Was ist Content Marketing nochmal genau? [Online-Kurs, Kapitel 1]

Recently a friend asked me: "Simon, what are you doing exactly?" I tried to explain content marketing to him, but got it right he not me. A few weeks later, the same friend told me about a newsletter he had has just subscribed. Every time there are great financial tips on how to save taxes and which stocks to buy, etc. They don't want to sell you anything. They really want to help you. And I said: Ha, this is content marketing. I do that professionally. Because content marketing is not about your brand or your product. It's about your target group, your customers Ultimately, it's about people and their needs. And it's about how you can help these people, your potential customers, so that they perceive you, learn to appreciate you, trust you and at the end of the day buy your products. That sounds logical. It is. And it's not difficult at all. Together we will set up your content marketing step by step. And the best is: You don't have to sit down again after this course and everything you have learned here, develop again for your project.

We'll do that together right here in this course. After the course, you can start immediately and win new customers with content marketing..

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