Video Marketing Strategy – inter-Actions Roadmap – Part 2 of 4

well welcome back i hope that first flowchart was helpful to you we're going to now move on to the marketing side of the business in particular video marketing and how that can help drive traffic to your website it'll be great to have all the backend set up so that when we start getting people interested we can work with them but we want to get traffic we want people to come to our website already informed already hungry for what it is that we have to offer so the first thing we're going to do is what's called SEO search engine optimization and what that means is that we know that most people today when they are looking for something they want to search for it using Google or Bing or one of the major search engines and if you're not on page one two or three of those search engines in the what's called organic rankings you're going to be hard to find and so you want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to find you your prospects to find you and so we look for keywords relevant to your business that when they are searched for you will start to show up in some cases we're dealing with local businesses so we use what it's called longtail keywords these are longer than just cars that would be too general there's a probably 100 million people looking for cars but if you said cars in Victoria British Columbia that would narrow it down if you said Buicks in Victoria that would eat narrow it down even more so you have to pick your keywords that will help customers assaults associate with you and find you more quickly once we've done that we're going to start to do some video creation around those keywords in fact in your business what we could do is ask a list of questions and create videos around those questions these are could be the top 10 questions that your customers usually ask you or it could be the top 10 questions that they should be asking you in either case we're going to create a series of short videos probably less than three minutes each anywhere from 30 60 90 seconds just to get them up and online while where we're going to do that where we're going to start with YouTube YouTube is by far the largest most powerful video search engine on the internet and it has the greatest reach and the greatest search engine can and google loves YouTube so simply getting your information up on YouTube is already going to put you in the good graces of Google and you'll be able to work with that search engine optimization that we had talked about earlier in fact what we're going to do then is we're going to drive other backlinks to your YouTube videos this is an incredibly powerful strategy for building and raising up your videos in the search engine rankings the more people that backlink the more people that tie their websites to your websites the more powerful your videos are going to appear in the search engines so we have a whole methodology for backlinking your YouTube videos then what we want to do is syndicate those videos it's wonderful to be on YouTube but there are about 20 other video sharing sites around the world who either take YouTube videos or that we can submit to directly to syndicate to take not only your one video on YouTube but now it becomes 20 worldwide and the bigger worldwide audience you have the more credibility it'll give you in a local basis so we would do what's called video syndication with those youtube videos once we have syndicated those then we can drive traffic back to your website if you have hundreds or thousands of people looking at your videos and your website link is found through YouTube and syndication it will start to drive traffic back to your website where people can then participate in the opt-in get on your list go through the autoresponder program you can educate them that can create some sales but we want to drive traffic ultimately from the videos to your website then we also want to create a private video site not one that is associated with YouTube and the reason for that is that there are certain videos that we want only certain ones of our customers to see whether it's a membership basis or whether it's some special training that we're offering only to that group we need to store those on sites that are not considered public property what few people realize is that when you submit a youtube video that becomes the property of YouTube to do as they wish including the possibility of shutting down your site if they don't consider your site to be something suitable for them so you need to have a private video site which will accomplish a couple of things one is it could feed into your blog and we all heard our important blogs are but if you have a video based blog that can even be more powerful where people are commenting on your videos and those comments become part of the keyword rich environment that Google is looking for when they're looking for new content the beauty of blogs is that they're continually creating new content that blog can also drive traffic to your website and to your opt-in page so people can get on your list then you also want to consider having private storage videos for your education and offers that only people on your list will ever see that will be the inducement for them to want to get on your list is to see private member videos you see how this is all starting to come together it's starting to look like a system well in our next video we're going to introduce you to something absolutely wild and it's called mobile marketing

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