Slow Loads Sabotage Your Conversions: See The 2019 Page Speed Report

Did you know that 86% of women between 18 and 24 admit they’re less likely to buy something when a webpage is slow to load?

It’s a clear sign of how long waits—by “long,” I mean more than 3 seconds—can take a chunk out of your bottom line. But, heck, it’s also kinda intuitive, right?

So how about this one:

19% of marketers don’t think that load times have an influence on their conversion rates.

I guess it’s not so intuitive after all.

Which is why our newly released Page Speed Report For Marketers is so important. It’s full of insights about what consumers and marketers are thinking and doing about page performance in 2019. And as much as the topic of page speed can be a snooze, our research shows marketers need to make it a priority. (My executive summary: fix page speed now, nap later.)

How’d we do it? Last autumn, our two surveys asked about spending habits, advertising priorities, how people experie… Read More

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