Do you feel like you don't have
as much to offer when it comes to marketing
your business and talking about yourself? In today's video we're
throwing comparisons out the door and we're gonna
help you own your story! Let's go! So we are in the series talking about Content That Converts. Now part of that is owning
your story.

And if you're not
willing to own your story that spells disaster. And like I always say ain’t
no body got time for that. Call me out in the comments
for what I'm about to say but I don't always
agree with Gary Vee I know. He’s gonna diagree
with Gary Vee. Well I do from time to time. Gary was talking to one
of his pupils and the gentleman
that he was talking to said something about
the quality of his content, that he wasn't really
confident in talking about his story or talking on video
because he didn't feel like it was high enough quality.

And Gary ask a brilliant
question and he said according to who? And the guy of course
said Well according to me. Just because you may think
that your content isn't high quality doesn’t mean that the
next guy isn't going to think that it's high quality. So what a lot of times
when it comes to content and branding we like to emulate
or even like regurgitate what other people are doing. But hey not every wheel has to
look the same. At least put some new rims
on it. If you think about other
YouTubers like Peter McKinnon… What's up everybody?
Peter McKinnon — What's up everybody?
Peter McKinnon here. What's up everybody?
Peter McKinnon here. What's up everybody? What's up? The reality is is that he
brought something new to the table and part of
that was because it was his story. He owned his story so he
brought something new to the YouTube world. And people caught wind of that
and absolutely loved it.

So Bobby let's talk about
a three step plan that we have to help our
audience so that they can tell their story. Yeah. So the first one has to do
with expectations. And so often we come
in with 1) great intentions and then 2)
even greater expectations. But the problem is we're
telling people we have been working on this project
for for eight years.

It's going to be big
it's going to be big. So part of managing
expectations especially when it comes to your
audience under promising and over delivering.
Number two, creating content doesn't have
to be so formal. I get it. We are in this nice studio
and stuff. Guess what? We have a whole
bunch of outtakes. You know it will be flawless.
Yeah right. There are some flaws but we want
to be authentic. We want to be humble
and it's like it comes back to that we are right. We want to put new rims
on the wheel like Jeff you're not Apple. We love
Apple products. We're not Apple. You like coke.
I drink water.

Diet Coke. Be you and be humble because no
one likes to be a prideful person or no one likes to talk
to a prideful person. And same with the business.
Like be authentic, be you, stay humble. An offshoot of authenticity
is drama. Some of the clients that we work
with don't feel like their story is dramatic enough. So I actually had a phone
call with a potential client. She was coming out with a book
and she wanted a video project and we
were talking about you know telling her story
and owning her story. And that's where she faltered
and she said You know I don't I don't
have a story. Well that's not true. And she's like You know
I I didn't lose a leg.

I'm not an Olympic athlete. And I am like but you wrote
a book. Like how many people can
say that they wrote a book? And it's this unwillingness
to really look inside yourself I think is what gets
in the way of telling a story
about yourself. So we're going to go
through this. Let's just let's just do this. We're just going to list
off three things about each other that we probably don't
know or that you don't know and there's a story around.
So I'll go first. My wife and I actually like to
listen to Post Malone.

Yeah I know. Yeah we do that. It's like that you just have
to turn down the volume every so often. Yeah yeah yeah. I'm a huge
sneaker head. I wear a size 12. Something else about me I'll
binge watch Netflix for weeks. I love watching TV
and if I get stuck on a show I want to watch it all
the way in for consistency. All. Right. Your turn. You are. I am a huge nerd when it comes
to camera gear. Like beyond. I can sit there for hours
and just like watch 20 videos on one camera. And I'm just a nerd in general. As I adjust my glasses.
Put out a lot of things. Oh and the last thing I actually
like cowboy boots.

Never. I never thought I would
say that but I actually like cowboy boots. You can hear him coming down
the hallway some days and then wait for the Spurs
to jingle too. I would probably rock a pair
of spurs, too. So look at the stories
then that we could talk about with each other
or to others just around that that you know
you you when you talk about for example like let's
just pick on cowboy boots. What Bobby says hey you know
I got this pair of cowboy boots I'm just
rocking them lately and I love them.

There's probably going
to be a group of people out there like you know
what I like to wear cowboy boots too. Or I like to
binge on Netflix. When we share our stories, when we share these things
about us that maybe other people don't know we're
going to find some commonalities. I mean Bobby and I
are practically brothers. We look so much alike, but the more that we talk
to each other we do find these commonalities. We find these things
that we are so much alike on and we find these things
that we are so different on. But it's awesome to hear
his story and I'm sure it's awesome to hear my story. Yeah absolutely. Everybody has a story
you gotta own that. So there's no better place
to look at your story than to talk about what happened
to you in 2020.

I mean we had the pandemic, we had all of the
political strife, we had businesses
that were really hurt by the pandemic. So whether you caught
the virus or your business was impacted by it. There there's a story right
there. But you know what? There's another story that you
can tell and that's how you crawled out of 2020.
Right. A good story always
has conflict. But a good story always
has resolution. So your story for 2021
could be your dedication to crawling out of 2020
and going forward in a positive motion for 2021. Jeff out here
preaching everybody. Jeff you know what time it is? Is it time for one
of those catchphrases? It’s time for one of those catch
phrases which is hit with that bonus
valuable content, that value bomb! So the bonus valuable content
this week is about seeing your story almost like a child. You know like Bobby said
even even yourself by putting your story out there
for the world to hear and understand, the more that you do
that the more it's going to mature the more that this can
become an even better story that you're going
to find people are going to not only enjoy your
story but they're going to merge with your story.

They're going to tell you hey
that sounds a lot like my story. And then you're going
to begin to develop relationships and you're going
to find customers that maybe come to your business
because their story is like your story. Now guys we are coming
to the end of this video. I always say this. Make sure that you like
comment subscribe. Ring the bell to get notified
and when you're in the comment section maybe leave a comment
about like what is holding you back from telling your
story. And you know what. That's what we do. Jeff tell me
about that. Well at Media By JP we help
businesses save their time, their money and their
resources because we come to the table with processes
and we come to the table with different tools to help
our clients tell their story so that their
businesses can thrive. So their customers are happy
because they know where they need to go to find
solutions around products or services.

So we would love to help
you own your story, tell your story and grab
some extra sales by doing so with your clients. Absolutely. This is going to be
the time the year the month the day the hour
the seconds to own your story! Sound check baby talk.
Yo what's up. It's your boy from Run DMC. That came up before
you were born. Fun fact. Run DMC was the first hip hop
artist to collab with the rock band and also the first hip
hop artists to get to shoot you. Sneak in and shoot yo yo.
Oh shoot. Yo yo shoo shoo studio you have
a studio.

No. Okay here's a question
for today. What was that rock group
that first partnered with Run DMC.
I know the answer to. Leave a comment below. Yeah. I mean you know between US
audiences everybody knows that I'm more expressive
than he is. So you know I totally
get why you think he's.

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