Meet and Greet the Quantonomy Team

so please yeah actually no uh why don't we do i why don't you uh chris why don't you just lower your volume on the feed on the facebook feed and stay on on the discord because uh we can still you know i can still ask you a question maybe say okay chris say this or whatever because i want to have it kind of like a conversation so do that just lower the volume okay so i'm going to start anyway and that will be the main person talking sorry uh for the technical problems but basically i wanted to say a lot uh to everybody that um is attending um and uh you know we are this is a meet and greet for the team but unfortunately i'm the only one that seems to be able to talk today uh chris is on the line with me so if you have any question for chris or whatever and uh i can see your comment uh so if you if you don't mind that just to know who's um online you don't have to but um you can say hello on the chat um so we have an idea who's um there are few people but you can say hello if you like but um okay so um let me introduce our project so right now i am on the main webpage so we have a this is a website is called and uh it's going to be our main point of reference for uh uh so if you want to please to come to the website on a regular basis because um we're going to update uh things on the website um we have a different sections um you can find our services uh so you know of course it should be selfless planetary but if you click on services this is a the main thing that we do right now so we are producing these alpha hub signals so to clarify about the difference between alpha ab and quantonomy quantum is basically the company that is our r d branch is doing the research behind the signals we are using math physics ideas uh to create archery signals that people can use for trading and then um we post them on this platform where that is called alpha hub and uh um it's basically our main platform where we post our signal so that that is the main difference between these two entities alpha ab and quantonomic continuously r d branch and the alpha abby's the company is that is a separate company that produces uh the signals you know take care of a updating the signals every day and the way to go there is if you click here try the signals now it will bring you to the page then you can go through the login process so if you're if you're already a user of our signals you probably know what to do but basically you know you register and you will be able to open an account um right now we have this 25 uh discount uh plan um i also in a moment i will show you a medium article that we also publish so you can actually go there uh and read the article and then uh also there is a discount there for the medium article but uh we will bring down the price to hundred dollars so right now we are offering our services for a hundred dollars a month uh if you apply the medium discount so you you register and you know you will use a you will have a username a password that you will need also to use with our automatic automatic trader uh and i will show you in a moment with different ways that you can actually uh register for this um actually use with the signals there are four different ways uh where you can use the uh signals but basically these are you know this for example this is uh an idea of how you can um so this is a um and by the way uh chris i i'm asking mostly chris because i'm i don't know what you guys are seeing but uh do you see the alpha ab page chris okay great and it and this focus so it's not focused okay very good yeah let me know if there is any problem chris anyway so um yeah so this is a one of our typical um algorithms i will show you in a moment the other ones but uh yeah so this is called the minotaur optimus um and uh so this is typical performance of these algorithms you know so like like you can see here um so they are very high quality uh signals uh you know one of the things that happens with uh a lot of these uh services that um they don't they do not have very good quality um at least you know actually i went online and looked for uh many different uh i would not name places but uh i i was really hunting for anything that comes even close to what we offer in terms of quality like uh and not just the quality but also how they report because uh sometimes i do see some algorithms particularly in the crypto space they say oh you know we have this in this type of return then you know there is nothing in terms of uh more detailed information like a longer um performance over you know maybe more than one year uh i don't see um measures like a drawdown so profit ratio almost never is the sharp is mentioned off it do one they don't do the other but you know we are trying to give as much as information as possible about our algorithms uh where it's data that is updated every day um and um you know you so we are trying to be very very transparent and uh one of the things that i want to let you know that yes like for example if you look at the this optimus one it shows uh since uh uh so the first date here is 2019 june 2018 right so we actually started about in fact actually i made a post on facebook um i think it was one of the first signals that we showed live it's almost like one year ago and maybe chris can i still hear chris so even if you guys don't hear it maybe you can confirm it but uh it's about one year that we actually follow live these uh signals uh i'm not sure about optimals but uh minotaurs three was our first uh algorithm and that signal is one year old in the sense of being live for one year and the way we do this internally even if we show you some of the history that goes back in the past and so that is you will call it back test everything that is one year older one year old uh is actually um real quote-unquote in the sense that we post these signals every day live and we don't change them now even there were times where for example with optimus there was a time where we were up uh we did an internal error because we were still learning things and the signal we're not correct you know we we're not uh putting the right input or something uh and it's you know as we grow we try