Web im Park – Wie geht Online Marketing? (Teil 2)

in a nutshell for adwords, i don't want to waste a lot of time on it So that's the commercial aspect now that means I switch one shows on the result today from google which are displayed here in the upper area and here on the right there usually for seo seminars raised with the red frame there you can see the adwords what is behind it for those who may not be so with adwords are now well versed so ultimately that says google do not evaluate them ad places from google auctioned google says only auction and nowhere where bail yes you should be aware that you are here with others to the other bidder in advertisers together ad places offer that says google, however, bullet speaks always of which you bid for keywords, how much do you offer and what for what have their googles that you put on the PayPal click procedure show share does not cost anything but how you click on it can be expensive How expensive can you be here again with this keyword planner there yourself take a look now i have here for example for I entered the keyword smartphone here and I said it once i am ready to pay one euro for one click and then google says ok with the case i get something a day which Do not set a daily limit and say euros, but I set a daily limit then i would get between 6 136 and 777 additional visitors per day the fade-in would then be because with one euro I offer from time to time to keep up place that would be about 2.7 display place so about the position from above Considered the first come 123 the positions are then numbered consecutively it goes on to the right and I'm then somewhere in the second third position mostly in my ads and what really between 224 and 107 74 euros per day if I offer one euro and then none luck yaez reckon the time outside per month was 30 years there is money like that what does the curve say down here the curve shows so where is the maximum how much do i have to offer so that i get so many additional customer traffic get on a website like google now for example for Germany and then the border is close to here so you can see the clicks pro day with the money plotted here per click is approaching around five euros the whole thing somewhere straight out if you offer about 5 euros public then If you don't get anything 636 to 77 clicks, you can still get around 2300 per day get on their side but then you will be really expensive and that is now Of course a bill is worth how much they pay for adwords and how They sell a lot because of that that can be measured directly with web analytics example from google you can see directly which edward clicks convert then also a direct product sales and the whole thing even works with a cookie that is set so that people come back the next day day shopping then with them you can press it for up to a month long so relatively well measurable the whole thing then I could find out whether the whole thing worth it for itself or not speaking also depends on adwords of course from the search volume, so without search volume, adwords brings you again, of course, little because that was the basic requirement Simply a keyword based marketing tool is worthwhile for now adwords clearly has a good website or landing page I personally only work with it in to see addition because we also realized that we have edward Campaigns drove thousands per month for adwords and we invested had no more customers there because they just found band bank to be good will bring about an addiction optimization adwords can be found with us there company being different no longer a little extra that was our experience, however As I said with Anna Unternehmer, things turned out differently, I have to portray that just try it the whole benefit is effective quickly it lasts until you have optimized the site for weeks now usually within ten minutes with adwords the adwords are online switched and can possibly get traffic so difficult escalates quickly good is easy to control you have suggestions control but disadvantage it is expensive no question and the click prices are Always went up because more people do adwords is clearly ever there are more bidders, so the prices work so that can be really expensive that can be a matter of fact, meanwhile it is also my opinion after at least quite complicated and time consuming on google so many functions in it and so many complex things built into it you really have to be an adword specialist to get the most out of it Don't commit your flawlessly it's a very complex tool and simply requires a lot of know-how that 1 0 had to do by itself just meanwhile also say banner advertising because I now even say not that much anymore is actually something now no longer so popular banner formats are many different from images to flash and video and fully interactive there are banners between yes everything has the willingness to click on it actually decreased continuously in the last few years How do you actually do banner advertising now? an advertising network the company operate so have customers under contract operate the website and these advertising networks have their own so-called ad server and you can not say in the advertising network, please, I would like to many thousands of the millions of ad impressions in the context of such topics fields then look for health, for example mine customers of the advertising network operate websites with topics in the area health and then the pharmaceutical company there can adwords from nivea, for example, switch that it is delivered and that can then be controlled centrally, measured well, managed well, but similar with adwords, the whole thing is of course also associated with a high investment of money were examples of advertising network operators there are innumerable of them only examples of this so now feasible that the rule is not more of it even goes to a website operator and says i keep ads with you usually makes the billing with the advertising network there is yes According to these three modalities, the integration is either paid for pay-per-view clicking on the ad then pays more money to the website operator offers the advertising space or just by action that is to say, the person who is the one who is running the ad shown is earned only when a predefined action is triggered with this click if, for example, someone also buys something afterwards or at least one song somehow leaves a contact and the whole thing I already manage affiliate marketing, which I also do I want to speak very briefly because that basically happens on a paper action principle so if the one where you put the ad fade in if he earns something when you sell something that is a business partner of yours a philipp neudeutsch and this philipp marketing partner networks that originally the company amazon has that principle he supposedly invented jeff bezos the founder of amazon A cocktail party by a lady with her book had written