Social Media und Content Marketing gehören zusammen

Hello, my name is Sascha Böhr. I am the founder of the social media agency 247 GRAD and the software company 247 GRAD Labs It used to be about individual social media campaigns, today different marketing disciplines are growing together. This places completely different demands on marketing teams. Teams work more closely today than they did two or three years ago. Social media is no longer a separate department or discipline. Social media is an integral part of the overall marketing strategy. Communication is again very much in the foreground. It's about reaching the user where he is. The strategy and planning is very important here. Where is the audience and how do you manage it with various communication measures to reach the customer perfectly? With we have developed a solution that perfectly complements social media and content marketing connects with each other. That makes our solution unique in the market. The goal is that teams from different departments can organize themselves better than ever. Our software maps the entire workflow in marketing planning. helps with the planning, creation, publication and evaluation of content. At we have attached great importance to data protection. We have a strategic partnership with Microsoft and can host on German Offer servers in the Microsoft cloud. can be operated on all end devices: In the browser, responsive on all end devices or via IOS and Android app. Our company works 100% agile. We publish a new version of every 14 days. Our customers are seamlessly integrated into the further development. That means we record feature requests and work very closely with our customers..

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