Press Packs: Getting on the good side of journalists

In our creative link-building campaigns, the role of a designer at Distilled extends beyond that of just designing the campaign page itself. Among the list of our other responsibilities, a lesser-known task on our to-do list is creating and compiling a press pack of assets.

Why send press packs?

Press packs contain the visual material our Outreach & PR specialists send out to journalists as part of the pitching process. Journalists are busy people, so the more ready-to-use material we can offer, the more they’ll consider covering and writing about the campaign.

We recommend sharing press packs using something like a Dropbox folder link with very clear file names and a sensible folder structure. This means you can link out to the pack instead of sending large email attachments, which are rarely welcomed. You’ll soon understand how the folder size racks up when you take into account all that’s included… Read More

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