Qual è il MIGLIORE corso di DIGITAL MARKETING online?

The truth is that there is no ABSOLUTE perfect Digital Marketing course, but there is the perfect Digital Marketing course for each of us. Hello wonders and welcome to this new video! I am Federica and on my channel I share how to make a positive impact in life and work through personal growth, creativity and digital! If you are not part of this family yet, I recommend you sign up by clicking on the red button below and activate the notifications to receive updates on new videos! Today we are talking about Digital Marketing courses and in particular about online courses and the aim of this video is to answer the question: which online course should I choose? which is the best among those offered on the market? Personally I believe that the online courses present today are all quite different from each other and therefore suitable for different needs. That is why, once a certain level of basic quality has been satisfied, I do not believe that there is the BEST course ever, but the best one for a certain profile and certain needs.

This is the reason why in my path I have interfaced with different platforms and, as YouTuber who also deals with topics related to digital I decided to collaborate with multiple platforms and not limit myself to forging "exclusive" partnerships, precisely because I think that each platform is different and meets particular needs and my goal is not to elect the best but rather to offer an overview of those that I myself consider valid, highlighting their differences and their strengths. In this video, therefore, we will see 5 platforms that I particularly appreciated and that meet the needs of different audiences (students, young workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs), even beginners.

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