[NEW] Best USB Microphone for Content Creators in 2021! (Rode NT-USB Mini Review)

– I think having a USB mic in your kit is pretty key and essential
if you consider yourself a content creator 'cause
you might find yourself at some point beginning to live stream, maybe you're doing Zoom
calls and things like that or even you wanna start gaming, but some people even
wanna start podcasting and I think the Rode
NT-USB Mini is a great mic to consider when it comes
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So before we get into the features and all that things that
this might comes with which is a lot of things,
let's do a mic check, and so we're gonna transition
from this mic up here to the rode Rode NT-USB
which is what you hear now. This is essentially how they
brand this mic to be used. It's kinda like a tabletop setup and I'm about eight
inches away from the mic, and because this is a condenser mic, it's capturing a very natural sound, and so I could be a
little bit further away and it still sounds pretty
okay, this is also how it sounds as I speak a little bit over it, but if you are conducting a podcast or you are live streaming and you just have the mic right here, this is what it's gonna sound like, let's put this mic on
a boom arm and see how it sounds when you put it
right up against your mouth.

So this is how the Rode NT-USB sounds when you have it on a boom arm like this, this is how actually I use the mic, I've been using this mic and
I've been doing live streams with it from my home office
and this is kinda how I have this setup, but,
anytime you have a mic right up on your mouth,
it's gonna sound better than when it's further
away, just rule of thumb, but, again, this is a condenser mic, so, it has a very natural sound
in the way it picks up its audio and so if I move around, it's not gonna be too bad. Like, if you're gaming
or maybe you're teaching or something like that, or, you know, you're just a little bit further away, it's gonna be a good mic for that use. Now, the reason why I brought this mic is 'cause this is the Samson Q2U, another USB mic that also has an XLR input but costs $75, but this is a dynamic mic, so I just wanna get you
to hear the difference between a condenser mic and a dynamic mic just 'cause if you're in the
market for buying a good mic.

So, this is a condenser
mic and now you're hearing the Samson Q2U which is a dynamic mic, a lot more richer, kinda that podcast, the deep radio voice
that you typically hear and that is a dynamic
mic, and so what's cool about dynamic mix is it does
eliminate more outside noise which is nice, but the plus
side of a condenser mic is just the natural sound. I think overall, it just
sounds kind of cleaner when you have a condenser mic. I think either way you can't go wrong when getting a condenser or dynamic mic, just know that when
you have a dynamic mic, you're gonna need it to
be close to your mouth versus, you know, I had
this Rode on the table just a moment ago and
it sounded pretty great. All that to say, let's
get into the features, we'll keep the rode mic plugged in for the duration of this video,
just so you can get a vibe, and let's talk about some of the features.

The Rode NT-USB Mini
weighs at around 550 grams and I would say just
has good weight to it, it doesn't feel cheap
even though it's $99, definitely feels like you're
getting what you're paying for. There's a built in pop
filter, so there's no need to really put something in
front of it, which is nice. There's also a headphone jack that allows for no latency monitoring,
so if you wanna listen to your voice, or if
you wanna run the audio through your computer
or desktop or laptop. As far as setup goes, this is
probably one of the easiest mics I've ever had to set up
and you just simply plug in the cord it comes with and
plug in USB into your computer, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone and I think it's super
cool that you can use it on a variety of devices,
and so if you wanna conduct a podcast using an iPad
or using your smartphone, you don't have to buy a Zoom recorder or a mixer or things like that.

You can just plug straight
into whatever device you wanna record to and
it's gonna sound awesome. One thing I like about
products that help creators is convenience, and so a lot
of people are just starting out whether that is podcasting or
YouTubing or live streaming, they're just starting out and
they need something simple, I think for how easy it is to set up, this is a perfect mic
for a beginner creator. I know I mentioned a lot of the use cases for a mic like this, but some
notable ones are definitely for instruments and so if you play music, or if you even wanna
record vocals for singing, a mic like this does pretty well.

Now, as far as what you get in the box, you're gonna get the mic itself and it is on a yoke which is
what kinda holds it into place, which is cool, and then it's
gonna come with the USB cable that's gonna be long enough,
it's gonna be a USB-C to USB first-generation or USB two and so you could swap that
out for a USB-C to USB-C if you have a MacBook
Pro maybe an iPad Pro or something like that. You're also gonna get a stand
that the mic could go on, it's kinda like just
the tabletop desk stand and it's magnetic, which is really cool, but if you don't wanna use the stand and you do wanna use the boom arm, they include an adapter screw that'll allow you to screw
onto whatever a thread mount you probably are gonna use
when it comes to putting this on a boom arm. Now, I wanna talk about my
favorite feature about this mic but question for you is
what comparison video do you wanna see this
mic stacked up against? Lemme know down in the comments below, we love making comparison
videos for cameras, microphones, lighting,
and things like that, so, lemme know down in the comments if there's a mic you want
it to see it compared to, but my favorite feature about this mic is the software that they
include now with this mic.

The software that comes
with this mic is called RØDE Connect. You can simply download
it on their website and it reads this mic
automatically when it's plugged into a whatever computer
or laptop you are using and this is just an
intuitive recording interface that is inspired by the
actual RODECaster Pro, so kinda like the way
the RODECaster Pro looks, a $600 device that records
audio is how they design this app which is super cool,
but it gives broadcast style; faders, level metering, a mute button, multi-channel recording and more. So you can think of it
like a digital mixer and you can plug up to
four Rode NT-USB Minis to the app itself and be able to monitor and change the levels to all those mic as well as adding the computer system as an audio channel to the mixer.

So, all that to say, it's just a cool way to record your audio and
have your files organized. So let's say I do a live stream and I want to grab the
audio from that live stream, usually your live stream will
probably crush the bit rate of your audio, but, while I
conducted that live stream, I could have been recording my audio and I can also record the
audio of my guests who came on and it will be a separate track, so when I edit it and post, I can have more flexibility
to add more effects to it and things like that. However, you don't need the app, it's just something that it comes with it, I do wish that this app would
work with any kind of USB mic because of how cool it looks
and also how easy it is to use, however, it only reads for
this mic in particular, the Rode NT-USB Mini.

So all in all, considering
how this mic sounds with the test I did,
talking about the features that connect app that
you get with this mic, I think this is an incredible
mic for a 100 dollars. The features you get with
it, how good it sounds, I do like how simple and sleek
and minimal this mic looks and I wanna know your
thoughts about this mic and what you think it sounds like and if it's something you'd
be picking up as well, but, if you're in the
market and you're looking for the perfect mic for your use case, you might wanna check out
the video on the screen by clicking or tapping
it where I break down the different kinds of
mics for the different kinds of use cases so
that you buy the right mic when you do purchase a
mic, you can check that out and I can't wait to see
you in a future video, peace.

(upbeat music).

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