Oxford Digital Marketing Disruptive Strategy Programme | Trailer

in the world of marketing we're constantly talking about technology and digital but what does this all really mean how are you actually going to make sense of these forces of disruption so that you can turn challenges into opportunities in your business in this fast-moving landscape where there's a lot of change taking place we need to really focus on developing our strategic thinking skills [Music] the Oxford digital marketing disruptors strategy program is designed for professionals who really need to be out ahead of the curve on all things digital and technology related when it comes to the field of marketing we've brought some of the world's greatest marketing thinkers into this program as guests so they can share their practical expertise from accumulated decades of experience in marketing and dealing with digital transformation the idea of this program is to give you the best of both worlds in your quest in your mission to get up to speed on the latest in digital marketing thinking so join us for the Oxford digital marketing disruptive strategy program and get ready for the future of marketing [Music]

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