Want to Partner Up? Earn Lifetime Revenue for Every Customer You Refer to Unbounce

As marketers, we all know how powerful word of mouth is. Clever copy, segmented targeting, and cute promotional videos with disarming ukulele soundtracks are no match for a trusted source saying, “Hey, I think you’ll like this.”

Whether you’re building a personal brand—or just know a bunch of other marketers—you’re somebody’s trusted source. And since building an effective marketing stack is a huge part of all of our jobs, you’ve likely recommended SaaS tools that you like to others. If Unbounce is one you regularly recommend, you’re paying the value of your word forward to us, and that means a ton.

Now, we want to repay those warm, fuzzy feelings with cold, hard cash.

The Unbounce Partner Program brings the results of your influence back to you (and your wallet). You earn 20% of the recurring revenue for every person you refer to Unbounce, and keep earning for as long as they remain a customer (it can really add up). Plus they’ll g… Read More

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