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hello friends this is Toby and Layla coming to you from work with Toby anila calm and today we're shooting this video on the article submitter now Layla and I do a lot of article marketing really that's one of our dishes with in MLM and we've been able to develop a very very big buzz or a very big presence online in a matter of months maybe two months by using article marketing now our good friend David worked was the one that actually showed us this process when he did a webinar for MLM lead system Pro if you haven't checked that I would give us a show and we'll email it to you it's absolutely amazing he's a phenomenal guy so yet the step-by-step process that we use on a day-to-day basis to rank on Google and the other search engines pretty much overnight actually some of the key words that we use we're on the same day other the next night other a few obviously a few days later we want to show you here just some of the keywords that were ranked for you can see is right here with three million competing sites another key word here we're right at the top and that's our article right there this is 5 million competing sites and then another one here here is great at the top with just under 3 million competing sites now the reason that we're showing you this is because it's great to go out and market but you need to be you need to be focused what you're doing you need to know exactly what you're doing and be very targeted now when Layla and I say oh we knew exactly what what to do we were to rank for keywords that people were searching for and we want to bring them back to our blog that you see here and we're very focused on that and that's what we did and that's why we've had so much success with it so we're going to show you the tool that we use every day in order to get those fantastic google results and get such high traffic to the blog another thing that I show you guys before we leave the blog here is when we first posted this blog how long ago would you say that is maybe a month about him about a little over a month ago we were ranked five or six five or six million on the alexa google ranking and now you can see we have made quite a jump and a lot of you guys are going to hear the term backlinks and backlinks will improve your rankings on Google and they have caused our numbers to just skyrocket I mean you're in the top 200 visited site 200,000 visited sites on Google outer that's across the globe and then also number 39 thousand last week our blog back to 39,000 most traveled site in the u.s.

So you can see the numbers they are absolutely fantastic them and how how much better would your business be looking if you could have 100 200 300 400 visitors to your site a date you know those are the numbers that were putting out and it's not hard we're going to give you exactly what we do for free in this video series so we're going to move over here to the automatic article submitter now this piece of software is absolutely incredible there's going to be a link after watching this on our blog so you can buy it right away if not just give us an email and we'll point in the direct right direction to buy it so we can get you the discount off of it too so you don't have to pay the regular price now you can see here this is setting up a pen name Leila's going to do a video tomorrow to show you exactly how to set up a pen name and the accounts these are all the of the directories which the article submitter submits to so look at all those places that your article is going to be now the reason that we've been able to have such big success fast quickly is because when we write an article we don't put on our blog and then leave it out in the middle of nowhere for no one to get to imagine you rate a piece of content put on your blog it might be a great article but you have no bridges coming over to that desert island now what the articles of matter does is build a ton of bridge as you can see here how many bridges it builds for individuals to not only find your article there to come back to your original post on your blog but then also Google and all the search engines see that all these sites have an original piece of content all pointing back to your ball now what we mean by that is when we do a post here on the blog well this will be our first step is posting on the blog here and then creating a hyperlink and then what we'll do is we'll take this hyperlink here and then in every article that we write that we want to rank for that article obviously we will point that piece of content back to that link so i want to show you guys just what we mean by let me say original content because that is the beauty of this article submitter it actually allows you so let's take this recent article that we just created this morning and as you'll see for each sentence if when you highlight the sentence actually highlight all of them that they come up and you can show them pivot on ok ok here so as you can see for each little part of the sentence told me and I rewrite it at least three times and what this does is you can see throughout our article it creates variations of each sentence so that every single article that is submitted is different than the next and that's really where you're getting the huge rankings on Google because they see 200 unique pieces of content out there all pointing back to your blog right and this is something as we those same there you know we we point all those pieces of original content that are going out point them back to our blog you can see the link here that that point back to our blog and then also we like to have between two to three links in our signature box now the signature box can make or break you you need to learn how to write a good I'm compelling intriguing signature box so someone flows through your article and then immediately flex on the links are the best way to do that is not to talk in third person when we first got started we were doing that we noticed that after we've made the switch to this method our click rates went up by twenty twenty-five percent but Toby and I are going to go through all the specifics of writing the article doing the signature box and submitting the article to all these sites on our third series third video in this series yes so once you file retinue it out you know you put your keywords your title as Leila said we'll go through that then you come here and this will show you you know the words how many times the keywords your ranking for is being used for out and then also you come to duplicate content and this is something that's really wicked you can press the we spin button two three four how many times you like and then always spend them and then hit compare and it will just show you an a percentage what the duplicate content is which is absolutely incredible there's no other articles about like this it's it's fantastic and here's just you know suggestions on signatures and save signatures that we've used so yeah these are some of the articles that we've been obviously we've done over the two months you can see we haven't written that many when you think about it you know for for the month sorry that we've been doing it for the blog we haven't really written that many so from from layla and I you know this is a fantastic tool that we would obviously we benefits on fantastically and we think you will too if you're doing some sort of content marketing Layla is going to do another video tomorrow to show you how exactly to set up the accounts and the site groups and stuff and then I'll jump in with Layla and then we'll write an hour live and show you how to submit and everything so yeah if you're watching this on the blog I give us a show if you want to buy it there's going to be a link below as I said before we'll give you the discounted price yeah so from Toby and Leila have a fantastic day and we'll see you at the top

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