Roteiro de vídeo curto, objetivo e persuasivo de 30 segundos (teaser)

a provocative short video provocative
thought-provoking that catches the attention of viewers who are part of
its audience when they are there or browsing through their time-life
in other words a teaser this neighbor has up to 30 seconds long and
can have infinite formats notice for example the commercials you watch
on youtube tv on all digital social platforms and then when you
create your teaser it will give your creativity to think in a
nicer format but if you want to make it easier if you want to shorten the process then
creation of the city 0 script here is a very simple formula but it
will definitely work for you to attract the attention of viewers there on
social networks and bring them where you want them to go be a
culture page be another social platform do you want to check this formula

? I call the work of nations the video fairy an independent producer that
helps guide that teaches micro and small entrepreneurs not to
give this big message to the world through video step one for our
super simple formula for a cool teaser of up to 30 seconds is a question
contained and active or a psychological pain in our audience or a transformation
that in this case would be a pleasure example you know that producing videos can be
a differentiator for your business but you've been very stuck too locked
to start for everything what you're doing now and you can imagine that with me
recording your videos in a quiet way, you take care
of it, right, the goal we have is to draw people's attention
so we need to be short and thick, short and thick,
very objective, another nice tip for this start you put
some kind of nice filter at the time of editing a black white or red filter
something impactful or big letters with a d word this phrase you created
this callaghan person online passing on her cell phone of something more
colorful but differentiated, more striking can draw her attention step 2
our uncle zé is a presentation with our expertise that is related to
what we are selling in this video nest for example hello i
'm carolina barros journalist tv presenter and announcer for
over ten years and since 2014 i'm also the video farmer how do you
present so many videos in life what are your qualities your
credentials which It is your training or training that are most important that
are most relevant for you to sell what you are selling in this video, whether it
is information or content or a physical product or service.

Finally, step
3 is properly the sale invitation promotion
offer of your event product /service course at last for example and today I want to
invite you to me face-to-face video workshop
you will learn to communicate well in front of a camera ra and recording videos without the
need for expensive or complicated equipment
here I explain I present in a very simple and very straightforward way
what my content is about my event my invitation this invitation represents the
solution will bring pain that i poked at the beginning of this video is also people the
way, let's say, for the transformation to pleasure
another result if you have mentioned this at the beginning of the video there is no pain but
we have two ways to attract people's attention that through pain and pleasure
step 4 called
very assertive attraction for example me call on the tap right now to guarantee your
spot as your spectator goes to the next level you have to give
the exact coordinates step by step so she doesn't go there don't find it
difficult for her she's not too lazy to pass the level this action has to
be literally a click of it and then you liked it was useful for you to think that
you can sit down and create your script based on this structure in this formula su
simple per that I just gave you if you still want a
helping hand profession is to help you create this script and maybe also produce
this video for you count on me do the following take a
look at the description here in this video has the my what's up contact calls me
there let's talk with the latest values for your demand I love
helping people to convey their great message to the world behind that
I studied for this I prepared myself to be with a lot of love and you liked a like if
you liked it and think people can benefit from this content too
share what we see in the next super kiss video

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