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So hello everyone Pushkar Raj Thakur this
side and today your wait will over in this video how? you all commented much time
only on one topic, you all want to know that how to choose a right company in network marketing
if you are already in network marketing business and already in company then how to get know
that the company is right or wrong and if today you want to join a company then why
to join it and how to join it how to get know about it that is it right or not I will get
success after join in it or not so in this video I will tell you step by step that what
to check before join any company what should you know before join any company so you will
watch this video till the end by which you will get answer of this question that how
to choose a right company look before start any company you have to check three P's in
the company what are they three P's number one is profile and product and plan you have
check profile product and plan in the company so start with profile you have to join any
company if a boy marry to a girl or a girl marry to a boy then what the family do they
check profile and background they check company background do you know what is the background
of company what I'd the background of girl and how much old work is what the boy do and
from which time he is doing when you join in network marketing you join by ignoring
this see you are marry to a girl you have to stay with her lifetime when you are coming
in a company you also are marrying with it you have to work for many years with company and
because you have to work then you should know the profile of the company this is the number
one thing when did the company start when did it start if the company is started ten
years ago and before fifteen or twenty years and before five years ago you should know
and if the company is started before some time then you should also know, what happens
with this then you have to know that here what is the track record of the company we
can talk to people in the company who are already earning money in the company and you
can talk to their top earners and take advice from people and when we can do it if the company
have track record and if the company is new then you have to check second thing for the
old and for the new company that how Did the company start with which notion company
started and with which concept this company was started why did the company started that
the person want to just started network marketing the company I will earn money and he really wants to actually help people he had some amazing products about he want
to share and he choose the concept of network marketing what was the psychology of founder
what was the process how it get started what is the reason behind that such a big company
started in which you want to work now if you get answer if these two things then the third
thing you should know what are the future plan of the company and what the company is
thinking for forward what have to do every company has a visions you should know company
Vision you will understand by vision that where the company will reach because in your
growth is hidden in it if the company will grow then you will also grow so if you want to
be grow join with the company where you can see these things do what are that things first
when did company start and what will get to know we will know about track record so what
was the second thing that how the company started what was the process what was the
starting how did the company start and the third reason what you want to know what are
the future plans of Company what are the plan these three things you will get to know about
profile then you will take a decision actually now you can take the decision that you want to
join or not now you have to check some figures with these three things what are these figures
the first figure if the company is running from five years then what was the turnover for
last five years the turnover in going up or going down if it is going up then company
is growing and people are liking company products and people are liking company plans so if
you will work in this type of company which is growing then you will also grow and if
a company whose graph us coming down then what is happening not liking the product and
have a problem in plan so you have join in a company which is growing so with the growth
you will also grow now we will talk about plan now if I will talk about plan so don't
only see plan do not look at that what you need to look at I am telling you there are
three types of plan first plan is company friendly marketing plan means if you will
join in company and after join you will purchase product and give money the most benefit is
of company and this is the first type of plan which is called company friendly market plan
second is upline friendly marketing plan you will join your upline will get more benefits
then you so if the upline is getting benefit what are the plans they are the upline friendly
marketing plan and third type of plans are distributors friendly marketing plan you are
joining benefit will be yours now how will you get to know this that I will join and
benefit will be mine his will you get know in this, you need to check that what percent
of turnover, the company is distributing it means if the company"s Hundred rupees product will be sold then how much percent it is distributing from hundred percent see it is clear that
every product has margin I purchased a watch of rupees fifty thousand it's manufacturing
cost In the company is rupees twenty five hundred and five thousand means ten percent
or fifteen percent manufacturing cost it have but the else will be distributed the profit
of company will come and have to give money for advertisement have to give money to distributors
to retailer and to wholesalers so the money is distributing it also distributes in network
marketing what is the costing of a product twenty percent or fifty percent and after
this money will distribute after it how much company is earning and how much it is distributing
we have to check it so we have to see it that what we have to ask when a person showing
you plan of company and if you are already joined the see if sell of product is rupees
hundred then how much amount is distributed if the money is distributing less than fifty
percent then there is s problem then here it is not important that distributors should
be friendly one more point I will tell you by which you will get to know that plan distributor
is friendly or not alright now here comes the Third point which is you have to check
that is products what are the products if company now what you have to check in products
that talk point wise that the first thing you have to check that is the product or service
in the company will their repeat orders come and it will sold only one time see company
sell laptop that one person will purchase how many times laptop one Time maximum one
time in two year's if your company is selling microwave I purchase one microwave in three
years then repeat orders will not come then how can money will come regularly in business
by only make people join so we need that products which regularly make their value and orders
continuously come people will need them if they are consumable products then it is best
if their repeat orders will come and if services then they uses services regularly then the
first thing you have to check in the company that what is the frequency of the products
if once we sell it and then when the second order will come alright the second thing is
you have to see that the products in network marketing and the services in network marketing
have some USPS they have some unique selling points now we have to check unique selling
proposition that what is unique in it what is in the product which make it special what
the product of your company and the company you want to join see the products if the company
