Video#2- Online Marketing For Auto Sales Training

hello folks and welcome back to video number two james fourie again okay so for the talk real quickly about each one of these components here and we'll move right on long google+ google+ is very important okay google loves its own products as you can see from this article here why your personal brand should be marketing on google+ three-day-old article there have been some recent updates to google and it's going to make for positioning yourself in search engines for specific keywords very very easy very simple google+ is something you definitely want to participate if you do not have a gmail or google account you want to create one very easy to do is simply you can go to your google browser type in google plus here in a search bar and then pull this up here you go to account to sign in or create an account you already have a gmail and google account your click here to go ahead and create your Google+ profile and from your Google+ profile you will also create a Google+ business page where you're going to post it advertisement okay here is one of our Google+ business pages as you can see it's very similar to a facebook and that you have posts here photos youtube where naturally will be your videos and also reviews okay it's going to be very important that you also log your customers and have your customers give you reviews on all the different platforms that you have this is going to let others know what type of person you are and make your comfortable reading reviews sure some of you the dealership is already horny you guys about making sure people going through these next your facebook here on facebook if you do not have a business page you're going to want to create a business page it's very simple to do again you simply login to your facebook account and go to the top bar here erase everything after face calm and type it in as you see here / pages / create and it will pull up this page here for you and you will want to use this bottom left option here to create your page and that will get you on your way to creating your page again as you're setting up these accounts your google plus your facebook page and everything else you're going to want to fill out as much information as possible meaning a short description short bio a phone number website email address everything not only make sure that your customers to contact you as far as YouTube if you have a gmail account you probably already have a youtube account if you do not you can simply go to we're here in the top right corner which is sign in allow you to create an account if you don't have one this is going to be your number one marketing plexi and use YouTube for all sorts of things and give youtube is owned by Google therefore Google really loves YouTube definitely helps out with the SEO search engine optimization Instagram if you don't have an Instagram account you can go to Instagram calm and you can sign in you can login with Facebook and part of an anklet create an account you're going to want to download this to your smartphone if you have a smartphone that way when you're out on a lot and it's a perfect day and you're walking past that bed or that Chevy truck or that you know whatever it is nissan maxima whatever kind of deals you can work in when you're walking past that perfect eyepiece candy car the Sun is hit it just right you'll lean down and take a good picture at a great angle and go ahead post it to your Instagram and you want to do that at least once a day you want to keep your eye candy out there for people to see simply your icons so they make them want to dig a little deeper find out who you are what else you have a failure and as far as the websites for yourself I would recommend using dealer car sir do a car search has a lot of different products that come with the service service is very inexpensive the websites are responsive that it will open up and look perfect or anyone's phone tablet laptop computer whatever it is and it integrates seamlessly with a lot of your social media tools that you'll be using ie instagram facebook twitter youtube so very good product and if you do decide you want to use dealer car search have a guy you should call he knows all about setting these things up for the individual sales persons name is Mike rudder give him a call he works with all of the individuals wanting to do personal business for themselves and not a deal dealerships themselves can use dealer car search it's an inventory management system it manages so many so many things but for a very low price you can get a lot of things so there you have it this is video number two folks make sure you head on over to Google YouTube Instagram and Facebook begin setting up your accounts make sure you put a profile picture for everything so people can identify you a note when you walk in the coming videos we're going to dive very deep into these five platforms to discuss exactly how you go about using them to generate your own leads to generate more business for yourself james fourie i'll see you in the next video

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