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To discuss about the video marketing how to create your YouTube channel And how to make the videos using with photo sander VP to video making here YouTube we can like you can show their live various and People to video making kind of photos to Widowmaker hustle. They are a theme, but we can capture by Your camera, huh? Will you huh? Etc using by your mobile phone also But you are using by photos to video making if you capture the hundred photos we can make other videos along with animations Huh we can make the video through PP to video making Here we do know you're making here. We using the software call easy to beat dot-com This is one kind of software is it with This is our null exe file.

You can download by your desktop Is it with? Your video marketing we could discuss it with YouTube Dailymotion click Crandall boom your every yoga kid by the PP to video making and Photos to video making you see a live video we can promote your life is also like Nitin they cut by Jim not us Any kind of tools go to meeting are any other? Recording tools you can capture your screen. Also you can show your live. It is also like our nourish It will be a sponsor like this. I show that one video also look here See is all honestly. We don't see a look here and click kefir I say it, non See here discuss about my videos. Also was that effect marketing YouTube marketing so my very soul is available here along with the pictures See the flame marketing You can show along with the winder See what is that? They show by alpha D.

Google access? I will be actually a Google Adsense purpose of design reviews meeting from revenue for YouTube also try you ring for marketing from We had Nina through video marketing. This is called skip a bullet. Okay, duck skip back Now this is I'm recording for the video here look here the video will answer for a frame marketing Interaction complete form see you know it image. We can discuss a both offline marketing we can promote our Congenial I with the voice oriented become promoters image also And you can mark it for the video video-making also developer the three ways one is a photo the video making PP to video making now live video is that light put exactly? So clear this all will be done by the your YouTube marketing Here in a YouTube.

We have the two channels one is a user channel like us your profile name Second one is a brand name, so I am discussing both in my website is GMOs very calm this website link lead has a YouTube channel first I am open for the YouTube how to open just open your Google This is one kind of app for the Google Sno now click for apps What is that Google Apps was it here to keep the YouTube they open father your YouTube like this This is called by YouTube marketing along with you to you do with the display advertisement in they will be called Sponsor ad we can click for your closure. Also if you interested The YouTube ad will base on fur with IQ toolbar which one with IQ toolbar look here What is a toolbar with IQ toolbar or judge you for dinner? 116 minutes CL Subscribers, okay suppose I am PP find a channel if you look by my channel So you have so many viewers are there in open one video Along with the I will be showing here for that ad will be placed by the rich one Tata Docomo vehicles tracking solution Anybody Is your vehicle which location will be by this they will be using by the she teams for the Hyderabad? The location will be for the bus will be which location when I right now the place by this so that Is a display at this is one kind of ebony process based on the video use See I was that.

This is all nothing but with the IQ tool, but take you the comp list code Good ice cold and his SEO is cold pays on that Your video will be in tizzy one use based on the tax is on the tax is complete tax here Now we are discussing our YouTube channel we discussing one how many chances are there one is the user anger ban channel? So this is a brand channel is a channel This is my planning. This is a company rocket ik solution if you are going to profile. What's the profile name is that? Akash the Moto See is that Akash the motor see yeah, what is that click for my channel? The channel name Akash promoter now you click this one This all will become D with your settings look here my channel clear Studios Which are going to sign out? Let's switch open a theme earth in Scituate the multiple accounts In one browser we are informing of course are there One dozer regarding for home iljimae's we can I didn't make a login 10g months We can login with the 10 YouTube channels now here How many my chance are there in Dutch – one is the profile second is the my brand or the my website? GMO was you There will be there into the GMOs gray is a website is our profile now.

You are looking for my brand page So this is a new one is a new version Suppose your new version will be confused for suppose we go with the Volvo. Also here click this one This joy ol watch Said by the I prefer not answer click first pitch I don't like to have any answers for you, and not interest further also click for my channel Was it darling j-mo vez You eat is my brand babe previous akash memories of my profile now is called your branding page Look here if you clean for number of channels If you give you a number of tally in a youtube who is that click full youtube settings Wizard see all my channels We can create n number of channels one gmail unique four in number of channels the integrate with Google Plus every time integrated with our Google+ is a clear How many channels are there three channels out of two will be active the many one will be not active see you? How many views for this channel 10 videos? My son will be open So careful watch YouTube is based on your settings are very important that is call go to my channel The channel after getting your channel, what is the name call video manager? If we go with the channel information the option call is Channel 4 show you here verified the very fraction will be valid by your mobile number Suppose his channel is not ready for your with mobile number.

