Single Source of Information for Customers

Manulife knew that its 1,200-page legacy website was unfocused and complicated for customers to use, but before committing to building a new one, the financial services company wanted to learn what customers really want. By implementing Adobe Analytics in Adobe Analytics Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager in Adobe Marketing Cloud, Manulife is now optimizing and personalizing experiences, to the delight of customers.

“Through analytics, we realized that visitors were having trouble finding the information that they were looking for on the previous website,” says Sophie Bellemare, AVP Strategic Digital Initiatives, Manulife. “That inspired us to simplify the website and provide a customer-first experience. Adobe Analytics helps us understand how our changes improve the digital experience for our customers.”

After a three-month proof of concept that yielded extremely positive results, Manulife wanted to implement the new solutions in time for its peak season. Manu… Read More

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