Was ist…Online-Marketing? (Business Basics Video)

If you are at the start of your company or in the further development of your Business and are wondering what you can or should do online about it, then I say welcome. The content of this today's riz up Digi-Clips is the theme of "Online Marketing". My name is Manuela Hofer. I am riz up marketing managers. First, let's talk about the basics. The term itself or in the case the Terms. "Online" and "Marketing". Marketing encompasses all of the measures that you put in place Address your customers or present yourself as a company. These are, for example, printed business cards, folders or even the sign at the entrance of your company.

Online is an English term and stands for "on" "auf" and "line" "line". That means now in German translated but not standing on the line, but being in the network and the network, this is our well-known internet. And these days on the internet being present is really very important. Alone in Austria over 7 million people use the internet.

We're talking about 170 minutes that people spend online. We search through search engines, we inform ourselves, we plan routes or Travel, we communicate on the various platforms and we buy online. So that means that the customers Customers are online. And that's why you should be with your company too! But before you start, you should familiarize yourself with your online marketing strategy deal. So how do you find out about your location and Have thought about your company name, so now you should also start thinking about what your company is doing and what of it you want to communicate online. And you should think about why you want to be online, i.e. what your goals are. Do you just want to be there, inform, entertain or maybe even sell? An example: you want to work with your Start a flower shop and want to show them online every day what beautiful ones Arrangements of bouquets you provide daily or else You have specialized in funeral floristry with your business and you want to Offer online that you can choose wreaths and bouquets directly and for yourself desired location can deliver.

As you can see, yours will be very different Online appearance and become accordingly different You address your customers. There are 3 steps on the way to Success in online marketing: 1. Be there, 2. Be visible and 3rd advertise. The first step "be there", do that You best do it with your own company website or like it on English means homepage. Many believe that creating your own Website has to be very complicated. But it's not. There are special ones Programs and tools that have been specially set up for this. You pay for it monthly usage costs and they are very easy to use. A tip: take a look at www.websitetooltester.com and find out more Find out about popular programs and tools and you can too Use test versions now to create your own homepage.

You can experiment with the content and graphic design. Use your company colors, use special images you have, add contact forms or create an online shop directly with the program, where you can sell your Offer offers. What you absolutely should have on your website is two things: 1. Your offer, what exactly can customers do get with you and 2. how can you get that, so yours Contact details or the online shop to really get from your Offer to make use of. And one more tip: make sure that your content is easy to read on all devices, including tablets, Cell phones or laptops. The first step is to "be there" it is also possible that you choose a social media profile.

Some entrepreneurs do this in addition to the website, some instead. My recommendation on this point is clear: you shouldn't do without your company website! The two platforms in the The most widely used in German-speaking countries are Facebook and Instagram. If you are a business owner for a social media profile decide, then please do one thing: create a company profile and do not use your private, personal profile! Because company profiles are also free and you want as an entrepreneur yes to be perceived and not as a private person. Your company profile can also be public, i.e. accessible to everyone and accordingly findable. Whether it makes sense for you as an entrepreneur Being on a social media platform naturally depends on your online Marketing strategy now and then mainly from defining yours Target group.

There are many studies that analyze exactly which channel is which customers are holding up. So you've probably heard that Young people use different channels than their parents. So if your customers are young people, then you should refer to it accordingly. How do you think you will be online found? Exactly: via search engines. The most famous of these is surely Google, followed by YouTube. The video channel has become one Giants of search engine inquiries developed. So if you have videos that speak for your company, whether it's a company portrait or maybe also instruction manuals, then post them on your own YouTube channel.

It is important that the videos themselves also come with a text with a description provided so that it is clear what the video is about and you accordingly can also be found. This brings us to your second step to online marketing success: be visible! Your company website or your social media profile, that's them Basics for your online marketing presence, so to speak the foundation. The point now is that the search engines find you too! Found then if you are considered important for the particular searches appear to be relevant. An example: I live in Neuhaus and want for my best Girlfriend buying flowers. So I am looking for "buy flowers" on the web Neuhaus ". Google is now filtering those entries out of all the entries available on the Internet Posts that exactly match my search query, that is, as Results are important and relevant to me. So if on your website the search terms, my search terms "Flowers buy Neuhaus "does not occur, then your website will be for me too not shown as a result.

Therefore, think about which search terms Your customers are looking for you. It is these words that do can also be found on your website and on social media profiles have to. Another way of your business To strengthen online is that you register on various platforms. Whether Herold or a rating platform, maybe even a booking platform. Anything that could be relevant to you as a search result.

A special tip from me: List your company on Google My Business! This listing is free, but it means that you are listed as an official Google listing Companies are recognized. All the information you have on Google My You can store business in Google Search, but also on Google Maps and Google+ are displayed as a preference. What else is important for you to know: Have 1/3 of all search queries a local reference. That means I'm looking for something that will me interested in my environment. Therefore, as mentioned before, it is very important that you enter your contact details clearly everywhere so that you can respond accordingly can also be found. Paid advertisements in newspapers or Everyone knows TV commercials. Online advertising works the same way! We are already at the 3rd step of your successful Online marketing: your advertising. As an entrepreneur, you are certain 2 questions popped up for you: 1. What is it, "Online Advertising", and 2. What do you need it for anyway? The 2nd question is answered quickly: It's your advertising, it's about your business and visibility about convincing customers of your offer.

Advertising on Google is called "Adwords", which means something like "advertising words". "Ad" is the abbreviation for "Advertising", the English word for "advertising". Google advertising works according to the auction principle. That means you are bidding on words that are for You are relevant and with whom you want to be found. Google Adwords is free to set up. What costs you when people click on your ad. Factors that influence the cost of this click are for example: You switch Competitors also display a corresponding display of how often or how little searches the users on the net for your special words that you have on your website? It is also a question of whether these are words that other companies also need? The costs will be correspondingly higher. The important thing with Adwords is that you Think carefully and narrow down how much time and money you are spending on want to invest in this advertising. To be easily found online, it recommends to maintain a certain presence and duration. Just 2 weeks of Google Adwords won't be enough.

But this also means that you will have to pay around 200-300 euros a month should expect for this advertisement. For example, in your Facebook advertising It is very important that you think in advance what exactly your goals are are. Do you want to get more likes? Do you want a special one Put the article at the center or it is about people to one Event to get? Facebook advertising has the great advantage that you can restrict it locally very well. If you have a company profile have and post a post, then Facebook will give you every time suggest that you also advertise this post for a fee.

Think about whether and how you want to do that. Let me take the 3 steps to your online marketing success yet To summarize: It is 1. that you are there, it is about 2. that you are also visible and it is 3. about Use your advertising successfully! Online marketing is a very lively one Theme. You can either train yourself continuously or simply Consult experts. One way to get your business know-how The riz up compact seminar "Online Marketing" provides a deeper understanding of this topic.

If you also have specific questions about your online marketing Have a strategy, then contact us! We gladly support you! We are always there for you: From the first idea to founding and beyond. Free of charge and nationwide throughout Lower Austria. riz up. just start, grow safely..

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