Web Design HTML vs WordPress Which is Better?

a friendly debate never hurt anybody right right hey everybody this is roberto blake of robertoblake.com helping you create something awesome today so today we got another rapid pattern video we’re going to talk about websites specifically we’re going to be talking about differences between HTML websites and WordPress websites and which one maybe you should be building right now so ultimately I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer now I think there are pros and cons to each of these things and I want to dig down into them a little bit I actually do both I like a hybrid representation but that’s for me and what my business is going on what my personal brand is doing and there are other neat sites that I’ve created and things that I do and some of them hand coded others use WordPress other them use different kinds of pulpits instead and so we need to talk about that here are some of the advantages of having a hand coded HTML website one you have the full range of control of everything and you don’t have third party plugins that can compromise security or that could update and interrupt the examination and feel of your website so I actually do enjoy that and more domination is always better for me and that’s why the front end of my business website is mainly coated in HTML CSS and PHP I’m comfortable with that and it gives me that full array of opennes I can do what I like and I can make it inspect exactly how I miss on the other hand this is not very good for a large website or a content driven website I think this is best for websites that are limited to no more than 15 or 20 pages often a little bit closer to 5 or 10 I reflect a small website that’s very focused it would be OK for a hand coded HTML if it gets any bigger than 20 sheets it’s going to be inefficient to manage and update even if you’re using um include registers and your templating out things like the header and footer I still think is a monster to manage is a monster to redesign and to update if you are building anything bigger than 20 sheets or even more significant than 10 I wouldn’t want to go there if you’re building a content driven locate that I conceive a material handling structure is appropriate something like WordPress or an alternative these are things that make sense to me because if you’re doing something like an online pamphlet a blog a publication a podcast a video vlog a hall for your portfolio I certainly think that using a wordpress site is the most practical thing that you can do I think that being able to modify it and use HTML and PHP and CSS to construct your the changing nature of nips while playing within the overall framework is something that’s just going to make life easier and making a new page is as simple as a push of a button so I is of the view that it spawns appreciation to do those things specially if you’re uploading a lot of media material and it’s gonna prepare man easier and if you’re someone who is less technological and much more on the imaginative side this is probably it’s going to be better for you I think it just comes down to how you’re going to use the site and what your priorities are and likewise what your individual knowledge are I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer and like I said I don’t have a preference I use both simply depending on the context and what’s appropriate for the situation and what I want to do now if you’re looking to launch your website I have some recommendations for you these are not sponsors of today’s video in any way but they are affiliate joins that I use and their plans that I believe in that rely on if you want to get web hosting I highly recommend hostgator.com have a niche microsite that I’m actually using over there so you can go to Roberto Blake comm slash Hostgator it’s really cheap peculiarly if you don’t have a big budget and you can set up different types of plans and the government has great deals so I would definitely check them out if you’re doing something a little bit more robust and professional and you you know have the cash to pay for a year upfront then I would recommend Bluehost you can go to Roberto Blake comm slash Bluehost check them out there’s something that I’m expending actually to move over a lot of my business websites to my niche micro sites are going to be over on Hostgator the majority of my business web sites are going to be over on Bluehost and I various kinds of like having multiple web sites on different hosting stages just so that uh you know there’s a lot of reliability for me there if one thing goes down I’m not fully clamped so that’s just how I go perhaps you guys simply just wanted to framed everything in one lieu maybe that’s easier for you to manage if you want to build a website without coding at all you don’t want to do WordPress is too complicated HTML is something you don’t have the time to learn in the first place then maybe you should check out Wix Wix has a lot of drag and discontinue implements thousands of templates and you know dozens of tools that you can use a lot of likeness and you can build something that fits your needs and you can do it relatively simply put together in a daylight maybe a weekend and I think it’ll be a great answer peculiarly if you’re more of a decorator and less of a coder so tech that out at that so be taken to ensure that out at roberto blake comm flog Wix and I hope you guys enjoyed this video “if youre having” more questions about web design and web hosting and you are willing to to manufacture more videos about that let me know in the comment section I wonder what you guys thoughts too what are you applying are you employing HTML or squandering WordPress or using something else let me know in the survey I have that up here for you guys to vote and you can tell me in the comment section anyway like this video if you liked it don’t forget to subscribe check out the other awesome content on the direct retain graphic layout videos are generally on Mondays as ever you guys thanks so much for watching and don’t forget create something impressive today

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