Too Much Ice Cream – ChuChu TV Storytime Good Habits Bedtime Stories for Kids

Chiku loved ice-cream. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry! Those are all my favorite flavors! Can I have all of them Mommy? No, Chiku. The next day Chiku's teacher made an announcement. We will be going to the beach later this week. All those who want to join the trip, must raise their hands. I'm coming, Miss Dorothy! Chiku was very excited about the trip. We'll have lots of fun at the beach, ChuChu! That evening Chiku saw her mother put ice-cream in the refrigerator. Ice-cream! Mommy, can I have one? No, Chiku! You can't eat ice-cream every day. Too much of it can make you sick. When Chiku's mother left the kitchen Chiku did something very naughty. Want one? The next day, Chiku took another ice-cream when no one was looking. And the day after that, she ate another! Soon it was the day of the beach trip. Wake up, Chiku! Oh! My tummy's feeling funny. Chiku felt very ill.

But today's the day everyone's going to the beach! I'm sorry, Chiku, but you'll have to stay home today. Chiku missed the beach trip. I wonder what's made you so ill, Chiku. Mommy, I ate some of the ice-cream you had kept in the fridge. I actually ate one every day. Oh, Chiku! I wish you hadn't done that. That's what's made you sick. This will help you feel better. But please remember not to be greedy and eat too much of anything, especially when I tell you not too. The next day, Chiku felt a lot better. Hi, Mommy! Chiku's mother took her out. She had a surprise for her. Hi Chiku! ChuChu! ChaCha! Cussly! What a surprise! Chiku had a wonderful time at the beach that day. She also kept the promise she had made to her mommy and wasn't greedy again.

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