Online Marketing Tips 2 – A tip to make sure your emails go into the inbox and not the junk folder.

hey guys how you doing Bryan from three cogs 
marketing here with your daily tips and tools   to help your business and before we get going as 
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so today we've got a little tool that will   help you your emails land in the inbox 
rather than the spam folder it's free,   it's called mail genius and the web address is in 
the description below, and here is how it works,   all right all right so we're on 
like i said great little tool if you're looking   to check and see where your emails are 
going, if they're going to the normal folder   or the spam folder and so here's how you use it 
all right so step one all you need to do is copy this link here or this email address 
here and then if you fire over to the   email account that you want to send it from, 
i've already pre-populated an email here   and just to give you an example and then 
we just paste the email address in here and hit send all right now we just head back into the 
email tester and what we can do is we can   view the results here and hopefully it 
should have sent that test email over   it takes a few seconds guys 15 to 30 seconds   actually.

While we're waiting on that if you could 
do me a massive favor and like this video and ring   the bell subscribe all that carry on it helps. 
All right here we go so we got it we've got um   our Mail Genius score of 88 now ideally you 
want this to be 100 so it's going to tell you   what things are wrong here now if you're not 
an expert guys and you can get your webmaster   to fix this stuff for you, but you know as 
always if you google these things or you   youtube it you're going to find videos to help you 
out and that's not what i'm here for i'm here to   get just give you the little tips so there you 
go that's got a score of 88.

So 88 percent of   the time that's going to land up in the inbox 
and not the spam folder which is pretty cool,   but there's obviously things that i can fix 
there to to to make it work a little better   cool all right well that is that's the tip for 
today guys so we'll see you in the next video.

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