Podcast #06: Erfolgreiches Content Marketing mit der richtigen Zielsetzung (Teil 2 von 7)

Mirum Talks, the Online Marketing Podcast. This week with: Successful content marketing with the right goals. If our last podcast convinced you and you are just as enthusiastic how are we for content marketing, then you should now ask yourself the question which goals of content marketing for your company as well are effective? Many companies find this difficult. And according to a recent study, the goal of content is for many marketers Marketing, as well as the objectives for individual channels, are completely unclear.

How do you want to get a feel for the effectiveness of content marketing in Your communication mix? It is therefore extremely important to have the goals Your content marketing program on both your company and yours Marketing goals are coordinated. Likewise, you need to be specific and measurable Include metrics for individual channels that will help you improve your content marketing To control and optimize the program on an ongoing basis. This is the only way you can with the support of your colleagues from other marketing Functions or even the management. Lots of avid content marketers make the mistake of being operational Get started with digital marketing metrics. That's not a good idea. When you meet with your team or your agency, then first of all make sure that everyone knows your company goals and understand. Everyone needs to know what the company is into this quarter or year. This is the only way you can decide what is expedient in content marketing is and what is nice, but not target-oriented.

Of from here it should be easy for you to derive the marketing objectives and to set them understand the contribution your marketing makes to the company's success. If you The company aims to achieve more deals with new or existing customers then does marketing have to contribute? Improve the conversion funnel? More Reach website visitors at the beginning of their buying process? Website visitors bring back to the page? These goals justify their investment and show why marketing is doing what it is doing right now.

Only now can you Derive the extent to which content marketing is used to achieve the marketing goals must contribute. When you have more people in the early stages of the buying process want to achieve, which is very useful, since a large part of the When making a purchase decision, your content marketing must focus on these people be focused on more general topics that move your industry or that are current Linking trends. If you use content marketing to improve customer relationships want to strengthen is the number of returning website visitors relevant. The target group is defined much more narrowly. You need to know about that think about it in good time.

Starting from these content marketing goals You need to be a tad more operational and familiar with pure digital metrics deal. These are then the levers of the channel managers, to track the path on the home straight and where possible To react to deviations immediately. This is then, for example, about Rankings of your subpages in the search engines. "Organic Search Visits" – Are you even reaching new website visitors using Google search? Branded vs. "Non-Branded Visits": Traffic that includes your branded keyword versus traffic with a purely thematic reference. A start page is more likely to get branded Traffic, with thematic subpages such as blog articles, wikis or infographics are more likely to have unbranded traffic.

It is important to know which subpages Your website will have more branded traffic and which ones are more likely to have one thematic context. This is the only way you can get a model for that Develop traffic distribution on your landing pages. Search volume: Those who want to increase their brand's reputation on the web or just want to have more branded search traffic, you should keep an eye out here and accurately measure increases or decreases in this type of search traffic. And Links – Keep track of the number of links on your website Eye and measure how good the quality of the linking sources is. To grab Do multipliers point out your topics and refer to you in this way? You see there is many possibilities and indicators for the success of content marketing. Around To make things easier for you, I'll illustrate mine Explanations using two specific examples.

Company A aims to increase sales with new customers by 30 percent in 2018. Marketing recognizes that a very good contribution to Achieving goals lies in addressing customers who have never been in the Category and first started solving the problem thematically approach and do a lot of research on the Internet with the right approach through suitable content, many of these "leads" have been able to converted into customers. A suitable goal here can be "increase of website traffic for new customers by 50 percent in 2018 " You focus on content that is suitable to attract new customers to your company to introduce them and develop them into customers. This can be great Derive digital metrics, such as the increase in organic search traffic by 70 percent in 2018 or increase in unbranded website traffic by 70 percent in 2018. Your content analysis will show you which content is suitable and only in this you invest. The skill be special blog articles or eBooks that cover the respective topic. For each piece of content, you can measure exactly how well it ranks in the search results often it is shared on social media and how many links it generates. The is not rocket science, but consistently from the marketing goals derived.

My second example revolves around a completely different objective. Company B aims to increase customer loyalty by 5 percent, Increase profits by 25 percent. Marketing realizes that for that it is necessary to be in regular contact with customers and to add value Offer. For example through webinars that show how to use the products or Best uses of services and what tricks there are to get more performance achieve. Or consistent newsletters with Advice, tips, and "how-to" articles, as well as helpful e-books that your Customers can download it for free on your website. The more you give to To inspire your customers, the more your customers will give you back. That can be measured very well with a goal á la "increases in number Returning website visitors by 50 percent in 2018 ". Or an increase in Conversion rate from newsletter subscribers to webinar participants. If once the customers get used to continuous communication then you can also use this access to find suitable offers to draw attention and thus to realize follow-up business. If you Keep your content marketing goals clean from your business and marketing goals derive, then you have the chance with your content marketing to make a comprehensible contribution to the company's success.

This will increase interest in your work within the company and your budget too. That was Mirum Talks for this week. Next week we will continue with part 3 of our series "Content Marketing for SMEs". Do well and until then!.

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