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– Hey everyone! This is Self Made Millennial. I'm Madeline Mann. Today you'll learn how to post on LinkedIn to get your best possible
level of engagement. These are tactics that
are noticeably different from other video platforms, especially number five. Doing that has as much as 6x'ed the amount of comments
I get on a single video. I was named a top 50 person
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So I coached several YouTubers whose videos did well on YouTube but fell flat on LinkedIn, and gave them these five tips, and through several simple tweaks they saw their views and engagement double, triple, quadruple over time. So now it's your turn. Tip number one. The first frame acts as a thumbnail. Now this is true except
for on a company page you can actually upload a thumbnail there but on your personal LinkedIn I recommend taking a screenshot of you looking good, or creating a free thumbnail on Canva.

Download it and then put it as your first fraction of a second clip for your video. .01 seconds will do. Tip number two, decide on your content. I've seen three main categories of video content that perform pretty well. The first is motivational. You know, reach for the stars! If you can dream it you can do it! I'm not very good at motivational talks. So I'll leave that to
you and Tony Robbins. Second, teach something. Exhibit eight, this video. Teaching, giving advice. And third, share a perspective. So you can tell a story, talk about a lesson you've learned, or give an opinion. All three of these types work well when executed correctly. And so really pay attention to what your audience responds to, especially to what gets people commenting and conversing. Test different types of content, everything is an experiment on LinkedIn, and see what resonates, and then double down and do more of it.

What types of content are you interested in posting on LinkedIn? Let me know in the comments. Also, to get the full down-low on posting on LinkedIn, if you're watching this video then you for sure want to go back and watch my video on posting on LinkedIn. I get messages every day on LinkedIn from people who see that video and it helped them learn a lot. All the advice in that video is totally fresh from this advice so you're going to want to watch both. Tip number three, jump
straight into your message of your video and grab their attention. Don't introduce yourself. Don't say what you're about to talk about. Just start talking. On YouTube, it's different because people usually search for advice on a topic, and then they watch the video to get an answer to their question, and therefore they appreciate a little summary at the beginning to make sure that they
click the right video.

On LinkedIn, they did not
search for your advice. Okay, they're just scrolling,
stumbling upon your stuff. So they are going to keep scrolling if you don't say something snappy. Tip number four, add captions. On LinkedIn when you're scrolling you have to click to hear the audio, and LinkedIn has done studies to show that the majority of people, especially on mobile, do not listen to the audio of a video on LinkedIn. So your visuals should say it all. That means captions are your friend. I have two recommendations for you, one of them is free and the other is not but is better in my opinion. The free option is to upload
your video to YouTube, and then it auto-generates
captions for you. They will still need to be edited by you with punctuation and making sure it's actually saying the right words. But it's a lot faster than you writing out these captions all by yourself setting the timings from complete scratch.

So, edit them on YouTube, then download the file and add it to your editing software. This is faster than you having to type it all out yourself and it times it nicely for you. And the paid option I use is Rev to write all my captions. I upload the video and a real human goes through and captions it for me at a very reasonable price. I think that's pretty neat and I will also share their link in the description. Tip number five, write
great standalone copy. You must do this tip! It makes all the difference. Okay? So, when you post a video you still get 1300 characters to, you know, write a little summary. Treat this practically
like it's its own post where people would still get something out of this summary without even watching your video. The bottom line is not everyone is gonna watch your video or they will only watch some of it.

This extra copy that you write allows them to still comment on the post because then they get more context, which will then drive more traffic and more views to the video. See this tip in action on LinkedIn. I'll have my LinkedIn profile
link in the description and so you can connect with me, see how I do this. But also put in your connection message "Your LinkedIn Video Tips Sent me" so that I make sure to
actually connect with you. Because if you don't add that message I might dismiss your request on accident, sorry. I also have an in-depth course on how to become a thought leader on LinkedIn. I pull out all the stops, I give all of my top tips. I mean it goes over the top post topics and formats that get
the greatest engagement, tweaks to your posts that lead to thousands more views, and how to then convert this engagement into a massive opportunity for you.

I'll provide a link to sign up to hear more information, and I can also get you on a free webinar that takes kind of the information that we've learned in this video and just completely
expounds on it a lot more. So, you'll find that
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