Pattern Interrupts in video marketing

hello and welcome to episode 211 of the video show today we're talking about pattern interrupts so firstly what is a pattern interrupt a pattern interrupt is a way of interrupting someone's pattern so when we talk about that in terms of video you're talking about how do you make your videos stand out amongst all the other videos and that's why I've tried to do that's hopefully why you're still watching this video because of the start this video you saw that I had a giant head and the reason I did that was to give you an example of what a pattern interrupt is so how you can get people from the very start from seeing your family out of your video to get them to click English to get in to watch the rest of your video the reason why this is so important is because there's so many videos now on social media people just sort of judge videos straight away by their thumbnails they'll watch you're a few for a few seconds and if you haven't got their interests straight away bang they're off on to the next thing especially where you're watching this on LinkedIn it's so easy just to scroll past and scroll past them and watch the next thing go through the next thing go to the next thing it's so easy to do that but to get attention what I think you need to do is grab someone grab the viewer right away with a pan interrupts right at the start to get them to watch your video so I've been thinking about what other examples a pattern interrupts are and here are a few that I came up with the first one I thought of is titles and that is straight away to use titles big and bold in the middle screen to get people to engage with your content straight away if you're just talking to if I'm just talking to you like I am now and there's nothing really else going on you might get bored you might click through onto something else so if you bang some titles in there straight away people might stay watching for a little bit longer the second is to use other colors in terms of your videos so if you use things like black and white instead of color that straight away is going to give grab people's attentions because overwhelmingly a lot of the other videos that all color so if you bang some black and white in there straight away it's going to catch their eye it's going to get them thinking that's different it's going to get to watch the video and then it's up to you to keep them watching the video and finally you can do something weird something out of the ordinary like I did with my massive head at the start of this video that will keep up keep people engaged they'll get people clicking for and watching your content and then it's up to you to keep people engaged with your video to give them something valuable to listen to to watch to make sure they come along for the next video so they keep an eye out for you because I found that with video if you're doing it regularly enough people will get to know who you are and what you're about people will feel that they know you before they've even met you and that's why video is so powerful so I hope that you've got some good ideas about what good pattern interrupts are I'd love to hear some more of your pattern interrupt ideas so please do post them in the comments below and I will see you next time at the episode 212 – 1 – 212 bye

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