Welcome to Session 0! (7467, Web Design, Fall 2015)

hey everybody this is Kim Hewitt and welcome to the first seminar of web design this is a one-week session and there’s some substance that you want to get done but it’s not you know it’s not a serious load in areas of you’re not going to be reading sections of the book yet you don’t have to get a book you don’t have to start tailor web pages fairly hitherto so this week’s all about simply getting oriented getting the stroke that emulate of the syllabus reading about some of the class plans kind of learning broadly what the assignments are going to be like and that kind of thing only kind of getting warmed up for the semester and then starting next Monday or the monday let’s say monday august 31 st you will begin getting your first real jobs that are related to the actual course objectives of the course all right so i’m looking at the homepage of the course and let’s go on into the content country where you’ve already been because you experienced this video there i am in student vistum so this should look moderately familiar and right now we only have times zero or direction seminar open there’s several more that will be popping open as the semester continues but this is all you should ascertain for now and in this session we have these four pages you want to visit the last one in this session is a checklist I’ll go ahead to start there merely to show you but you can use this checklist to note to yourself that you’ve finished things and ordinarily I leant the checklist firstly in a session but for the very first one I missed you to pop in and I craved the first thing for you to see when you came in to actually be the Welcome page with the video that you’re watching now and that kind of thing so but again starting in session one next week the checklist are likely to be your first part that you assure alright so um one of the things you have to get used to anytime you’re in a brand-new online track oh the different professor or instructor is how they design their online courses and just to give you a quick idea of how I often do it there’s two main pit there’s actually three major sheets that in my module there could be extra ones sometimes when there’s more substance but I always have a welcome page where I have like a video where I sort of welcome you to the orientation to the session maybe I give you some suggestions I might give you some updated information about things that I’ve heard from students in the course that have compelled changes in the course so Mike so I might use this sort of welcome page as an opportunity to give you an overview of the session and too kind of update you on substance and normally the practice I design it is that you don’t have to watch my video in order to be successful but some people might find that it’s helpful to pull them in technically you know if you are armed with the checklist and the activities page then you are set so the three major pages that are going to find in a module like sort of a three most important ones in my module scheme our checklist a welcome sheet and then an acts sheet usually precisely one sometimes more than one and that tells you what you’re supposed to do in this special when we’ve also got a syllabus direction projected and communications page it’s kind of like a policy sheet but all right so let’s go ahead and take a look so your job is going to be too after you watch this video is to come back in and read and view everything that I’ve put in now and it’s not it’s not a ton of stuff but speak everything on this welcome page make sure you’ve had the opportunity to watch my meet the professor video you know if you want to watch it it’s honestly it’s another one of those things that I think it might be helpful for you to know a little bit about where I’m coming from but was kind of a long 16 instant video so watch some of it and get to know me a little bit make sure you can see things on the bulletin feed so the homepage make sure that you’re able to see all material and that you are practised in doing so so will vary depending on what browser you’re in like right now I’m in Chrome sometimes you’ll pop you’ll he’ll stumbled points in your online direction that are invisible and if you don’t have sort of a practiced eye or you’re not thinking about it you don’t even notice that things are not showing you might not if you’re not really with it if you’re if you’re in this online course a at like 2am and you’ve just had a 16 -hour workday and your digest and you’re working on this you may not notice that things are not appear so be sure you go back to that information feed and you taught to build things prove I like to gave module objectives on the the Welcome page as well just so you kind of know what are the things that that you’re going to be working on it’s another way of writing a checklist kind of isn’t it but it’s sort of a it’s sort of scheduled to take place in good instructional motif that you roll out your learn objectives for the students some of these are not learning objectives some of them are just doing nonsense but you’ll ever check some kind of objectives on that page okay so what you want to do on this page is of course read all this download the syllabus read it there’s a tiny chance that i will modernize it it seems like i always update syllabi there in the first week but if i do that what i want you to know is that you you are safe to go ahead and read this thing now and read it in detail and if i make any alterations i’m going to tell you exactly where those converts were so that you don’t have to reread the part syllabus because i know that wastes your time so it would just be a few tweaks and i would actually right on the breast sheet of the syllabus and a little extra box what are those things that got changed in the next version to the you know all right the course plan is an awesome tool for telling us what to do when and like what sea that what is the time of a period like how long does its present session 0 actually span well its love from Monday August twenty-fourth to sunday august 30 th and by that time this is a stuff that wishes to do that has parts is connected to it so make sure you do this stuff so the next session will be a two-week session during this period of time terminating on the Sunday midnight you’ll want to have these two things down at a minimum and if you wanted you can do this optional third job and so on so we have lots of two-week periods until thanksgiving week punches us so send a note sunday November’s 22 nd dissolves our last two weeks seminar then we have thanksgiving break don’t do any study during thanksgiving end and sorry Syria was talking to me and then session 7 is our last session or sort of winding down seminar and it’s only one week so it’s that week after Thanksgiving so check this out it’s it’s a really simple little contrive that tells you what our session dates are and then what’s to do at the end of each of those times I think it’s pretty well spaced out um all right