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hey guys in this video we are going to show you how to quickly create videos for your social media if you're trying to market your business using social media then you cannot ignore video marketing but you don't need us to tell you that marketers have been shoving video in your faces since 1845 true story so if you want to promote your content grow your audience and generate sales from social media then using video is a great way to do this but we've had every excuse under the sun i don't have the right software i don't have the right equipment i don't have the dashing thumb stuffing good lips and pete from andrew and keith what but guess what you don't need any of that in today's video we're going to show you a really cool tool to start making videos quickly for your social media without having to show your face let's do this hey guys andrew and pete here and we create videos to help you market and grow your small businesses every single week here on youtube so if you're new to the channel please do hit that big red shiny subscribe button below the tool we are absolutely loving at the moment to create social media videos really quickly really easily is in video so let's dive in and show you how it works and show you how quick it is to create a video for your social media what's really cool about in video is that it has a ton of templates that are pre-built just for you all the text images videos and colors can be customized which is great they also have a great search functionality and you can also sort by social media platform which is awesome sweet so here at the top you have three main options to begin you can start from a template they have articles to videos which basically turns written text into a video for you or they have it where you can start from a blank canvas we're gonna concentrate mainly on their pre-made templates in this video because there's so much to choose from it's basically a canva for video if you're familiar with that tool you can search by different topics here so if you're looking for example to create ads you can click into that and see all the different ad templates they have here or if you're looking to create more value-add type of posts you can select something like listicles and they also have a term templates for each of these listicle types of videos too looks good and you can click into these to get a quick preview of what the template looks like if you can't find what you're looking for you can use the search feature you can search for things like your industry so we could type in here marketing and see if they have any pre-made templates for us but remember everything is editable so let's say that you're in the fishing industry you can still use a marketing template and you can swap out everything like the videos the images the colors the text what if you're in like making wellies industry oh yeah they have the templates for wellies yeah and pancake making and pancake making and knitting yeah okay well that's all good then yeah that's all my hobbies come in let's jump back in and show you how easy that is let's say we want to make a listicle type video and we like the look of this one we're going to click it and then we're going to click use template and then the template is going to open up and this is what the editor looks like there's a couple of important things to note right here we can see here how the video is broken down into scenes and we can add tons of different scenes if we like we can easily reorder these scenes too when you click into a scene you can see all the different elements to the scene here and you can see the audio track here that is running over the whole video and every element here is editable let's say we want to edit this video so it's not about video marketing it's about sleep three things to help you get a better night's sleep what about pancake making no it's sleepy now we're not sleep experts but i did a quick google i got three tips one cut down on caffeine i'm not doing too bad at that two avoid using your phone an hour at least before bed to do it terribly kind of that either and three exercises during the day pete is smashing that one it's constantly it begins pumping the iron so let's show you how we'd edit that video so that's what i'd say so at this point in the video our voices go really really deep for some reason we screwed up the audio somehow nothing to do with the video hope you like our sexy deep voices for the rest of this video so editing the text in each scene is super easy you just click on it and change it to whatever you like you can also change the colors the animation and the fun now this woman on her phone doesn't really fit the vibe of this video with korean right so what we can do is either upload our own footage or now this is a really cool bit nvidia has a huge searchable library of their own nice we can search topics like sleep and there's tons and tons of videos here that we can choose from we then either have the choice to replace that video from the template or layer that video on top we can also print it so we only get the bit we want and then we can repeat this same process for each scene it's really quick to do but we're not gonna make you watch us build the whole thing but as you can see you can quickly build a customized video in minutes a couple of other cool little things that we really wanted to show you you can click into change project colors to edit the color template across the whole video rather than doing it one by one element by element and you can set your brand colors as presets too it's also really easy to drag in your logo if you have a logo that's a png format with a transparent background also you're not stuck with these templates if you don't like them this is what makes it very much like a canva for video tool you can add in a blank scene or start from scratch as a blank template you can then add your own video in you can add in tons of different textiles which you can animate they've got different effects if you wanted to add in some fireworks here if you wanted to add in some hearts or even shapes like arrows it's all there for you to fully customize so if you feel creative enough to stray away from the inbuilt templates and build something that's completely bespoke for you then the capability is right there for you in in video and once you're done you can hit the export button and the video exports in about five minutes or less pretty darn snazzy right this is so exciting and we've got a cool special discount just for you guys so stick around for that but before we go into that i wanted to show you one more cool feature so once you've finished the video but you decide you know what like i really want this video but for my instagram story i wanted square for my instagram grip in in video you can go into your project you can click duplicate then you get the option to duplicate the project in a different aspect ratio now you might want to go in and make sure that that new video is still formatted correctly there may be a small amount of tweaks that you need to make especially if you didn't use one of the pre-built templates but the good thing about the templates is that they are built for the different aspect ratios so if you have used the template you should easily be able to switch the different aspect ratios around now for the really cool mind-blowing bit the guys at in video have given us a whopping 50 off to give you guys so rather than buying a video for 120 for the year you can get started for as little as 60 dollars for the whole entire year that's like literally five dollars a month that's like nothing this is crazy good value because everything in video is so freaking awesome there's so much in there for you to do if you want to take advantage of this absolutely mod bonkers awesome offer then use the link below in the description really hope you've enjoyed this tutorial guys if you have please do subscribe please give it a thumbs up and please drop a comment and even share it if you liked it we'd really appreciate it yeah i've been andrew i've been pete see you next time guys [Music] wow can we make a pancake video no no doing your bloody pancakes the welly thing is really it freaks me out like you've got far too many it's raining don't go in any [Music] puddles

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