SEO Writing Course Student Monique’s Story: From 0 to 300-600/visitors PER DAY

i bought julia mccoy's seo content writing course in september of 2018. i had zero subscribers zero traffic zero everything i was basically starting at square one but i knew i wanted to use google and writing to provide really valuable authoritative content to my audience in order to generate business julia mccoy has always said that seo is a long game but it is worth it and so i wanted to give it a try so i bought her course in september 2018 and for about three months straight i took all of her guidance in structuring my blog posts and writing content that would really serve my audience and for those first three months it was a little hard because i had to try and just write the best that i could and just hope that this would work but within those three months i got my first couple organic subscribers and that was really exciting because i didn't have to do anything to get those subscribers and even better someone actually booked a call with me because they wanted to do a partnership now not only did they want to book a call because they wanted my business they wanted to partner and i was blown away because he had found my content through buzzsumo which is a content discovery platform so i knew at that point that i was onto something really cool so i ended up using julia's tactics and strategies to make sure that my blog posts were really written well for google but also for my audience and fast forward just a few more months after that right when google started actually you know finding my content and throwing it in the rankings i started to see traffic that would actually float the traffic that i didn't have to do anything for so i would get i went from zero users a month to like 50 users a month which was great because i didn't have to do anything to get those users and it was actually around this time that i decided to take a break i wanted to focus on other areas of my business i didn't want to blog so much so i started blogging maybe once or twice a month instead of every week but my traffic continued to climb and i ended up going to i guess a few months after that over 500 users to my site per month and people were finding me i was getting maybe five to ten subscribers a month without me doing anything and the cool thing was i was just tracking this all along because i wasn't actually doing anything to try and get those leads or those subscribers or visitors they were just kind of happening naturally so that's when i knew i need to keep doing this so even though i took some time off my traffic continued to climb and i will say as of today august 2020 i am now getting over i want to say six i'm getting last month i think i got 9 000 people to my website last month and i hit my peak in may of 2020 i ended up getting i think it was 600 visitors to my site in just one day but that wasn't even the best part right obviously i was getting subscribers now i'm getting maybe 30 to 40 subscribers a month which is awesome but the best part is that i am an online course reviewer so i write content on how to help you get your course looking really good i am ranking number one in google for the key phrase how to greet your students online and right now everyone is online right now so i just i just couldn't believe that i would ever rank number one on anything so all of this is to say that if you're thinking of investing in julia's course you need to because it really is something that pays off if you follow what she says if you listen to her guidance if you structure your blog post the way that she says if you do your keyword research and she makes it really easy because i've always struggled with keyword research she makes it really easy to do you have your system publish valuable content and people will find you you just have to do it the way julia says she has been doing it for years she knows what she's talking about and you would do yourself an extreme disservice by not listening to her even her free stuff is amazing so you know that her courses are really really value packed so if you're on the fence if you're thinking about it take me as an example i've gotten results i love it i'm going to continue implementing everything that she's taught me for the long term because why stop at just one phrase getting ranked number one in google might as well keep going so definitely if you're thinking about it just do it it'll really pay off in the long term

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