you can print the course plan like going to this dot fleck flecked click magazine sound ctrl P and it’s a somewhat printer-friendly seeming it’s a quite it’s fairly printer-friendly document if you do that what’s not printer-friendly is when you click export PDF it exactly gapes it inspects ghastly so um regardles it’s not it’s not my favorite home to apply the course plan but the above reasons I do it is because I can quickly edit it tweak it and it’s because it is sort of dynamic thing the project is can be a little bit dynamic it’s not ever set in stone so you want to kind of bookmark this page and only see it constantly and in every single session one of the first things i’ll do is remind you to go look at the course plan so it’s like one of those things I just tell you to do welcome to this next session croak look at the course flan make sure you’re aware of what we’re doing this session make sure you’re aware of the big picture so it’s something I try to call your attention back to constantly as well okay orientation works so what are we going to do I most suggested that you fill out my student contact form so that I can get a hold of you if anything any sort of crisis hits if you have some kind of assignment that I need information from you on its it just seems like there’s every semesters five students that I have to use this form to get ahold of and it’s never to bust you or manufacture you embarrassing hopefully i generally don’t end up calling beings but it’s really helpful to have it and yes i do have some contact information inside of clique web it’s just i found that at least with undergraduates that information is often not beneficial like it doesn’t got a right phone numbers that kind of thing but it could be that for you guys since your graduate students that this band web information is up-to-date that’s fine but then the question becomes how hard how hard am I going to work to go find your telephone number and call you i symbolize i would like to say that I will work very difficult to do that but you’re more likely to get a call from me where it is necessary a summon from me if you really articulated it here I’m too I like to import your contact info into my phone just during this semester and then I delete it after the semesters over cuz rely me i don’t want thousands of my students contact info in my phone but it’s really helpful because then i know if you’ve called me or if you’ve texted me as opposed to just seeing some unrecognizable list has called me then I’ll just think it’s a spammer so it’s just another another way to stay in touch make sure that I noticed that you’ve called if you’ve called me your direction didn’t profile go ahead and make sure you’ve modernized that you can just go up here and click on like I think it’s rolled your chief click on your specify and then go to the profile tool and of course everybody in all of your castes can see this profile so it doesn’t have to be specific to this class it really needs to be sort of a generic profile for you and I “ve given you” some tips-off on some things you might mention introduce yourself to the class so this is an assignment that has qualities is connected to it and it’s got some specific stuff because I wrapped it in it actually there’s actually used to be a second assignment where you’re kind of interviewing you various kinds of grilling you about substance but I’ve softened that I’ve removed some of those questions and actually what this this discussion does is one it lets you meet a couple of other classmates meet your other classmates and two it kind of lets me know where you guys are as learners as people who are about to do entanglement design it lets me know what you think your skills are and what are your interests and what are your needs and what use is this topic to you you know that kind of thing so if you click on this you’ll see here the questions I miss you to answer yeah it’s a lot of questions it’s a little bogged down e for its consideration and I know it’s kind of break some my own governs because I think that a good discussion should actually various kinds of you shouldn’t action a student to write like a huge essay in their opening discussion but at the same time I think that it’s appropriate for folks to have their chance to introduce themselves exhaustively give us know why you’re here obviously some of you here because it’s on your curriculum sheet to be here but some of you choose to be here and I want to know more about those needs that you’ve got because then I I know you better than I can maybe learn you a little better that kind of thing and then there’s always some kinfolks who were you know amateurs and there’s some kinfolks who are like you know way better than I am at web layout like last spring I had some kinfolks like that and so I have to make sure I obstruct everybody appropriately challenged so give us some good info in here and make sure you respond to at least two of your peers in now and is aware of the fact that I mean you probably know this but you can access your discussion boards through this button you can access the dropbox through this button that kind of thing so i am going back into the mountain into the session though but what i always like to include a link to that like that discussion board there’s always going to be a link inside of my period i’m not going to expect you to I don’t like to just say go do discussion and not linked to it I have to provide the link as well it’s my design thing design design obsession should I say but let’s say that I didn’t do it or if you’re in another professor’s class you of course know probably that you can go click up now discussions and that will give you a list of all the discussions that are visible to you and you can access it that way okay let me go back all right we’ve got a really it’s just frankly it’s almost like an anything-goes board but you can ask questions you are eligible to compile the remarks and I call it the peer-to-peer QA board because I would like for this to be a place where you guys can ask and react one another’s the issues and if you don’t mind if I’m kind of lurking and passing through and I notice a question that I know the answer to I’ll probably chime in and answer it as well it used to be more I’ve always always been kind of this lane but I’m trying to make it more emphasizing more that it’s a peer-to-peer thing because frankly I only smells at at these kinds of discussion boards that go on the whole semester I know I should I know I should check it but it’s like we have so many things to check now we’ve got our textbook words we’ve got a got a couple mailing address I have to check I’ve got my corsten messages I’ve got one of their right now and by the time you’ve checked all these other send regions it’s like these other you know other locates like some discussion board that may or may not have a question it’s just it’s hard to keep up so I know my weakness and so I’m going to threw more on you guys to answer one another’s questions at