Sample Video project: Online Marketing Part 1

welcome to the dominate your markets insider circle today we'll discuss what should be your number one goal now the big goal for this entire coaching program is not to make money it all sounds really counterproductive for most of you guys but the number one big goal is you need to start building an email list it wasn't until one day I read an article and in the article this guy was talking about how you've probably seen all the online ads about the guy who made twenty thousand dollars in 24 hours or the person who sent an email and made fifteen hundred dollars in an hour and a lot of you guys probably think those things are scams but the reality is those things are real they work every single day they're happening but it doesn't work the way people make you think they work the way they work is basically somebody has an email list they have an email list of 10,000 people or a hundred thousand people but say it's a hundred thousand people and they send an email out to those hundred thousand people selling a product and from the hundred thousand people that goes out to you maybe only 10,000 people actually read the email but from those 10,000 people maybe a thousand people get excited about the product and click on the link and email and of those thousands of people will click on the link maybe even a hundred of them by but if a hundred people buy a fifty dollar product how much money is that that's five thousand dollars and that's from sending out just one email to your list what happens if you send out an email every day what happens when you email a product twice a day how much money could you make with an email list and that's what the guy was talking about in his article here's just some numbers for you guys to look at when you start talking about building an email list okay most people average at least one dollar per month per person on their email list now we actually averaged more than that right now but that's kind of the baseline number so what does that mean that means if you start following this coaching program and you get a hundred people on your list you should be able to make at least a hundred dollars per month if you get a thousand people on your list you should be able to make about a thousand dollars per month when you get 10,000 people on your list you should be able to make about ten thousand dollars per month or 120 thousand dollars a year okay is that exciting for you guys well let me tell you about this guy who came to our coaching program who in the first 30 days he built a list of five thousand five 500 people okay that number should be getting a little more exciting for you now that you understand how this whole listening works so this is the basic process i'm going to show you guys that in the next few slides but step number one is you need to drive traffic or people to a squeeze page and i'll show you what a squeeze pages here in a second now but step number two those people will go to your squeeze page and will actually join your email list step number three after they join your list you're going to direct them to what we call a slow or self liquidating offer now not everyone is going to buy that product obviously but you want enough people to buy that product that covers the cost that you've spent to drive those people to your website or to drive that traffic so if I spent one hundred dollars on my ad I want to make sure that all of that one hundred dollars all the people that come to my website I make at least a hundred dollars to break even now if I do that a lot of people will say oh you broke even it didn't work but for me if I broke even that's a huge win that means I got all those customers on my list for free and it didn't cost me anything and step number four is you're going to sell other things to those people on your list and then you keep all the profit I'm going to break this down a lot more detail for you guys but that's the big goal that's the big picture here and if you guys can see the big picture behind this it's going to make everything else a thousand times easier so let's jump right in now to the step-by-step process that makes this whole thing work okay so this is the process and you guys are going to become very familiar with this image I'm going to show it to you over and over again in the next few days because we're going to be building each and every little piece of this process day by day but here's the overall process here at the left hand side we're going to be driving traffic now if you're brand new online traffic is just people we're getting people to come to our website and initially we're going to be doing this on solo ads because that's the fastest way like if I was getting started on this program i can buy a solo ad today and by tonight i can have people start joining my list and making money so that's why we're going to focus on solo ads but over the next 90 days we'll focus on a lot of different ways to drive traffic to your squeeze page the second thing is we're going to create a squeeze page there's a picture of what a squeeze page looks like as you've probably seen before these are little tiny websites and they have the headline and they ask for your email address in exchange for something right something like a free video or a free report but that's basically what a squeeze page is i'm going to show you guys how to build a squeeze page now after someone joins your squeeze page they put in their email address and then hit submit it adds into an email autoresponder and again we'll show you guys how to do this that autoresponder will send out emails for you so you can say day number one send out this email day number to send out this email day number three sent out this email so on and so forth and we're going to pre build all these different emails in there so when somebody joins her list they'll automatically be getting the emails selling them the products you want to sell them so that's kind of the process now after somebody puts in their email address in the form you're also going to immediately redirect them to what we call your primary offer this is your first offer you're going to be selling to that person now what i usually do we usually spend three days emailing about that primary offer and then we switch to a secondary offer and create more and more offers in the sequence I'll walk you guys through this and some other steps but that's basically the process that's what we're going to be doing in the next 30 days if you can build this out and it's very simple very easy you guys have everything you need to start making a lot of money online and again your goal in this process is to be building lists that's the big secret so in the next series of videos I'm going to break down each of these little pieces in excruciating detail so you understand them perfectly thanks for watching the dominate your market insider circle video on your number one goal and understanding the process

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