to fix our mistakes and be better uh but we didn't change the signal we kept the mistaken signal it was actually i think it was maybe during this period it was like a drawdown um and it was mostly due to the fact that we are not publishing the correct signal and you know to be con to be consistent we then go back and change the signal we kept it because this is what we publish so if we do a mistake and we publish the wrong signal we don't go back and change the signal we keep it as it is so what you see here even if it has a section with this back test uh you know starting at about may of uh last year all these cigarettes are things that we actually publish live and people connect every day to our service so they can verify these are real signals you know they're not made up um so i don't know i don't know of any other company at least you know maybe you guys can comment um and let me know if you if you know of any other service uh but you know it doesn't matter comparing with anybody else honestly is yeah chris chris is just a second chris um he's telling me a bunch of things but okay so we can do it better but we did put up so he was telling me that um i just made like a separate event but we did put this link on on our web page so if anybody is on our web page and also send yesterday an invite to all the people in the webpage you know everybody that is sign up so i signed the invite and there was a link so if you have a link they can come into this event next time we can do it better chris but let me let me continue to what i was explaining so even if i we are going to record this and we can edit it and then we can put it on line anyway so people can still follow it um are you okay with with this chris which page it's already started and i'm not sure i can do that okay yeah and we and you know we are like i said we can we are recording this so uh even if there are a couple of people uh we can still post it later and and some more people can see it but it yeah i know i know yeah just stay online though because uh you know if you if you want to say something i i can yeah it's a yeah it's a it's an awkward way but you know like i said we never done this before yeah right so just to repeat with uh chris is on the line um and that we are talking um but you guys cannot hear him because uh um i don't know how to do this i know how to do algorithms to trade the stock market but i am i'm learning how to do this stuff online uh but hopefully next time we will be better and we will figure it out so anyway so we are we are going through these um you know what i was trying to tell you is that uh i really believe that these uh algorithms are incredible uh where uh most of the people that um like you know uh people without experts uh sometimes i post on reddit and they show some of our results etc and there are many people that doubt them because they think that that's too good and even if it was that kind of good probably will not share with other people and uh that is one of the criticism why will you share such a thing so there are two possibilities right we are a scam but we are not like i say uh i can assure you and you know our user can assure you like we have a discord channel that you can join talk to other users and everybody nobody can tell oh these are fake signals we are not we are real and we post them every day online and we don't even change them like i say even if we had a mistake uh we don't change them we'll leave them as they are and you can see the results right so looking at this uh algorithm first of all you know like just to discuss some of these uh metrics like if you look at the sharpie ratio uh it's very rare to find an algorithm that does this kind of sharp ratio and this also a combination between how good the sharpie is and how good the gain is sometimes you do see some algorithms that have very high sharpie so i is considered anything actually above two so two a sharpie of tweets considered pretty good three is considered like exceptional it's very rare to have a uh an algorithm that has a sharpie of three we have an algorithm which is called the optimizer but i will show you in a moment actually that algorithm are those um has a sharpie of four uh over a period of three years um so it's very very rare to find such a sharpie and combined with eye gains like this this guy is making 68 068 percent a day and uh uh if you compound this over time you know if you invest a certain amount of money then your invest every time it goes up or down and you continue to do that other time this is how you get to these gains you know so this this algorithm went from an initial hundred thousand in uh um so this was uh the here was uh let's see yeah june 19 of june 23 sorry of uh yeah so june june 22 of 2019 and uh over this period you know this was like one year and a half um went from hundred thousand to one million eight hundred thousand so it's it's an incredible performing algorithm um and these other measures show you um like some of the risk like for example they draw down right so there'll be a period of time when it goes down it's uh it's one of the trade-off between having something uh this aggressive and they can make these kind of gains and some level of risk you know so over a certain period of time it went down by 20 maybe maybe it was this region here um and it's okay you know it's okay because yeah you're going down but you know you're going down from a high first of all so it's kind of a correction right so if there is a period where the algorithm is performing better than usual it will correct itself because you know in the end it's kind of an average um it's pretty consistent a little bit over time you know it behaves and so if it goes up it's going to go down and correct itself so it's swallowing some kind of a trend and it's not going to happen in one single day it's going to happen over a certain period of time but you know this this is what happens here and there there are drawdowns and then it recovers it actually recovers pretty quickly usually and it goes to higher highers you know and so this part of having any type of investment and this drawdown actually to be honest they're not even that big