Mit Videos Ihr Zielpublikum treffen? Dafür ist unser Video Marketing Pass die richtige Lösung.

The video marketing…. [ __ ] idea. The Video Marketing Pass is a sensational, innovative video marketing tool. Quasi an all-inclusive solution … for everyone who wants to communicate professionally online. Can you no longer speak German or what? How does it all work? First you get a subscription. "Not subscription" – how? First, you book a video marketing pass. It runs for 3 months. From then on you can cancel at any time. But you won't do that anyway … … as I said, the thing is awesome! You will get your personal contact person. and then the goals of your video campaign are defined. What does goal mean? For example, publicize a product, improve its image, find good staff…. … etc, etc. Wait a minute … yes? No, no stress at all … tell me. Our experts analyze everything, create concepts and show how we can achieve the goals. You can imagine it like this: Using design thinking, we develop strategies and concepts, tailored to target group and requirements … then we turn, cut and set to music the whole …

and then the videos go online. But not just upload and you're done. No no. The videos are evaluated, analyzed and optimized. The findings from this then flow into the next concept phase. The whole thing happens in an agile and sprint-based manner and that is absolutely unique. Usually you need an advertising agency, film production and media agency for this. With us you get everything from one source! As a subscription. Not Abo..Pass! In the Video Marketing Pass you get all of this at a monthly flat rate.

We are happy to provide information. Are we done.

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