Just to make it easier for you guys to see the ramifications of creating a solid GMB
listing, here’s a shortlist with some opportunities that this tool provides:
● The business has an increased chance of showing up in Google’s Local
● The business has a chance of being featured inside the Local Finder.
● The business will appear inside Google Maps.
● The business will receive a slight organic search ranking boost.

Now, before the GMB listing will become operational, it will need to get verified.
This process is mainly automated and will take up to 3 days to complete. Keep in
mind that unless you complete the verification process, your listing will not show
up in Google Search or Google Maps.

A description is not only good for letting people know on what the business is all
about, but it also helps Google to place your business into the appropriate
search bracket.
With this in mind, when you create the description for your business, include
some keywords related to your business niche. But do it naturally without making
the whole thing seem forced. Oh, and stay away from keyword stuffing!

Yes. We optimize your GMB listing thoroughly, including maps optimization for only $225.

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