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So when you're building your pillar content, you can morph that content to be native on each platform. But you're still going to have to look at morphing it and going a step further. So I call it pillar content I build pillar content as much as I can with the team That banks our footage our team for for myself will have somewhere around 300 videos that I can post Over the next six months already banked. That's because of things like this You're trying to create long-form pillar content 30 minutes or longer and then you chop up that footage as many times and start to utilize that footage to be native for as many other platforms as possible. So a speech like today where I'm talking will get cut into probably 10 promo clips for my various platforms for Facebook, for Instagram. The long form will go into YouTube. There's we take all of the content that's created today and we build as much out of it as possible Yes, absolutely.

You can massage it like I said today, right? This speech will be a great pillar content for YouTube. The whole speech can go into YouTube from my playlist of Marketing Q&A where I do these discussions. Great. Then we can easily take individual questions and make them native for Facebook and for LinkedIn and for other platforms depending on the questions that were asked. So when you're building your pillar content, you can morph that content to be native on each platform but you're still gonna have to look at morphing it and going a step further.

For example, Nothing I do today will work for my TikTok, just won't. Because none of what we're talking about today is going to be native on Tiktok yet. I just can't, I'm gonna have to go shoot that video elsewhere and put resources there. No, you can you can still upload onto tik-tok specifically but that just the content here just isn't isn't what the TikTok audience is looking for I don't like doing that. Like uploading native as much as possible, there are scheduling software's that will help you upload videos but a lot of them are limited to three minutes so any videos that are longer than three minutes have a tough time posting so I'd like to be with videos specifically, I like to upload directly into the platform as much as possible I don't like taking the shortcuts and we noticed that a little while ago when we looked at Twitter when we were uploading through Twitter through some of the scheduling software's, they were notifying us that it looked automated which on a base level tells us the content was getting D ranked.

So the best thing you can do is take your video content, upload it, dedicate the time to upload it specifically for each platform. It's going to help you write a text string specific for each platform and help your videos go further and faster. I like music because it helps engage the emotion that I talked about with the value. However, if you're looking at building content, more content than if you put music in your videos, you'll have a tough time you're using it.

So you'll have a tough time using your audio if it's mixed with a music track in comparison to if you use no music in your content. So my videos now have no music and they used to because we want to be able to reuse them but if you're making content for your brand specifically that you think is trying to engage emotion and set it up to another level and you're gonna try to tell a story with the music that's behind, use it.

Just export two versions of that video. So you have the backlog of your content that's reusable. If you – and yeah. Yes Yeah, anything that any copyright infringement on any platform, you're gonna get D ranked. Now, there is if you do buy the license or if you go into a no copyright site, there's tons of sites that you can just Google where you can get no copyright music.
You can use it and not take that deduction. Well on YouTube, On YouTube again, If you use no copyright music and it doesn't get flagged then your video will be fine If you use content that gets flagged and there's a copyright infringement, you're gonna get D ranked on that video specifically.

Other platforms that you can use music from the platform specifically, you do want to use it from that platform specifically. It's going to help your content go up more organically..

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