SEA (Search Engine Advertising) in 2 Minuten erklärt

ex-playmate declares search engine advertising a coveted advertising space show in the hit lists of the search engine you wonder how exactly you can advertise there no problem, we will explain how the allocation of advertising space works the auctioneer offers the goods one option the search terms for you as an advertiser with your ad want to appear and sit in the audience among many other bidders recognize each other again and off you go the search term animal feed comes up under the hammer and immediately the bids of everyone fly sides soon they will be outbid for and unfortunately cannot go higher because your advertising budget is insufficient you think Unlucky moment not as fast as with search engine advertising More than just the price counts the auctioneer doesn't just pay attention to the price the amount of the bid, but also who is bidding, he has a long list of criteria by which he evaluates the quality of each tenant the reason for the user who is looking for animal feed, for example, he only wants the provide really relevant ads your neighbor has the highest bid but he runs an online shop for car tires and that seems inappropriate to the auctioneer, that's how it happens for your website about pet food to win the bid get even though you are not the highest bidder Of course, search queries are always made and of course, users want an immediate answer from the search engine and of course there is no time for lengthy auctions therefore it all happens in a split second the auctioneer is nimble you look around with search engine advertising To advertise successfully, you don't just have to pay for it, but also for the Proper search terms offer matching the content of your ad and yours website content so get the knack

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