Was ist Video Marketing? – Teil 1 Die verschiedenen Videoarten

hello my name is gerald i am the new pilot of geruweb. this channel is about video marketing and currently around video marketing video marketing of the three parts now here today, the first is about the video art So what kind of video is part of video marketing and why and what is possible you can achieve it in the second part because it is approx formats. So speak landscape format portrait what is there different and in which channel what makes the most sense. and in the third part then it concerns the channels. For which channel is video marketing suitable target audience and for which companies the best these are the three volumes that should now appear. as I said the first day here today we start now. what kind of video movies or moving images are actually part of video marketing and why.

Let's start there where it is now very, very common. these are two things. the the first is called a classic powerpoint presentation or keynote dat on apple. somehow made a presentation. and so on talked about the presentation. so in the text. very bad like the people do it like you shouldn't be doing it offline. read the text before. so that's already one presentation school first class yes lowest cannon. that you never do should read should read what it says. because people can read themselves but never mind. this is also video marketing. whether it is works or not is no problem today. subject is simple because starts with video marketing.

So people go so talking head in front of the camera, so they talk about something in front of the camera, present their products or show how satisfied customers were. whatever. to make a product sell to get newsletter subscription to bring webinar to course for sale, what ever. it has one purpose, then video marketing. So now i go one step further and there are a lot of them now presentation people get a little brooding. A picture film can also be video marketing if it has a clear purpose. i For example, we have made a recruiting visual film. with a few small social videos, more for ophthalmologists. and that was the goal, we want to hire doctors. and the chief physician of told me it was early 2019. He told me when if we only hire one doctor a year, the whole action worth the effort.

That was the goal. A doctor in one year was the marketing goal. So don't do anything and maybe get something out of it. but marketing target. So we designed a movie for it, wherever I go have clearly considered who the target audience is, who will see and how can I get it. and how do I stimulate them-so. and that The thing is, yeah, somehow I think he'll be hired in September Service. they received several applications. in September a doctor was hired so it was worth it. marketing is also a picture film marketing video marketing point. and then the powerpoint people can say what they do want, that's video marketing. and even corporate videos, corporate videos, the concept goes a little further than in the picture.

There should be too corporate movies in, training movie, so corporate goes a bit on. This can also be video marketing if it has a marketing purpose and has a predictable marketing goal in mind and wants to achieve this. these are the different formats. now it's about … what's it about? I just said recruiting an image for example. recruiting image works very well. because many try to do it with some shaky photos home-made. So here with us in Rastede, for example, there is a place. they were looking for a new village doctor to take on a new practice. because the old extinct or stops. they really made the wave. the made a video where the entire population held up signs: oh yes we are looking for a doctor and everything is very funny and very personable. the thing even traversed television.

This is a youtube million have been viewed. a lot has been viewed, but had no marketing purpose. no concept behind it, you wanted to stop just make a fun video to find a doctor. In short, that was a goal. but they missed it. because they didn't get it. it depends just related to having watched the video as a video and not as a marketing piece. because although i also when i watch professional videos I have to think about what the purpose is. and what it is marketing embassy. is it in the video or not? or is there at all what what can the goal achieve? So image film also works.

Then go me down again. then we go to the talking head s. So something like here. I say with distance, they work with distance best thing. provided you are natural even in front of the camera. so authenticity, credibility. you don't, please do this in the beginning to practice but afterwards, please no teleprombter yes. this thing on the lens where you can read everything like the tagesschau loudspeaker does that. so on the one hand it is true if you are really good at it you must have a technique similar to that of tagesschau speakers. This means that the camera must be at least three to five meters away to be. so that should be objectively appropriate. then it must be a big teleprombter. because if the camera is five meters away, you have to be able to read it. why? I can tell you. So I have a little one of my own-oh, I'll show you that thing. be careful I'm not like that. so that you also know and see that I know what I'm talking about.

So here's this one, for example small teleprombter. yes-this is such a thing, there is purpose behind it than the lens where the camera is and on the other side in front here just mirrored semi-transparent. that means there is something to see, but there's some text from below – I'll wrap it up so let's do this here see if that takes it out of the light-then it should actually see it can. so you should already have the light, you should be able to recognize it. so that is not really bright now, but if that's lit up accordingly it works, then you have a teleprombter on your cell phone. yes is very nice I tried, it worked. the only problem is with the small size because the camera should be, so it should be no more than two meters away.

and when the six feet are gone, you know what you got? you see the eyes like them to move. back and forth all the time. then everyone knows right away hey that's all read. no matter how good you can read, that is read and everyone will notice. So I don't. It's better if you practice with something like that and then practice with me talk freely about this now. isn't that everyone you say now? ok i can understand. but honestly, each one of you in the store, each one will also sell your choice, your services, your products always. you have a sale and distribution … and people are [ __ ] talking again. and they can talk to customers. you just have to make them Easy to talk in front of the camera. no matter talking head s I consider the best video marketing tool out there. recently in linkedin used very often. in facebook also because the cameras make 16 to 9. so this landscape format, i will come next time, it is very strange.

Because then you have landscape format, which looks like [ __ ] on your cell phone. that's why you have above and again and again there are texts. why and why, in the next episode. thereafter powerpoint. yes i am not a big friend of powerpoint presentations now. So it makes sense if you want to explain something, but there are also explanatory videos. which can also be video marketing.

