You want to create a strategy called youtube marketing to give you results The first step obviously before making nothing is to create the strategy therefore in this video I'll tell you the four steps to take before starting do video marketing and YouTube bush [Music] But before you start talking about video marketing wanted to thank fidel good gonzález congratulate him on his new book instagram much more than photos and thank you for cash me to be part of this book where as you can see here as he spoke the importance of photographs in sales online or how to influence or importance instagram when establishing a strategy marketing in the Business I leave the description of the video the link itself directly to Amazon for If you are interested in the book and I'm currently reading collaborate various professional and deserves much much worth In addition also he lived with book I have sent this pitt blog I understand that it will be a picture taken in some material Yes Thank you for your cooperation thanks to ti fil collaborate and here head of photography in this block and Now if we start with the part of marketing video that the video is a need of the company today I think it goes without but it has created and put one strategy of marketing to generate video content video enough often you do not know how to get ideas for your new videos Today I share with you these guidelines not have used personally and I use with my clients to make videos that you generate has much more impact and Saline its strategy Global business although all part Video marketing we can count with different platforms today in this video I will specifically focus on youtube first point analysis of your Current youtube channel if you have the first step is to review the videos you have uploaded on your channel even those old videos check if they are adequately labeled tag any the the title description and tags and not to become pregnant is important is that the you again repeat to be as also reviews girls after Photo small as it is one of the most important parameters When generating visualizations in kids and not enough attractive thumbnail Maybe the video have great content but does not reach everyone which should arrive depending on the number of videos you have this you It may take more or less time but It really is an investment that can do because a recycled and change all this can automatically increase your visualizations old videos that many of them in many cases stand It is also important to make a analysis of video related As for thematic those currently They have to analyze how they are They labeled that headlined put them miniatures used as many cases will give you ideas for improving your own videos It is also important to review the statistics that you give youtube youtube analytics where you will see it in the love period in the last month or the last months or weeks if they have grown they have reduced views interaction with the no audience more than anything to mark Today a starting point and from here see how we evolve two analysis of the channels youtube competition analyzes your competition if youtube channel wants to analyze also with the aim of knowing whether They are implementing a strategy video marketing if not the are doing is a great advantage competitive for you because it may be one of the first but was doing how about they are doing that eneas you can get how you can improve and highlight your videos on what they are doing can only make two ways or you must do what ways first manual analysis checking channel by channel competitor competitor is doing and also You can supplement it with a tool social dotcom blade that you It provides information on the main indicators you want to know other channels as they grow in subscribers how they grow in visionado information is not excessively wide but yes the main one you need to handle at this time three structure their creation strategy from content is important to work to least one month ahead 23 not depending how often the that updated the content you're going to be publishing because especially in video it takes time and produce it therefore we have to go advanced It is important that all this part of content also go feeding back there by changing time actual depending on your audience as you'll notice videos certain issues that are not so good acceptance as other often do not get to know the why it is important that the end you know take the right course in function all of this information these data that you are taking with video that we will publish the fourth item on the creating data and labels for positioning each of the videos to which referred in the first point is considered a good video without proper labeling loses virtually all of its potential is important to devote more time to put all this data before Always post video never do it before when the video and is uploaded the title is one of the elements most important to be Short direct should draw attention emphasize that is capable of only read to the sense or give a benefit to the person who will be will depend on the type of video you do but it is always good to start as an introduction of what they will see in This video referring to title of own video for the user does not have the feeling that the video is not going to find what the title read is not a practice that It has been used in recent years in YouTube and is still used but not positive thumbnails of each video is something important since most of Views that come from video suggested and what makes a user Right – click to see your video one more fundamental factors this Miniature to create thumbnails You can use any program graphic design or you can use by example the tool online campaign Dotcom will also allow you to create templates so that good for Of course use it as the basis for create thumbnails of each of your Video is also the field Description it is important that put a summary of what is going to try the video and another field very major labels that are not little words key that is They relate to the theme of your video It is especially important to put the label but the order continues to do so will you commenting one structure used in many cases and contains approximately 12 would be the first four labels labels that would be a word describing the specific video then four more words that They may be composed of groups of two three words continue to make reference to which is related the video Finally four generic keywords they are also related content video this is simply a structure is important that good then on the up you go learning and guayas seeing in your case structure works better 5 Optimizing channel videos the work does not end up the bid and everything we have said and has left there but we must continue working in each of the videos to improve and optimize them based on the data of analytic we will obtain one of the actions that can lead to out it is to create lists topics with your videos and other videos that you do not you have created but to supplement or enrich the content Imagine that you are creating a video the importance of the vegan diet time bonus one list called diet Vegan where in addition to incorporating your videos incorporate other videos professionals who speak the same theme if it is important that these lists do not believes is at the same time when It is up the video but posteriori am not a supporter of sharing the direct link of your video YouTube facebook because as vera visually it does not do not put it well not in this case facebook and youtube are not good friends are in fact strong competitors of things can do is create a short video on format teaser and upload it to facebook bound to you youtube channel or upload the video way native purely where it seems that It is giving good results also what does that happen in this case is which clearly displays no They go to youtube but will be on Facebook It is also important that last mime four days analyze analytics youtube of each of the videos and within all americas there is the more important that you should work about everything is worry about retention the audience is one of the metrics youtube more valued when position or give more visibility to your videos and marked as target This indicator is always greater than 35 percent evidently the more High even better another task that you must sign to make monthly facing the canal It is to analyze the viewing time and see if it has increased over the previous month which would be a good indicator this would be the beginning of your strategy video marketing begins It analyzes data thereby creating videos Powerful heard hearing I am very patient patient and see how slowly they are coming the results you need 500,000 meters square but with 250 meters will be enough for a client to go to improve the product and then make some online online purchase or directly to and in the same in the same shop does not work that works very well all part of what today are marketing mobile marketing o como whatever you call it but in the end that is to get data from people and give a better experience we can working with social system of the network wifi free people when between in your store and that you can mix even with vico at zero because I really think it's not so much not I know how to do it continues to Most companies are still not him More important still without customer I believe that the experience because information obviously not the will search because it will be online in some cases you may want to see or touch the product not because I think going to have certain products that end for good always you will like touching them may be not one of them usually for me my perception is most who take these decisions not known in the digital world then they are limited is an issue of no perception that is not the end He has knowledge among them not often happens that already They develop people but not make it If people who know and do not want him heeding put in command people a background in marketing and Technological what is important also integrate organizations to public of the future that is both millennials what good is a framework very wide as the new generation z If you have any questions left on the comments if I answer you always I answer if you liked this video and You want to continue doing more rivers like this dale I like it and do not miss the video I suggest below e
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