Where Marketing Attribution Falls Short—and How to Get it Right

With the CMO often considered the most precarious position in the C-Suite, marketing attribution is top of mind for everyone looking to really measure the impact of their marketing departments. And with good reason—new data shows that 60% of marketers face pressure to prove ROI. CMOs are under increased pressure to demonstrate their team’s ability to influence buyer cycles, so the importance of delivering strong insights is as important as ever before. But, it is critical that these insights are statistics that actually matter. The rise of statistics like “impressions” and “mindshare” that do not truly get at the actions driving sales further muddies the waters of what makes an important marketing statistic. It makes sense, then, that only 22% of marketers feel that their organization is using the right attribution model.

A small improvement is the increasing emphasis on pipeline, but that does not always convert into sales. Additionally, there are increasingly co… Read More

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