But this this power point presentation, if it really contains facts easy to read are better. I say complicated words that are very difficult can pronounce, but which one can write well. something like that. or images also pretty. but please folks if you already do powerpoint or if you already makes these presentation videos, then I give you a tip with: very much in the beginning and at the very end, maybe in between, but sure at the very beginning and at the very end, in front of the camera! this talking head part. because only then are you authentic, only then are you real! and again the tip, please do not read what is in the presentation, but extra information. This is first class for any powerpoint course, this is it. Yes? So don't read what it says, because people can read themselves. but provide additional information. going in the same direction but that In other words. yes you have to think about it. even then video marketing works very well. true as i said i would insist, be sure … if if it is even with the front of the camera not possible, compromise yes? so you want to sell at least a little bit.

Because selling is about trust. so it would be ideal if you are the seller, she stands in front of the camera and tells it. and then you take one presentation to help or photos, however. but if that doesn't work, do a powerpoint presentation. yes is good too. then you just tell what the product is at the beginning and where you can get it at the end. if you don't want that in front of the camera because not the eggs in your pants. then take at least 1, take a picture. makes a shitty picture of my crochet hook here – no! of your face and place it in the presentation for people to take a picture to vote.

So these top guys, yes. who complain always, such an old-fashioned picture film where I only have one speaker, which has a 0190ger voice and which I don't see … yes you are right! but [ __ ] same [ __ ] in the presentation. so please go away. easily personalize your powerpoint presentation. and if there is at least one photo is. that's the idea. Yes? I'd better find a moderation or Abmoderation. is made very short. its really fast ten seconds or sun ey really, very easy. and yes these are the formats.

But now i want again because it intervened … these explanatory videos, explanatory videos I don't mean tutorials like them at youtube, but these drawings these animation things. so first I. know that a few companies are actually putting them to use. but there are many who, as with everything, promise people, propose to them when you buy us for little money you have great success. and I say one To send the camera team what is happening on location, what is going on there is a concept, a script and where there is a movie. even a small one facebook video for the social clip or something, 1000 euros 2000 euros you are always fast let's go. many say it doesn't pay.

But if I have a marketing goal and who also achieve that pays off! but I have to have that in advance. so and many say but oh, that's not cheaper, cheaper? or stop these explanatory videos. I don't want to say they are junk. because some explain something very good to you. but now for example I just got into it clients, and there are actually my beloved ones, he has an explanatory video had by his side, on the website, the video may come soon ever find out what I do for them now. because he said yes the explanatory video is nice, but I don't have people there. and with me the people to build trust, you need to feel closeness. and that doesn't work with this cartoon figures. or that's not possible with this totally abstract stuff. so i need real photos real people. and then ours operation so there is credibility.

So I couldn't have said it better. and exactly between image film and talking head comes the so-called moving image. this term was somehow created by advertising agencies because don't really understand that movie and certainly can't. on the other hand page, photos are very static and they noticed they needed something emotional. by the way, all these advertising agencies had run out beginning of the millennium from 2005/2006 in love with this whole flash animation. animation was great. the customers loved the [ __ ] because quite annoyed, but the ad agencies loved it. Thank goodness this flash [ __ ] is extinct yes. and takes its place quasi moving image. what is moving image? So moving image, actually when you look at it Strictly speaking, everything is where images go ie from one powerpoint presentation for the cinema film, everything is moving image. Yes it everything moves. you have to know how advertisers think. advertisers think I'm running a campaign. they always think yes in campaigns. they don't think in terms of results, but in terms of campaigns. I'm working on a campaign. I want a product now, what do I know, I say let's take a calculator here.

I want the calculator now sell. now i'm campaigning for the calculator. so i need one beautiful photo too. where someone calculates a calculator. to clarify looks again. I need a text describing what the calculator can do what it does. and then the element comes some Until now, this emotion has been lacking. that means I need moving images. usually if you now specifically knew what the target audience is, which one old and so on, you would think a lot. they always want everything not at all. because they just want to make you a little pretty. I say the difference between advertising and marketing: advertising promises marketing necessities. So advertisers just want to make a promise. That looks beautiful. is amazing. you can do. and there is moving picture. and moving image than some dulli like me, because of me. something for the camera calculates. and then somehow money and then something counts somehow fiddled with numbers and dates and facts. and that will be cropped 15 seconds for Instagram to 30 seconds for facebook.

and then there are many lyrics about, lyrics about it, lyrics about it. so that you get the holds text on the right no longer reads. so we create a moving image because they somehow generate attention. and put the text on it that no one would read anyway, and no one next door would read it too no one wants either. but you have moving image yes.

So is I'm just trying to force people again, but please perceive advertising message. it is always only about advertising messages. it is not about results. results can be the most advertising agencies do not. yes that is moving image. zapel wiggle videos like I always do say so beautiful. I do it myself! only then it has another context. and is usually also in the context of something like a concept that the customers plan and in the video is also referred to content. really moderate stories anyway. leads too far as i said, put the bottom line here: give a presentation about it. please with photo second number: talking head tell products for the camera, yet explain, describe, praise.

than moving picture, that is moving images with the product in use, with the product, what it is makes. then texts about it that can still generate emotions should. and the latter is then corporate image or let's say professional videos that professionally focus on video marketing are subordinate. and usually achieve too! so these are the video marketing formats. next time it will be the sizes up, cross and about and what not all. see you very much, see you soon and i'm glad if you take another look ok goodbye.

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