The channel is not will be promotes This is mr. With your mobile number is your here Now is that? Upload default Sabini upload video is that default information this all will be default information will check by here. Don't worry the strip These all will be default information is the category The papers will be called private. They're showing for unpicking fun bubbly look for sale in the video description will be common tax will be Common how did the tax Li with the double course if you re any kind of tax using with double course? Movers double force Here unit tax don't use a commas one. He was another giver. You don't use a common we using for Double course, this is your tag So is all will be common thing don't touch is all this options What is that? Future content future can nothing, but we can clear your 3 ad in a YouTube Video or 3 a dinner YouTube will cure future content the stair hit first save And go to your future and change This company theme body on YouTube information now you have a video Player into the YouTube channel here for that display time and this error What is that channel ad they will be increase your views? Total YouTube will be base alpha v.

Ph. We already discussed. What is called pupa hour Will avoid will be thousand Views your video will be going for tending Forever we can use for 10 one tenth of these will be this birthday Whatever will be getting for 1000 views So when you getting for 10,000 views in that day your way will be going for training that? Is based on phone you pour a bottle skull we paste the base under we don't use coriander SEO score the base on the tax Now is call your branding anything, but every video. We can show them one watermark whatever the theme module logo here What is called this my know now you're a click for advanced I Do nothing by your channel will last you for which country and your complete channel. He was Previously discussed then upload default this is the only five particular video channel. This is the complete YouTube channel keywords CA stop movers in Abu Dhabi profession motion Abu Dhabi so many things look here See if adding for this also J-mo vez y I will post double course mowers Double course factors Double course More sent to bite force n equal number of tax look forwards Sehwa not So clear this is called your channel options So China will be divided by the you are complete tax So no, so is relevant for your business suppose my business is education.

I'm adding find a name and spirit In education money flow into them is courage If you my is the internet Java the Madoff education is correct if you are look for education. This is called black, and I see You doing further? wrong markets cross market In education probably further integrate my engineering mister how many for the education it's totally wrong if you do the wrong market risk all Black at is if you do the right market at all why does he oh? I'm sure you further Education mail you click the image they go into some Pankaj. This is called a hard math which if you click This way for one education image Is about firm you're in destroying three questions when you click. They go into some news it Is totally wrong is tumblin they will be called different market? This is all will be grasped antics? Well first you will this so you will be in this but we say will be They're not spending for the one made also so we are getting for postage It's a known Simply one you start one place Mister come into your place they not purchase anything.

They go back for that They won't whether use 0 So if you come the youtube channel one person they come into they watched my video these are worth double They will be saw my ID and something like that. This is a he views We are setting only fur we live in persons so easy these are business We are a fun element keywords on your channel so very important the theme, but at once So your channel visitors they coming from which location how much times many for each and every video will check by the analytics We checked by the analytics Sure each a report we can export on your excel sheet each other we put day to device Last one day days how many ways? 34 what is the average time Japan 3h Go to how many views 53. No likes shares will be 12 we don't place that th See These are all views So in a YouTube channel if increase the views If your Idol with your child will be one big your views will be getting down Your channel will be per week we can appear for the minimum.

Do you know 5 videos for the week? How many? PI if you are not updating for the less than 5 The video will be append on your use day To day we are uploading for the minimum one to two videos Think is you are you rating? I deal with a Fridays. You're useful being busy fall down stage so if you're increasing video Use your YouTube will be always active dailyvee coupler for the one video or weekly five radius, huh? You can go with a general search They do we are using for two videos for me? How many builders? 14 videos, but we are you a verse for the reunify to several meters? So clear think these are views based on the uploading is a potent and base on the market Now clear, this is called complete fir video marketing to tell from the YouTube these are we using for the Keywords and tax by the individual post and come with channel tax look here.