you know it can happen with holding just an index you know that uh you can go down by 18 over time uh i think actually if you were holding things like you know nasa 100 or whatever or whatever during the covey actually went down even more than that i think it lost almost 50 percent or something like that um so actually um this is one of the things that we verify during crisis uh we go less down with the market and we recover faster so it's actually not that risky as an investment the main risk uh because of this part of the philosophy of what we do uh and i will show you in a moment how this works uh is that uh um we most of these algorithms uh buy one stock uh per day and there are a couple of reasons why we do that uh one is because one of the way that you can actually trade these algorithms is doing it by hand we have automated ways of doing it but there are many people for example in europe because we cannot use our automatic traders that do it by hand and so um it's easy to to trade one single stock per day uh they come out the signals come out at precise times during the day you log in manually on the website you see the signal and then you can act on the signal and i'm going to show you the only reservation i have it's and this see let me see if i can do this um because again i don't know i want to log in without uh revealing my password like but yeah it's it's yeah it's you cannot see it uh all right and uh um yeah so let me go to our portfolio so whenever you you are able to get a subscription uh you will be able to see our entire portfolio and right now we have several algorithms we have optimus that is the one that i just show you like always we show all the different risk measures i will show you later you can actually get even better information um at least for one of the algos and later we will add more so this is our optimizer uh it's one it's probably the most consistent algorithm that we have right now um and over time actually beats the other ones and so let me show you this one uh so these uh we just came out with these algorithms so even if we could show more history we want to be kind of consistent on this idea but we show you the real history instead of a lot of back testing so this algorithm optimizes between the two but let me go back to the previous ones so i can introduce them so there is a optimus um so this algorithm came comes out every day at 9 40 eastern so one one of the things that you can do you can uh if once you have a subscription you can actually sign up and log in in your website every day and this is how it looks like right so there are the signals here on the right and uh and probably some of you are already subscribed but i will make it general because we want to post this later so people can use it as a guide uh but anyway um you know it's uh um it's always it's pretty consistent uh so you come in so imagine for example uh i started my subscription yesterday or maybe let's do it on may 13 i started my subscription mate 13 i go online so it depends on your time zone this will be a different time but it's basically 9 14.

So i am in california for me will be early in the morning unfortunately so i go at 6 40 my time on 9 40 eastern i look up on the website and i see a signal now we also send an email to our members so you will you can also look at your email that is another way um some people even say oh you know there is actually a way of reading email and creating a bot that reads email and trades with that but i don't know i will discuss the solution from the community later people coming up with different ways of trading the signal automatically and sharing with the community but the simplest possible way that you can trade the signal is do it manually we publish them so you know in this case for example syrian will be by lbtya so i go online you know whatever broker you want to use and uh place this order now of course there'll be some delay because you know you have to log in on your broker you have to place the order but uh you know i i don't have a lot of data about how well it works manually i know that there are several people doing it and of course you know there'll be some slippage because sometimes the price goes up very quickly so you don't get it at exactly that price um uh what we bought those uh our automatic trader does usually leaves with signal there for a couple of minutes then if it doesn't get executed within let's say five minutes then you can try a market order you can cancel your order and then do market order because that will force the execution of a signal but you know maybe later we can ask the people that are doing uh manually to report and tell us how easy or difficult this is my experience is mostly with the automatic trader so i don't know how easy it is uh it should not be too complicated you know and uh and these algorithms have some tolerance in terms of not getting perfectly the price you know they're still probably going to do very well if you come close enough and sometime you know so for example when i do a buy i'm supposed to go up during the day but there are times where temporarily the prices are going down so you're going you can get actually a better entry i i did try a couple of times to do the entries but in particular in a paper account by hand and i was able actually to time it where i will get better prices uh but you know again going back to how this works if it is my first day i don't have any know i start from cache right so i would love to calculate unfortunately this is something that the website doesn't do maybe in the future we will do it where uh ideally would be nice i can put like an amount i want to trade and then it will tell me based on the price the number of shares but uh we don't have that feature at this particular point uh but you know it's relatively uh easy so if you want to trade 10 000 you will divide by this number you know it's trivial sorry twist for any but maybe there are people that are learning about trading so i want to say that you know but uh so you will take ten thousand you'll divide by this um whatever it is you know let's say okay let's do it here 10 000 dollars you divide by 27.8 whatever the price