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MACIEK: hi my specify is Maciek and I work on Google Web Designer Today I’m going to show you how to publish imaginatives to Display& Video 360 First I’m going to select the artistic that I want to publish You can propel the Publish dialog by snap the Publish button inthe top right corner of the app You can also go to the File menu and clickPublish Here you can configure your publish imaginative For this demo I’m goingto leave most of these options alone You will need to designate a PartnerAdvertiser and imaginative honour Now you can search either by ID or by thePartner name If you don’t see project partners or advertiser you miss contact your executive After you’ve chosen a Partner Advertiser and creative list you can publish your artistic to Display& Video 360 exactly click the Publishbutton a dialog will appear and will resolve formerly the imaginative has been uploaded once your creative has been uploaded you can see it in Display& Video 360 under the Creatives tab Now that your inventive originally published a associate icon will be indicated in the Publish menu This meant that your innovative islinked to a artistic in Display& Video 360 The next time that youopen the Publish dialog project partners advertiser and inventive figure will all be filled out for you If you wish to publish to a different marriage advertiser or under a different inventive specify click the link icon in the Publishmenu Thank you for watching! For all of your Google Web Designer needs please check out our YouTube channel for more tutorials

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