“Fred is absolutely phenomenal. We spoke numerous times over the phone due to the fact we live in different cities. This makes it even better. Working with Fred over the phone felt like we were sitting across the table from each other. Very professional and gives you nothing but the best. He took my lawn service to a higher level than before with the website he created for me. I highly recommend his services to everyone..”


Charlotte, NC

Superb knowledge and skills.”


Round Rock, TX

Fred is awesome! He's helped me in so many ways and has had a tremendous impact in my life (work & home, since I'm starting a business at home). There were things I didn't know I didn't know that Fred had the patience to explain to me which is greatly appreciated. He could have just worked, got me the results and moved on. 

Instead, I now have a better understanding of both SEO & Digital Marketing and knowing what I know now, has steered me toward additional clients and potential revenue streams that I hadn't even thought of before hiring him.Thank you Fred!


San Antonio, TX
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