the same time I am going to try to come in and check it and certainly chime in on yarns and “ve been trying to” also lend a hand if you have a question you really don’t know the answer to nobody else does simply move me a send and I’ll answer it and maybe I’ll even come out come out and announce on the peer-to-peer sometimes if anything helpful comes out I previously talked to you about the session checklists that’s the next component and where to from here starting at the beginning of session one is the beginning authoring in HTML doing sort of raw coding applying a grassland text editor you don’t have to have anything fancy if you’re on a PC you’re going to need the program this programme I exactly sounded up here it’s called notepad and if you’re on a Mac program i like to use on my mac is text edit let’s see ya verse edit maybe this is it right here well you can kind of see it but you just have to make sure on the mac that you um anyway i’m getting into too much detail about it but you want to make sure that you switch off the rich verse feature because the text edit on the mac has some rich textbook peculiarities but regardless we’re going to doing that raw coding for two weeks in HTML so that that’ll start on Monday and I’ll get the next session open by probably by friday of this first week that’s my goal and i hope to do a better chore on that in that session of actually talking more about what this class is about but let me go ahead and give you a sneak peek of that oh gosh i’m already to 16 minutes again on this video let me show you exceedingly very quickly the road this class is designed we use a pair texts one of them i actually walk away from the class but i’m going to incorporate it by providing you indicates from it like sort of a key takeaways from this non-designers book it’s a non as the non designers what is it announced I have it right here the non-designers web book third edition and it was a necessitated text in outpouring but it’s sort of out of print and it’s kind of dated and I precisely hate to make you guys buy something that’s really 10 year olds is kind of crazy aged for engineering but so I’m going to pulling the major takeaways out of that and try to teach you and it’s not gonna be the most elegant but it’ll probably are still in just term docs or PDFs where I’ve kind of bulleted out the major points that you want to be aware of so that’s going to take me a bit of is necessary to do that the other one is a free text it’s all about how you design multimedia including web pages and things like that so those are a text as kind of the core textbook that we can we’re going to read so during hearing one we’re going to learn about HTML fundamentals and you’re going to make two to three web pages consuming that fresh coding in session too we’re going to learn more about some blueprint basics and we’re going to use a WYSIWYG tool like Adobe Dreamweaver for example or Microsoft looks web or any number of other wissy wigs and a WYSIWYG editor is it means you know it stands for what you see is what you get so it’s basically like let me show you really quickly I know a lot of you know to wissy wig is but i’m going to show you inside of here and then you’ll be like oh that’s a WYSIWYG alright so this is an H email sheet and if I go to edit HTML then this is the WYSIWYG this editing space where sounds open and it’s like being in Microsoft Word and you’ve got all of these men useful boasts that are really easy to use that’s the WYSIWYG if you crave or the what you see is what you get because you you format and you type and you make it search the path you want it to ultimately gaze but and that’s contrasted with the actual HTML source this is not so much the what you see is what you get right because now what we see this is not what we get once that page is produced so this is this is more raw coding and we’re not going to do relatively this depth and item the rock coding but we’re going to we’re going to kind of get we’re going to get there a little in our fresh coding that we do in session one so that’s where we’re headed in that next session let me go back to my little map now so that’s discussion three that WYSIWYG designing and then session so i sighs I meant to say session to session three we’re going to be learning about copyright section 508 compliance and intend principles a lot of things kind of jammed in there a bit of reading as well in time for will be learning about and creating evaluation strategies for our network located make our web-based our website for example and then the last piece of the class like and this I call this the whiskey large-scale decision barn i’ll talk to you more about that next week but the last jobs of the course are all about you improving an internet site so you’re going to through the project plan you’re going to contrive it out in detail then you’re going to build it you’re going to publish it and then you’re going to evaluate one other classmates website exploiting the evaluation tool that your classmate created for their website so like Jennifer will have a website she wants to create and she will create an evaluation tool and and then if you’re assigned to evaluate Jennifer’s website you’re going to use her implement that she created for her website so and then of course we end with the final thinking so that that gives you a immediate snapshot of the class that’s why I’m asking you in the first discussion what is it that you want to do with web design what’s your goal and I’m going to say this now and I may say it again I’ll try to say it again in conference one is session one next week but I’ve kind of decided to allow you to instead of make a website to actually build an app like it with MIT app inventor that’s kind of a tool that I is suggested that you use but their own problems with my allowing you this to do this is that you have to be very self-directed if you’re going to choose that so we’ll talk more about that if that’s something in the best interests to you then you need to be very self-directed you need to be very willing to go teach yourself how to do it because I do not have any materials whatsoever for that and I am NOT capable of producing those this semester I’m teaching for courses and two of them are new to me so it’s already going to take me a lot of time and then translating your textbook from a textbook into Word documents with tones is also going to get a lot of time for this class so again if the app option is of interest to you be thinking about that and maybe be exploring look at MIT app inventor and even if you don’t have an android design you can you can use it and you can test your app in an emulator so it’s like you can see the app on your computer screen itself you can test it there all right so i have given you guys an earful a 22 -minute welcome video i predict you they get shorter I promise you I hope you guys have a great first session and i look forward to getting to know you guys all right bye-bye

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