of the stock is and you want to round it to to an integer so 359 right so i will i will buy 359 shares of uh of this stock and i don't have anything to sell because it's my first day you know so i started from cash and uh the day after what you will do you will go back you know you you hold the stock for one day you just sit on that and the day after you will do exactly the same operation you will at this point because you own this stock you will sell it and you see it's pretty nice gain 0.72 percent then you will buy the new one that is this one so it's always like this you know there is a and the terminology we use uh we say to open that means you know the new one that you are going to buy and to close is the one that you're going to close um and uh usually it's uh you know the open is always by usually because most of these algorithms tend to be long they do have a chance um we have incorporated the ability to short and once in a while you will see a short so if you have a short in the open it will look like a cell so if you have an open cell that means short so we don't use a word short in our website um so maybe it's a little confusing but it's consistent so if the idea is that if you if you see an open that is a cell that is a short and so the day after when it's time to close you actually buy you know so but and vice versa so is maybe it takes a little time to get used to it but it's relatively consistent and not relatively it's a very consistent terminology that we use but uh most of the time like 99 of the time it will always be a buy as an open and the cell as a clause so it's a very easy uh so this is one of the reasons why we do one stock at a time because uh and again i think this is relatively unique because there are many other sites where we give you like 15 signals i don't even know how people maybe we are long-term you know uh we are not every day but i think this is a relatively unique approach that we have it's one stock per day you focus on this stock you hold it um and then you sell it now one criticism of this approach could be well i'm putting all my egg in in the basket on the basket and uh it's risky because something can happen to that stock well everything is risky uh i think it's relatively non-risky because what could really happen to one single stock in one day and these are not penny stocks these are all very good stock you know their top market cap in nasdaq so it's uh unlikely that one single stock will go down you know 30 40 percent you know it could i don't know what is the record maybe 10 percent you know the worst possible thing that can happen and you know you are not going to get married to that stock so if it continues to go down we are going to sell it the day after and hopefully we can recover from that loss so it's relatively uh i think it's a relatively uh it's like it's calculated risk you know it's it's limited i think uh now there are ways of dealing with that risk one thing you can do you can subscribe to more than one uh actually not subscribe because you get a band or when you subscribe you have all these guys but you can trade with one with more than one uh algorithm uh so if i go back to the dashboard you can see all these different ones like for example um there is minotaur stock manure tower one it had pretty bad through down the years recovering um but uh you know this is the other thing you could do you could try to buy uh two stocks so this signal comes out actually attempted it's a different time of day and there are reasons why we choose these different times of day it's a different type of slippage different performance of the algorithm so that is another way of diversifying so if you uh if you have this discipline to say okay i'm going to have a uh to buy one stock at 930 then another i'm sorry 940 then another one at 10 30.

Now you have two stocks so you know if one goes down maybe the other one goes up and so you can diversify in this way in the future we will have even more of these algorithms so there are even more chances to diversify um so it's it's but even two stocks you know particularly fair down to two different times will be relatively easy to do it manually if you wanted to now there is one more option where we have this algorithm so it is we call it minotaur three because it's three different uh stocks and this one is you know it's a little bit slower than the other one so typically the other guys do anything between 0.4 to 0.6 percent a day this one is 0.23 it still beats the market by a lot but it's uh it's a little bit more consistent and it's a little bit more uh diversified because uh instead of having just one stock per day it has three and so you know if you if you had the optimus if you had a monitor and europe concern is being diversified and you have also this one if you trade all of them now you have five stocks you know so and it will be a little bit more complicated to do it by hand again because uh you know you will have to put all these orders so what happened also uh it's always too long and one short uh and again if you if you see here this will be an example of our short looks like but for example you see this guy is open so the three opens are always on the top here so that you see it opens and then we close here for that day and and you can see it's a pretty consistent so we buy in green you look at open so that means i have to buy this stock i have to buy this other stock siri and then adp it's a short because it's open and it's a cell so that is a short so you will short this stock and and you can see it's a pretty nice curve you know this guy did what is about not just a little bit more than a year i think right and it did up three times uh 222 percent but it is crazy you know like it's pretty good performance for um for stocks and and so if you if your concern is today diversify maybe you want to try these and it's a little bit complicated to do it manually but you can you can still try now in a moment i will show you all the other things you can do to actually execute the signals so there are basically four ways so this is one way do it manually uh the other way and you can find these links in the so if you go back um