I'm adding for them drop tags are there Is the individual videos I'm open for the video here Just some open by the video here with toolbar will integrate by the Individual video tags and channel tax vid IQ tool birth a simple one. Just pause here. What is that? This is a complete channel type. This is the one This is ever video tax these are one channel textbook clear Reason I'm adding movers Packers motion Dubai in Abu Dhabi This is we're adding, but is not currently already yet to change by this one So loopy a careful watch.

I am changing for weight video manager Keep for channel Or the option advanced Sea mining philosophy will be country's Was it more same? Abu Dhabi do you think for double dose is a Montague not for Tama using for double course? Say now we were so how do you showing here in space abu space Dhabi another fish? So Is working or not? We're changing for you our YouTube channel, so is a channel Theresa video tags, so what is good 56 out of hundred mrs.. Curry is a fifty if you go with a vision where the businesses Go is a ninety if you increase of more views, but is not reaching for ninety days on the tax so clear this Karl Fink uses our YouTube views raised on the channel tax and a Video tax is it clear and based on the shading of your social media under SEO off page This is all we'll be Using with the Skype Facebook Twitter link so they increase your views love it Hasta handle it did estimates any other day, but tagging so this is called YouTube Basic to tell further increase in the views Right office topic So in this tower you first discuss about the how to make peepee to video making Peepee to video making so we are discussing about come be channel settings so after that how to will start my video So I don't have a channel videos.

I don't have a videos how to make Simple one just I'm going to my website Mm. You are making fun video here. This is called people's you are making done here Before that chick for the complete videos on your channel how many of us are there in your channel chick here foot to my channel Which video is not there you can get here? Was that this small side package at Dubai Dubai movers and Packers topic I saw movers here Initial moves into pi comma Y, but you're not dating to the this moves in Abu Dhabi palma UAE look here Topic ass moves in Dubai here. Also. I was I missing here Thomas is Abu is dead, but in this movie Abu, Dhabi's North it I come to here Take the any pure one PPD Which Q are promoting international moves Abu Dhabi comma Y And They will be same I'm changing only for keyword Nation was it? Come up, yeah, just um don't look here Okay now what is that save us? Just moves it hablar gamma you save So my people will be done so no no, please Go to article was on my PPD regression worse Abu Dhabi comma you done Now use a software PPD video making right on the soft a name mp3 Kate calm If anytime using for PPD video making with PB to video making the country will be called mp3 k dot-com is a three of software So lot of conventions are they became before weekend comedy the mp3 format or any kind of form a will be available for a year the free of cost but they will be charged so What are you discussing here 4.2 media making come down here results? 4.2 video click here certainty or PPD in this file where you said by to desktop Say it your particular one Article was that intention was in Abu Dhabi comma a only for sent by the people then also differ media format And ur what for my own self by the BB D Select each slide will be say either 5 seconds 10 seconds 50 seconds are 20 seconds must eyes will be 10 These are one minute my slice will be called say 170 seconds My slice will be Too well is a one minute 20 seconds muzaffer less than fight.

I'm using for 15 seconds now What is that not do video Now video car what is going on which for a second? So of the circus your video will be ready click for download video So check your video is properly playing or not second. It is who don't watch. It's a visible content check here. Oh My name is will be done to me as click for downloads Your video will be downloaded for the format mp4 is a Claddagh for my look here. You can D. Will be look or not Know that just open your folder was a keyword name Change your keyword name as your video Cut this copy for the location In this Morse in Abu Dhabi now go do your Disclose this one don't disappoint here We already created Now is that your channel? click for upload Before upload this look we are careful watch they showing for Multiple options is that? public unlisted private hander schedule you can push a jewel by thee this hours also Like what is that now will be they make that you can schedule by the? Next hour will be 9:30 10:30 or that is day also shit Shit will buy nest our salsa is so here wait do the public here Click propose probability, but they pushed by the ak10 Go to your videos whether my keyword interracial movers Abu Dhabi Or these are this this one asana Karma UAE this belong so far GM OS 8 So the video will be used of each one school will be given me a key tool, but was asked earlier 21.9 so hard increases code lookey a careful watch and then move the all options.