they have USPS if it have then it is good and if not then think because I will tell
you many points check that it is important or not third thing results of products are
necessary if the results will not come which products we are using then it give at least
some advantages what are the results and benefit of it we have to check benefit see the products
in our company have benefits and results if yes it is very nice you get a extra point
again now fourth thing you have to see that the product of your company is in market also
same to same and if it also get in market then it will not be unique product should be
extraordinary that it should be special it could not get in market it has to be special
then people will purchase it and the fifth point is that the product price should be
reasonable according to quality and if the quality is good then price also good but if
it has not quality and price is also high then may be your company is bluffing it is
doing wrong so we have check these five things in the product if the products are good and
the thing I told you and in this you saw that repeat orders will come it's has USP and results
are also coming there are not any product in the market and price is also reasonable
then you also want to use this product and you will also tell it to others so I am telling
you a check you have to see that all these things how will you check it is my small
question if the answer to this question is yes then move forward then you qualify actually
the products of the company and the question is if you were not in MLM you were not in network
marketing then you will continuously use the same product which your company will sell
will use it continuously if the answer is yes then the products are very good because if
you were not in MLM then you also used this Product people who are not in MLM will also
use these products because if they will use it then your products are good actually you
have to trust on them and take your business ahead will it go then we check three things
first profile product and plan when these three things get checked and work done on
it then fourth point is come and what is that fourth point I told you that how we will check
distributors friendly that our marketing plan in distributors friendly or not it will check
by fourth point which is the is there equal opportunity for you to be a top earner to
earn money means if you join this company today and you want to join any company and
you also joined can you become a top earner In the company can you earn the most money
we don't care that who came first we are joining today can I earn money more than him the answer
is yes than the company is right because the Company gives equal opportunity to everyone
that anyone can earn most if this point have in your company then your company is right
fifth point you have to see that in the company you are joining and you have joined then there
are not bulk purchases in the company is not much investment is being made to see if much
investment is being made then I am telling you here a check why people work in network
marketing because investment is not much here and most people can come in it by investing
less and can build big business if more investment is being made by you then check here that
is it Ponzi scheme because it is not like in Network marketing that any person can have
to do big investment if he have to investment then it is wrong with then it is against I.D.S.A
norms it is not according India direct selling association if big investment in company then
it is Ponzi then it is not legal then the company is not right then you have to check
that does more money is being invested here that come and invest money it isn't like
this if money is being invested then it is not right now the sixth thing you have to
check is culture of the company you don't have join now very nice you go inside company
and check its culture did here people are forcing to be joined and actually after joining
he will also get the support he will also be carried forward check here what is happening
is he getting opportunity or exploitation it has to be checked that what
is happening after joining that person he is made to grow or not what is the culture what
is the psychology of the people only to get Money out of the pocket but also want to help
people by helping people by product or opportunity or to get money only that we just want to
be rich.

If the culture is not right then don't join
I am telling you because you will also do the same because you are not liking it then
tomorrow prospect also won't like it so join any other company if already this
is happening in your company then you can think about it now the seventh point it is
major see you move ahead in network marketing because you get training and support in network
marketing we can't move ahead without training and support we need support and also need
training now you have to check that how will get training and support how much you will
get the person who is joining how much capable he is how much he will help you on-field and
support how much skilled he is about company training only about a product on which training is going on is there are skilled based training and if not teaching skills
and all the things have then the company is right no doubt company is right because it
is not necessary that in every company leaders know that skills on which we are taking about
they know but may be he is not doing trainings and they don't know subconsciously about it
that how to so training they have skills in it and have uplines inside but the company
who are doing good their upline know many things but look I know thousand of things
you will come in front of me and may be I couldn't think what you needed but the need is
of skills now if skilled training is not happening in your life meetings are happening
only on products and only on plans and on profile it happens everywhere but if skills
are not taught then the person will fail he will not move ahead so you don't need to
panic if you are on this channel and watching this video I am Train people professionally
I'm network marketing in all over India in the different companies I am a professional
skilled trainer because on the skills there are not even one trainer In the marketing
nor even a one trainer in the network marketing who can teach skills people don't know what
to say on skills and who are openers what are the opener who are ice breaker how can
you rapport formation do what are they psychological tricks people don't know that how to make
joining in network marketing yes it can be learned and from where you will get to learn
this is what I tell you if now you can't afford my trainings which are my personal training
they are very expensive I am telling you but what you can do I have made things easy to
each and every person who wants to be work in network marketing how much easy it get
that you can take my training by sitting at home and I am ready to mentor you continuosly
if you want to move forward in network marketing if you want to be a millionaire I will help
you how will I have launched a course for all the persons who are in network marketing
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by step, I'll take you up the ladder one by one you will learn all the skills that you
can make join people immediately and then you will teach it in your team and if you
made momentum then what will happen snowball the effect will come Money will come but when
you develop skills business is made by skills not by talks not by motivation if you retail
then money will come no you need to learn by which recruitment can happen so I am ready
to teach you in this course which is bang on network marketing that how to explode in
network marketing you are here to play a small game have you here to earn less money you
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