Rank Higher on Google Using Google Maps Service

Google Maps Service by Frederick Webb Digital Marketing

Rank Higher on Google Using Google Maps Service


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Ranking higher on Google in searches can be achieved rather quickly when you use a competent Google maps service. The true power of using Google maps service to optimize your business’ listing lies in the power of two things: (1) the wildfire-like growth of searches on mobile devices coupled with the fact that (2) mobile devices are GPS-location based devices. Understand?

In fact, the main reason Google has tailored its results to cater to mobile users more and more, has everything in the world to do with their creation of the Google My Business platform. The Google My Business platform is the key that opens the doors to more visibility on Google and more customer traffic from Google.

Your ability to be more visible is first and foremost enhanced by you claiming and properly optimizing your GMB listing. Once you have properly “informed” GMB about the details of your business (business hours, website, NAP, etc), being found on associated platforms (Google Maps, Google Places, Events, etc.) becomes much, much easier.

About Google Maps Service and Neighborhoods [Google maps service]

You may recall a few short years ago, there were people making noise in various parts of the country about those funny little Google cars criss-crossing the nation collecting data. Well, one of the things that data collection effort on Google’s part produced “new” neighborhoods. So now, when you search Google Maps (on desktop), you will see how Google has either reaffirmed existing neighborhoods, renamed some, and/or totally created others out of nothing. This was the creation of what we now call Google Neighborhoods. Google maps service is built around the work of those funny looking little “Google cars”.

Google Maps Service by Frederick Webb Digital Marketing
This map shows my area with labels created by Google [google maps service]. The greyed out names are the neighborhoods by name.

The idea of getting your business to dominate its competition comes down to “how many neighborhoods has your business listing claimed?” In a nutshell that’s what it comes down to. Google maps service is how this is done.

If I am promoting a landscaping business through the Google maps service, I am going to make sure to transmit specific data to Google maps that assures that whenever mobile searches for “landscaping near me” in the areas I am targeting for that landscaping client, appear on at least the first page if not in the actual Google 3-Pack.

And because, at this time (late May 2019), this Google map service strategy is not being used by your competitors provides exciting opportunities for you to rank better than just about all your competition–except those paying for ads. But the funny thing about listings that show AD is, people almost automatically dismiss them and they don’t even start clicking until “after” the ads. Think about your own search behavior. Ring a bell?

So if you are looking for an alternative way to rank higher in Google search results and you do not wish to keep paying for clicks and getting flat to lukewarm results, you might want to investigate whether your business is a candidate for this Google maps service strategy.

How Long Before You See Results Using Google Maps Service?

Time for results can vary depending upon the approach a company might use. Our approach is only one of many so I hesitate to speak for other SEO companies or SEO freelancers. We have been able too see results sometimes as fast as hours and we are ecstatic over it. However, we promise our clients results within 14-days and usually produce them within 3-7 days. This has been what we have experienced thus far. Promising 14 days allows us to under-promise and over-deliver. 

What About The Cost for Google Map Services?

Cost can vary based upon the provider and their business model. At Frederick Webb Digital Marketing, we use the pay-for-results model instead of charging upfront. With that being said, a typical setup fee for Google Maps service can range from $995 to $2,000 with a monthly fee ranging from $495 and up.

Our model allows a business to experience results before being charged using a 14-day trial period model. 

For more information or further questions, call 512-488-6373 or book a time to talk here .

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