I don't look for this keyword I Think it is a toolbar there open here I Must go total now Now So when you're deleting the all keywords always will be in by night How much much good Don't know much good at nine mine, too, so same tag we losing by here So terribly matching by your description is mandatory, and we'll match him by your description same description we shade by the world Google+ and Twitter Aligned with what using by so she my using by a star nothing, but training same one using by asta here Using a Buddha with less weight When editing for aster they'll edit your content 31 can get seer Will check here movers and Packers You can give for a stock for social media also So she we see basically follow for which one training topics With almost courier 39 point These are abuse and tax So today, I almost quit with it 41 by one so if we will be ready for playlist live in tags Help us.

We will show the one group will be created by the on playlist so all of a keyword Interest moves in Abu Dhabi see ya anyplace is there to look here. They move the way is their game overseas I was always there not Now click here. Who's dead? Someone is the J movers? Okay, now is there you have more subatomic? Emotions Abu Dhabi the lunataks will be added by the I play list if you create a new playlist Simple one, or is that? Abu Dhabi Mo's Is created check bus J most common Abu Dhabi is the one solid Abu Dhabi? How many plays to you are a fine now click firm Publish total how many years look here? It lists one card at least one screen close of capture Manuel Montage enable add add to playlist Make it public Sabrina private.

They will show you further into mark. What is that Shira Twitter? Shade on Facebook repay on your recent comment Now you look for publish Before publish one if you are identify reading here We can check your wound thumbnail. Also see this is all different you click for your own thumbnail also Is own thumbnail family a timber? They hide it avoid very image by you know channel a quick fault shhh Thank You Shan by the Twitter and GooglePlus why We are in fact two options Sudanese look here the option will be selected here Now I'm going to wait just Here, I'm search by this link Go to another tab Check by the my with IQ score See my video no music nothing So they're going on here Is showing this career look the wait spot will be showing here With a sport 41.1 So we'll square will be 41 points one see you just I go to my channel Look for video manager So which video have to change the options this is going to video clip for it each Okay, see you know channel, how many options are there look one by one make a explain here For that it this one card is this one skill through the caption month is enable Share on Facebook we play on a recent comment First of all we looking for at least one card Was it here? Karna theme, but when you play the video So we don't show anything in the header Nothing it's really nothing it is there Yes or no anything is there no just look here, I'm setting for course The kind of theme, but they show you four relevant ads Relevant videos the showing by the in a little part of your image click here video or playlist Create we had you individual videos on we are your placed also Which are is the more than videos clip for this one create an a Symbol column I Come to you the symbols are there in a video refresh Was it They're showing fun relevant videos if you click they go into the my playlist So one video creating further multiple views deserve process increase the view process See what is that? They play this anything we can play for the all videos So they will we will be music the video will be not adding music here wait for second Now man if only for one plate is I'm Anna funny one more play list This place how many of us are there Suppose if you interested ID for one video the video will be need for the more views and video placed Money for playlist under individual with us also this is called card Whatever will be save here now is call in fine setting check here Was that option will be tick Mago notch by adding the hikmah will be finish Now your what is that in this screen an annotation or the second one at least one in this field? Click the in the screen in this kena theme But when you come to finish your video they showing your Papa videos your relevant video will show by the industry These are your in disc in here just come down your company in this game.

They thank you are in this game Now just go into this option click for nest and done was that a Dale match video page hold option called video playlist we adding for your choose your video or playlist The playlist is a video I'm adding only for playlist my money for playlist. Yep a little can play further in them The purpose of Indies in de use So we running for anyone video how many way we are in for two it is enough the skin say Was that can find it settings Then to tick marks Was a last one closed caption manual so was that CC the media will and so far Which company are? This a mouth will be English we can't answer by the loop.

