Videomarketing erreicht meine Zielgruppe nicht? – Drei verbreitete falsche Annahmen

Hello, my name is Axel Vetter and my subject is the three of them again today Most common misconceptions about online video marketing: It's too expensive. It doesn't reach my target audience and it doesn't increase my sales. Let's take a closer look at point number 2: Online video marketing does not reach my target group? I can understand your doubts. You are thinking of getting into online video marketing or continuing it expand, but you ask yourself: Does anyone even watch videos like this? I can reassure you there. 71 percent of all internet users in Europe look at each other Online videos. 71 percent! And this proportion keeps increasing every year clearly. According to a recent study by Cisco With a 13.2 percent increase per year, this part of the Internet is the with the greatest growth rates. According to Statista, YouTube has 37.2 million every month in Germany individual visitor.

So that means more than every second adult looks Watch a film on YouTube at least once a month. Most of course even more. How is that actually happening? YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world just behind Google. So if someone If he searches for information, he searches either on YouTube or on Google, and finds a lot of videos there too. Try it! So that means that up to 90 percent of those who watch a video on YouTube, exactly too have searched for it, and thus also correspond to the target group. That means conversely, for you, that even a few viewers are very, very valuable. In summary, we can say that their target group is already many Watching video content and thus online video marketing.

This means that this target group is looking for this information. she is looking for in a targeted manner and that keeps the wastage low for you. What do you think about it? I want to hear your opinion! Please write one Comment on YouTube or in my blog at! Subscribe to my YouTube channel to have part 3 of this post here do not miss! and subscribe to my newsletter at! In the third part, we look at the last point, namely "Online video marketing doesn't increase my sales". Until then, I wish you every success and good luck! Bye!

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