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Everyday more of your potential clients are
using online search engines and directories to find local services like the ones you provide.
Now you can harness the power of the internet to get more customers for your business. All
you have to do is Yodle. Today fewer consumers are using traditional
media and print directories to find local businesses instead eighty two percent of U.S.
consumers are now searching online to find local services. In fact, over one billion
local searches take place on online search sites and directories said every month
and this number is growing over fifty percent every year. Yodle local online advertising
is an easy, affordable and results driven way for your local business take advantage
of these trends to get more phone calls and new customers. By promoting your business
across our vast network of sites reaching over ninety percent of online searches including
major sights like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Ask and our own directory Yodle local.

take care of all the work allowing you to focus on serving your customers, not finding
them. Here's how it works. When someone searches
for local services online for example plumber in NYC or lawyer in San José or dentist in
St. Louis and the search matches the services that your business provides, we can make sure
that your business can get found here in the organic section of the search engines and
here in the maps sections. We can also strategically advertise your business here in the sponsored
section of the search engines as well as across our vast network of over seventy five other
directories and local sites. When someone clicks on one of your advertisements or listings
there are then directed to your website which we'll optimized to help you turn the maximum
number of online visitors into offline customers. We'll supply you with the unique tracking
phone number specifically for your Yodle advertising campaigns so that we can easily track every
click made, dollar spent and call placed. Of course if you don't have a website will
create a professionally designed one for you using SEO and conversion best practices all
at an affordable price.

And tracking your success of your lease easy.
Simply log into our user-friendly platform any time to view the traffic, calls and emails
entered driven your site. We can even record the calls for you so that you can assess the
quality of your enquiries and how your staff is handling them. "Hello, Mike's Heating and Air." "Hi,
I found you online and I would like to get a quote." If you ever have any questions, Yodle provides
a dedicated account manager who is responsible for running your campaigns and making sure
that you are one hundred percent satisfied with your Yodle experience. There's a lot to think about with local online
advertising, but Yodle makes it easy to get affordable results. So isn't time you start
to make a local online advertising work for you. For a free local
online advertising assessment from one of our experienced internet marketing
consultants just call us at 877.276.5104.

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