this idea obtained through partner network also belongs to the sale through partners and amazon is one of the largest partner network operators amazon has several Millions of partner websites that also sell books by amazon and it is one of the success factors of amazon has also been the idea is very simple, of course i have customers here who buy from me on the website there are a few and maybe i can serve a lot more customers reach if I now have partners who also sell my blood on the web I am looking forward to having more customers the partner deserves with classic win win situation that is something that can do very well work and of course possibly just has its charm i have briefly listed for whom is it worth the one or the other so with banner advertising I think the same applies here they need a good landing page they need a significant one marketing budget ball that is expensive and needs time because that is primarily used for branding and there can only really be only one Be a building block of the comprehensive online marketing experience when the SEO is done have and you may have switched to edward with money and then yes money left then still switches banners but before that I would personally So I didn't go in that direction, I'd rather mine first doing homework before looking into the banner ad good controllable scalable it is expensive and the acceptance at users have been looking at banners for years taken off for whom or for marketing that works best for well-known brands because that's where trust comes in there is and when I buy from a partner, trust plays a very big role role should also be long-term best suited products that are in wide demand dvd player books that You can sell well through partner website I tell that products or thieves unknown of the provider under the brand for poor functioning Affiliate marketing therefore requires building that up capital demands a long breath that goes from today to tomorrow so i would also legally at the forefront of online marketing measures announce advantages but a high potential shows amazon calls worked and established selling others for them earn something with and make the rich great when it works great thing then do it once it is set up, it takes less effort and disadvantages to be built up and not equally for all products for all providers so suitable e-mail marketing now so i am Personally believe that email marketing is one of the most topical nowadays Valued online marketing tools is a few facts look at then 80 percent of german users have subscribed to e mail newsletters more 20 of them read, which almost 60 percent of internet users can have due to one email a product bought more than 20 percent of all online purchases can be traced back to e mail marketing but around 40 percent of users have it business contact with a company because of its poor e e-mails have already been canceled so e-mail marketing has to be careful with the instrument it is but as I said today, i believe that it is not wrong more talked about it probably soon enough established well-known another works but there is a hype surrounding it social media marketing before i invest a lot of time i would personally rather go in here why does e mail marketing have one bad reputation that has to do with that potential even today not really from chur between many that heck through spam if you look at where it comes from then you can see mostly the usa china south korea germany is in the list where the e mail spam comes from the very bottom that possibly depends on the very strict legislation that applies to e mail marketing and the one of course in this country you have to pay attention to it I once made the effort to comply with all the legal regulations to find out about e-mail marketing there are a good dozen of us no fear i won't all now somehow mention I've always picked two out of the really legal basis and once the law against unfair competition there is an unfair § 3 in it whoever harassed a market participant in a manner that is unreasonable in particular to accept harassment when advertising the use of automatic call different fax machines or electronic mail without that the addressees have given their consent to paragraph 7 of the law against the unfair competition then there is another law telemediengesetz specified again exactly like this a video not at all can be obtained that can be declared electronically but there are a number of restrictive regulations yes the user must consciously and clearly distribute the consent the content of the message had to be logged the user must also be able to revoke his consent at any time and you have to implement that on the technology first, that's why e-mail is Marketing also relatively complex to build up that only 2 of the requirement this So now there is quite a sure thing about e-mail marketing, at least in Germany always by mission marketing that means without the consent of the consumers see they want to accept nothing works Ultimately, if you should, you are your own in every case to set up an e-mail distribution list you have to do the double opt in procedure use so-called that means someone will register in the awo form somewhere gets a mail there is someone in it, maybe it has entered form if you really want to subscribe to the e-mail then newsletter then click here on yes then you have double opt-in only that is quite safe in germany you have to implement that the professional e-mail marketing software does, of course, everything So then you don't have to do anything yourself Personally, I would advise the number to look that you have your own e Establish mail marketing distribution and the question arises where to get it you get the e-mails because there are different possibilities again one understood now what can you do there namely meanwhile but unfortunately from many websites somewhere disappeared a form submits so many times it website now hidden somewhere hardly anyone uses it then you don't have to be surprised that nobody subscribes to that anymore of course, people don't subscribe to a newsletter only what the people of her only then send any e-mails at all a real benefit is associated with it and has actually been for many years I like to show you the no example from markt.de how to do it that can now do what is still valid today in the form where someone should subscribe to the newsletter you write the promise of benefit directly there subscribe to the newsletter for free sascha lammers top ten tips for successful newsletters so of course I want to have them and think he can be here again unsubscribe if I then maybe don't like that but there were a lot of them then not seen in that way either, it's just a bit prominent on the website still works he has been saying it and it for years it works quite simply, it continuously builds up new e mail addresses everybody just there that gets to do well if you can pay attention to three things it