The Shame of Content Marketing And Social Media

There has been a long-held thought that great content for social media can’t be a shill or a hard sell.

That is true. Up to a point. Some brands (and individuals) have done quite well leveraging content and social media channels in a direct response fashion. True, some feel more snake oil salesy than others, but that’s not the point. If a brand (or individual) decides that social selling is for them, and – in turn – they are able to find a customer base (which may not be the same thing as an audience), it’s not for us to judge (so long as the product or services does what it claims to do and that the customers are happy with their purchase). From big brands “advertising” with content marketing and social media to the gajillion of online courses, seminars and events that we’re all exposed to, many brands have one (and only one) strategy with their social media and content marketing: to sell!

It’s not just about selling.

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