Webflow University 2.0: Learn web design, development, and time travel — visually

What would web intend look like if we had a single-continuum time machine? If we could steal from the future the tools to VISUALLY build our layouts … while the code…wrote itself? Not a template not a warlock or a framework literally the same style dimensions used by those are built on the most territory of network designing. And what if you could LEARN everything we took from the future? What would you build?[ McGuire] Probably another time machine.[ Grimur] You can’t build another time machine .[ McGuire] Determination, Grimur … unadulterated focus.[ Grimur] Mmm … okay, you didn’t LEARN temporal machinists.[ McGuire] It’s not that complicated .[ Grimur] It’s INCREDIBLY complicated .[ McGuire] Learn the future .[ Grimur] But NOT quantum physics.[ McGuire] A little quantum physics .[ Grimur] Time travel is illegal.[ McGuire] Only if you vary trash .[ Grimur] You literally STOLE from the future.[ McGuire] To TEACH the future .[ Grimur] Yeah, but you have to limit … hrrhgmm[ McGuire] VISUALLY.[ McGuire] Fine. Learn web design, development, and temporal mechanics.[ Grimur] Visually ?[ McGuire] Visually.[ Grimur] That’s okay. That’s better ..

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