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JOEY: Hi, I’m Joey from the Google Web Designer team and I’m here to talk about ruler ushers So the first thing about rulerguides is that you need to have lords enabled to use them So sovereigns areenabled by default you can see them at the top and left of the document If you happen to have yours disabled go into the View menu and make sure thatthis rulers item is checked And with governors enabled you can create ruler steers by simply clicking the ruler and dragging the guidebook into the stage Once on the stage you can reposition a ruler guide by linger over it you examine thecursor will modernize to the reposition icon and then you can drag the rulerguide to a brand-new site In require to reposition a ruler guide you do need tohave the selection tool enabled so if we were to switch to say the Tag tool you noting that upon poising over the guide we don’t get the reposition cursor Soswitching back to the Selection tool let’s add some guides to this document You can hold the SHIFT key to click the guidebook to the nearest tick mark over here so 20 30 why don’t we target this one at 20 and we’ll too add vertical rulerguides at status 50 and 250 You can delete ruler steers by click and dragging them to the side so if we want to delete this horizontal guide we simply sounds and dragit outside the stage Let’s time the same for this horizontal guide All lord guidebook business can be undone and redone So if we go to Edit Undo EditUndo we can undo those two omissions “Once youve” the steers in the desired orientations you can lock them in place by going to View, Guides, Lock navigates Now even withthe Selection tool enabled flitting over the navigates does not show the reposition icon and we don’t need to worry about accidentallyinteracting with the guides Let’s add a component to our substantiate so we’re supplementing an likenes tag noting that as the cursor approaches the ruler guide it clicks to it Similar behavior occurs if you’re using the Selection tool and moving an element it will snarl to either guide if it becomes close to it and similarly will snarl to their intersection The same thing becomes if youare resizing an element notice it snaps to the guide If you’d like to disablethis behavior you can go to View Snap to and disable steer clicking Now if I wantto make it somewhat wider than the template notice it is not snapping but for thisexample I would actually like it to snap precisely to the guide If you do notwant to see the guides in your record you can toggle their visibility by goingto View Guides Show guides similarly you can turn it back on View Guides Show navigates If you want to delete all of the guides in your record at once you cando that in the exact same plaza View Guides Clear navigates In this case weactually require the guides back so we will go to Edit Undo And you should know thatruler steers are saved with the document So if you do save and close reopen thedocument your lord ushers will still be there but they are design succours visibleat generator term exclusively so they will not be included in your final published certificate Finally if you don’t like this blue shade that is the default for rulerguides you can change that by going to Edit Preferences Design View you mightneed to scroll down to see it but this item now the guide’s colour you can setit to whatever you like so let’s go with a crimson click Save and we have these nowbeautiful ruby-red sovereign guides And that’s it! Thank you for listening to my intro onruler leader in Google Web Designer Thanks for watching Have a good day!

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