was easy to achieve an effect there as well so benefit promises, for example, try on the website and in front of everyone things then use professional email marketing tools there are meanwhile web-based tools that you don't use to program yourself nowadays too laborious as they only do a few mailingwork teradata backlink cleverreach a few of the better known and that's a dozen at least one german speaking area the professional e mail marketing solutions for little money provide per month on a rental basis what to say now e mail marketing for who is it worth practically for everyone who wants to sell on the web in my opinion it has been tried and tested for many years and also works still very good today, also because practically no one can get by without e-mails maybe there is an exception i have heard that the teenagers nowadays don't at all more – and do everything on facebook with the target groups i would be one a bit careful with the statement it may then change that of the target group but for the vast majority of target groups if the people then working life then there is no e-mail without e-mail everyone has to e-mail mail be reachable and let the e mails also and if they manage Reaching out to those people has a huge advantage yes you come the e-mail comes automatically there you can directly address and then it has to be done skillfully and I'll reveal that Now today you don't like that but it works disadvantage or advantage still customizable, partially automatable the whole Email Marketing Unbeatably Inexpensive When You Get In Email distributors have to send out the email costs practically nothing but there are fortunately no postage for e-mail, even if some suggested it to introduce yes but unbeatably cheap that we can loosen up the spam problem Sending three million emails does not cost anything and if only 0 0 1 percent of it what to buy then you have already sold a lot that just depends on the number you reach conversion rates know the sales make so that is with e-mail marketing the fascinating simple in the implementation disadvantages quite complex Legal regulations must be adhered to, distributions tend to be built up laborious, time-consuming and laborious okay, the whole thing takes a little longer than thought we are ready for the last topic, namely social media marketing what else can you say about this little graphic here the social networks have literally exploded in the last few years when you talk about social media marketing you often only talk about facebook or twitter youtube is sometimes still mentioned, but there is also photo community suite interest has been very popular for some time until networks such as linkedin or xing google plus person is moving a bit in between somewhere at the moment social bookmarking like the air that has been allowed on the market for a long time, for example one does not forget that in certain society or language region it is easy from individual networks are very strongly represented, for example, is German language areas are very strong and other language areas hardly at all known or less well known there is for example in germany the vz the meinvz studivz schülervz they have been something for years Number of outpatient users declining but the tough reform range is not allowed forget stayfriends in germany who knows wen.de strongly me personally, I also count blogs or corporate blogs as social networking times communication takes place in a more integrated way buying decisions will really continue to be made there, too that is part of social networking somewhere and an up-to-date analysis which I have now read a few days ago that has quintessence there established that social networks have become mainstream, yes, almost all hats social networks mostly even several and they are there every day and they exchange ideas and purchase decisions, product decisions become so snail also works with and influenced and the social networks that have simply our lives are fully penetrated and they are part of the internet today internets nothing special anymore the internet the web and social networks simply a room that moves and is allowed to this actually permeates our entire areas of life, shown in a somewhat exaggerated manner as this little graphic shows and now you have to think about what if you have the whole news network See there start to set up your facebook page google + on youtube channel twitter account yes the account too quickly set up but who feeds the whole social web what you are there have created with content who takes care of communication and then becomes very difficult for companies that are not now somehow in for every network You can assign your own employees who will take care of it, yes it will be a lot elaborate very expensive the question is actually worth it for me should I invest there you could say I'll see how There are actually a lot of members there and then here for them German market, for example, visitors to social networks in Germany if you look at the reach that facebook is by far the leader at 40 almost 40 million visitors, almost half of germany is included Small children and circles would then be active in twitter somewhere google plus 67 google litigate particularly strong countries even less strong very strong represented here twitter 3.7 million and then it just goes down the series with networks that I know even not even all he will already what how many are actually there now and that you can really be active in everyone here, so you can also take a look what percentage of the german population actually use a a little bit of the network and how many use it at least once a day still that facebook and then its first place namely 72 percent of the Of course, the german population uses facebook 77 percent of them every day then we have youtube with 38 7 stayfriends 20.6 who-knows-whom google + die vz-netzwerke at least 11.9 percent that is a decent number went with 11 7 twitter myvideo and if you see it now then you have to if I say what I do it might be based on that consideration if i employ example then facebook was rich simply then the Most of some form yes now there are a few assignments and to but yes it depends very much different from the target group and besides, things are changing a lot strong so, for example, here you can see the dynamism in there the traffic of the german social networks who knows whom is descending ast three years ago very strongly even one fifth only almost a quarter of the users from two years ago the thing has grown so stayfriends and localists have declined at the moment is singing the most far reaching from germany comes a social network if you look at this, for example, here examples twitter facebook google what is the network all about the topics are very different so the blue line is now here through the subject areas definitely twitter so at twitter for example we have a lot many technical topics that have to