This is the loop they transferred by the please Now for that click here said by the English The Media will be language translator If you tell you will be there you can't answer in English I with your amplifier your desktop Suppose your video will be only for image based us be very base for that region here new subtitle RCC that is call your company name is a title Whether your company JM overs Way they wish over like this Click for plus They showing by the German Jeremiah milliseconds will be shown here ok now click forth publish So CC will be done now going to in finder settings Done This is a tick mark is dead, but these are not apply for the Google Adsense You know put a Googler says here take mine will be Enable right now. I don't add in the tick mark here C, or is that the ratio will be created here? The score was expect one check here So today our income here I Will check you see are there out of nine six Score will be increased by the oil based on the views out of out of under Hamas's will be good for six point one We're checking the score which tag will be arraigned from the wrong So I'm checking for this 40th second So totally scoring by 46 find one year And Yeah, we discuss about one remaining So they may we'll be showing by the interest moves in Abu Dhabi come wait, so we're you TG for your custom thumbnail wizard The thing where you are ready for your own image also now click the custom thumbnail there are your own email also here Which email you can add an your own image see? Showing elevator mobile number and email area under Anything we will show here click for say change they may we'll edit by we're new your YouTube channel Simple one your charm will be dead look for my channel Video See ya to shame by the proper one see You change by your another you may also so the simply may we'll be showing our channel What is are you changing it may want to be the video manager? What is the particular video click for it? Eh? You click for change image Support whenever you click for that change image and changing the alpha males Now click for my channel look for medias So unity with this one they may will be changed by this give me the seconds will change it so here They will show one drawback here.

We are a PPT to video making is fine The showing one default is that was that here the way one option is power that you missing by add music so Which one will be has a miss for the music themes over like this? Sis forever without music YouTube will be not playing your ass all your we will be reading from you See this how many minutes are will be see you have pretty 4 copies in the default same reading for multiple times They will be called duplicate so same video then all except for the multiple the exact so only for one time No with music with thermo is the same way we can applaud up multiple times only for one time How do you will be defined you can discuss? What will be change that kind of various here? I'm going with the music here click for an H The option call is audio Here multiple carry will be the audio here These are carry these are free of music if using for number of times, no issues.

There's no corporate also No progress. No click here, which means you collect volumes cinematography Hi pops a Second carrier audio No time we take them in name Bob you I did my guardian for you Are you but they will take the time for adding five minimum to one male to do this? We found out in for custom visits Which has protein further you to we can add it from that movie into the your previous We go with the custom music Just go with it here Any guitar music is a good kosher Alex one here go to our you? Got custom music go with the free music at by dear when you are hiding for the tool will be call easy with toolbar Simple one So they ask you one question how to are the custom music father or with on YouTube video audio So music for are your songs further take it my deed YouTube channel somewhere and go to the private one Where you are taken by the here? He said wait easier for the number of edges for there is copyrights There is a copy is how to we'll be going over the populace Will use the only for you took if you are the own music add it here the simple one click here Was our here use my own tone he can't my own song also look here.

My name's will go through you. Type a mining for my song He one song will be search area This man, I'm sorry, but the Sun Okay, just my name for which video anyone video xxx I'm setting for one video here see The video already music is dead This just Exists in video I need for my own ringtone. Yes, I know but There is a copyrights you know but in a YouTube. They using as a strike This is a belongs to my video.

Don't use that kind of videos so We can use it only for 10 seconds music only how much 10 seconds will music on it for YouTube if you are using for more than 10 seconds yoga team will be strike You arch I will be green for three strikes you Will be gone We need for three strikes on your YouTube how to know that is called committee guidelines this call community violence just look here wizard click the community if you get it for 3 strikes The stacks will be showed by here yoga will be getting for No con band If you have the give Express for the YouTube if this is okay with you or expression they will do the we can back Each each spike will be there in 2 3 months Each day will be the into the three months of time how many months will be three months So clear so this is called come a girl s if anything getting from Camilla Galen is over here complete again Is here so if you're getting for any message Anybody doing the comment on your video beginning for message finish cups k will be getting from me check by the subscribers So this is a tradition comedy settings will be edgy change over your principal so clear This is called we adding your music and comedy guy less everything will be adding by the your channels so clear this is called YouTube channel plating and your ID with the video video making an ID with your Vehicle sir now this video will be added with music now pay this Yep devious So the debate will be show by the our Video Converter So clear this is kinda make the video with the PP do video making and primer with you to the base alpha with IQ score Tomorrow we'll discuss about the how to make the video is easy with photos to video making class instability available by what channel

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