Was ist Video Marketing? Das sind die 3 wichtigsten Strategien!

In this video you will learn what video marketing is. How do you do video marketing and what are the most common mistakes that you should absolutely avoid. What is video marketing? You need video marketing to achieve this your marketing goals. For you, for your company, etc. It is important or crucial that you know them. You need to know your company's goals. The target group, the messages and the values. Only then can you do good video marketing. Video marketing builds trust. When it comes to purchasing decisions, trust is the number one factor. With trust you can sell more For example with your company story on your website. You can tell your story share your challenge in building your business. It is important that personally, is authentic. And entertaining too. The next: commitment, the bond with the audience is greater, to the potential customer is greater.

This means that videos on websites that you stay longer on the website. Google rates this positively, as a positive user experience. The result is better search engine rankings. Another effect is conversion, higher conversion. People shop more, people call more. The success with video marketing is higher. There are different strategies with video marketing. I present three strategies here. The first strategy is a single video, then comes: customer journey videos and the video campaign.

Individual videos are about fix a problem, such as building trust, Increase conversion or when you are on the way can you achieve engagement with videos, can you promote customer loyalty, you can promote personal branding, Promote the company's branding. Videos in the customer journey are like your customer journey. Each of your customers go on a journey until the decision to buy is made. This trip doesn't have to be done in a day.

That can happen over a long period of time. It is important that you understand this journey. The touchpoints, the decisions, made by the customer. You can do that on the one hand inquire through customer surveys. On the other hand, google analytics also provides information here, how visitors behave on websites. And exactly where you have higher bounce rates you can switch targeted videos. In the customer journey, you switch several videos. At the beginning of a journey. We differentiate between cold, warm and hot traffic. The hotter it gets, the sooner something will be bought. At the beginning of a trip, videos need to be shorter. Because people don't know your company yet. They don't have that much time either. They haven't made up their minds yet whether they want to deal with a brand, with your product, with your company. So the further that one is in the journey, the longer videos can be. Towards the end, it can also be a longer product video or a longer success story, a testimonial. Also an explanatory video. As long as it is relevant to the visitor.

Video campaign is something that is very effective. In a short time. You can't do that without an advertising budget. We recommend around 50 to 150% from the production budget. For advertising on social media, for example on Facebook, on linkedin or on the video platform YouTube. The advantage is that you can do it completely place targeted advertising. And you can measure and you can take decisions even during the campaign. When something goes better, let's say you produce four different videos, then you can already see which video on which channel converts better. You can encourage that and you can kick others out. This is also important for video campaigns that you don't focus on one channel, but on several. So you also have the opportunity to learn. And to act during the campaign. Before you start be sure to set the goals and target audience. There has to be clarity. There must also be clarity about the messages. Better one message than 100 messages. You also have to define the channels. The main channel is the website or is it social media? With it you can also use the format, Adjust aspect ratios and so on.

And of course the implementation. Concerning budget and also the creative approach. It is important that you get there before the production and before the video marketing measure. And now finally to the most common mistakes. We have learned this from the past twelve years. We learn with every production, with every campaign. You will do that too. It is important to set clear goals and clear target groups. Describe target groups using personas. And then that's good. No budget for visibility. This is mistake # 2. Be sure to take into account. If you do not do paid media, but only place your video on the website, then necessarily know how many visitors do you have. Do you have any audience at all? Measure it and if you are now over a month only have 20 views, then you have to think about why.

What measures do you want to implement? You used budget for your production. Now it is important to use your budget for your distribution. Better one message than many messages. If you avoid these mistakes, then you've already done a lot right. So thats it. If you have any tips or questions, please leave us a comment. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel. Do you want our monthly newsletter? Then you can find the link under the descriptions. Bye for now..

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