do with the internet are ripped out here seo for example by typical twitter topic yes wast also thaws very strongly schöppingen news communication takes off from music leisure eroticism real estate on leave profession finance now on the left again example facebook simply stronger there the interest of facebook users is more in this direction sports health transport family finance occupation vacation real estate and that twitter users are more interested in internet shopping news communication there are other issues that do not stand still is perfect of course, but we have very different weightings for them topics related to the question so here where do you find your target group in which network that is actually the decisive factor, then the question is also there You reach the target audience and you can sell something in social networks here of a statistic for interest in shopping via facebook very much cautious so almost 830 are said I prefer to buy directly from the weblog not on facebook or i have concerns about possible data security three quarter of the users and then from these analyzes you can easily see that the willingness to buy something directly in social networks is easy is currently not really given so what I'm learning on all these numbers that presented you with the quintessence of social media report 2013 from the social media sync lab so the childhood of the social network is over in 2012 the social issues have become mainstream and they will very heavily used and indeed in all sections of the German population population no matter what age what education what income yes or where So living in Germany was everyone benefiting from some form of social networks have become the normal thing for a while and now use them people so media about some form of their everyday to improve life as it exists or to buy behavior in particular products decisions where to book i was on vacation for example sources like that And so it will definitely be that the companies have a strong influence on it The third realization was that many companies still do that have not really fully registered and implemented that social networks simply people just hang out today But we can't get past the issue of difficulty here is there Dozens of social networks is impossible for most at least most For most companies, there was always a job to find customers would like to be active in everyone, which is the only meaningful way for most To make a selection and in doing so, the main criteria should be attached to the target group that means where can i find formal Tuesdays for my company product most likely the target group i can address i will be the first match and the second follows the range like many people can be reached at all because that is their market your market that you can reach through it Never underestimate the effort involved in formulating it as a rule of thumb at least half a worker per platform if that's serious want to operate less is more rather a platform To get professional three platforms half-heartedly I would personal rate and each platform has its own rules and requires its own strategy you have to deal intensively with how it works there that she can reach people there and what must be the core objective of social media marketing that is simply forgotten that's why yes people reach social media of some form maybe make you known Retaining customers or something, and personally I have formulated a different goal for what I want I think it's important that you get people out of the social network in managing your shop for your website, i'll tell you that again as a child a little more precisely behind the example, a case study just about that whole knowledge practice-related to the other assumption there is a self-employed translator who manned from german to english the speaker who was native to the usa what kind of target group does he have defined target group for himself managing director responsible for marketing and freelance in germany who works in some form of english translations need three questions where you get the know different social networks In which network this mister called cajun reached the easiest a target group what do you mean pretty clearly when you So starting from this case you have to say if he does what he can do not operate all or networks then he should please sing something too that is actually wonderful for him and he may not even know which ones but nobody knows each other so here is very clear find out which hall the network comes to me in question where do I have most to achieve opportunities and this must then be there really is called is ok me have anonymized you but I know him and I am one contact from him and possibly know them even if they are singing why meanwhile it sinks many you don't see it anymore like many contact someone has because there are more than 9 199 contacts in the new profile you still have 999 loose contacts until a few weeks ago than the old one singh profile was still there you could inspect he really had are over 20,000 and files in singing and actually established contacts here and the rulers offer again and i'm quite sure that the business is good with a link network to 20,000 contacts and have a lot of people said yes, i have taken advantage of the service we are good at fast and good and so on and he has a marketing platform heating he sells his service through the contacts, the more he needs e mail marketing can also not be used at all he doesn't need SEO, he doesn't need adwords, and he doesn't need any banners the sold singing and point has found its platform Of course, that also harbors risks if, for example, he goes there now and really built up a lot of contacts and sent up education or if what he is really doing is not making the mistake because we are going there now would and send his contacts plate advertising because he does exactly that twice you third time he flies out but using the example of functioning social media marketing maybe a bit of the other but expect you but now you just have to see that there are many many opportunities to be successful in social media my mum's core goal must be to use clay from social media on her to manage a website online shop or to set up your own e-mail distribution list and if they do it now then they do not actually do the core goal that way formulated then make yourself less dependent on them networks because you can get people to pick them up there and for yourself we want to lead in the past you reached people on the web through google or through banner advertising or otherwise today you have to be in the social networks in the among other things, pick up and then try to bind to yourself to get yourself yes that should be your core goal somewhere you have to develop a strategy to achieve this core goal somewhere otherwise, in my opinion, the federal government is wrong

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