to the alphabet page and you go under resources so here we have a list of all the different uh ways that you can uh trade the signal so for example if you so we say okay there is an automated trader uh and it's in this uh github repository so i'm going to uh open it in another tab and here we are okay so this is uh uh gsantostasi alpha app trader uh like i said you just click the resource page and uh and you will find this trader this is what we call it the alpha hub trader so what this guide does it's a it's a gui that looks like this now we have another version that allows actually to trade optimus and minor at the same time we don't have we don't have a trader with those nine or three but i will show you another solution to the touch where you can actually use minor three uh that will be our last solution uh but i will show you in a moment uh but um so in this guy uh with this guy uh what you can do you can first of all my suggestion is not to download the entire thing but maybe one by one but in theory you could download with our zip file then open it um and they will we should give you all these um files basically um so the the more stable version is this alpha hub trader 23 123 and uh we update them all the time so my suggestion is that uh you can go to the webpage you know if there is an update we are going to post it there um and so just go there regularly and uh look at the blog look up at any announcements you know uh because i will let you know if it is a new version of a trader uh or any other announcement and uh um but you can also come to the github page and see if you know i always tell in the readme i always tell what is the latest version like here for example this was for 9 or 29 21 so you can check if your version of a trader is up to date um you know we'll try to let people know and update the dates but basically it's an executable that means you can run it on a windows machine unfortunately that is the only place um where you can run it um but then you know you one one of the things that we say uh you know if you use apple if you are using you know some unix or whatever uh is that you could rent a server you know there are cheap servers that you can rent for ten dollars a month or maybe there is even a completely free server and the area of instructions on how to do that and you know there are full instructions on how to get a free aws server so in theory you can get a server even if you are a let's say a apple user and you don't like windows and then you can run it on the server and for free but probably is anyway is the best solution because if you run it on the server it's over there you don't have to worry you can restart your computer so there is nothing to worry about and it's it's going to run there but once you download it so one more thing you is basically written in matlab that is my favorite language for development um it's not the best language to interface with the website etc but it does its work um the only thing you will need to also to use so you don't need to have matlab uh it can run on any windows machine uh but you need to is explaining the readme but you need to install uh these uh uh this piece of software that is called my app installer you know it's basically it's really the name is run and runtime matlab runtime um is basically allows you to run uh matlab executables on your computer so you you install this guy you know like any other piece of software is a dot exe so you download it you run it you know it guides you through like always you know it has a wizard and uh you will be able to uh run these executables in your computer this much elaborate scriptable but once you when you you know you click on the on alpha app trader and these windows will appear you know this um this gui um let's see if i get a better image here and so this is a more stable version and it's basically you have a choice you can choose optimus one or minus one so you just click here and you can choose the algorithm that you want to trade with so ultimos one like i showed you before it's it's a very strong performer so it could be a very good choice and so it allows you to what this allows you to do is to trade completely manually sorry completely automated uh in an automated fashion the signal so instead of doing it manually you will do it by using this app and it gets the signal directly from the website and uh you go through uh so the first thing you want to do is to go through the authentication process so it's here on this side so you um log in you put your alpaca keys so the alpaca alpaca it's uh this uh this broker that we use and the main reason why we focus on alpaca is because we have a very easy to use api key so the api key allows you to log in directly you know there is a notification authentication process that happens to these things called keys uh so they are encrypted keys that allow you to log in on the website and then get information from the website you know like for example your account how much money that is in your account but also do the trading so you can say buy this sell these uh gives you information about the trade if it actually happened at which price it was uh executed so you can do all these operations automatically and uh um this is something that is pretty common in the crypto world like every exchange as this api with the stock word and this is not just my comment many other people are commenting in the same thing uh like developer most of these brokers are stuck like in the 90s you know we have a uh sometimes we have some fancy website you know that you can do all your things but you know this is their stack to veto approach where you can do things manually and this api is something that is not very well developed for most brokers like ameritrade e-trade all of them are very very they are not well documented they are now easy to use uh we have awkward way of logging in um so after some time we simply decide okay let's go with uh the broker with us the best api and the alpaca it's a small it's a startup they just started a couple of years ago um you know they are fully insured we are you know they pass all the tests with the securities change commissions they are you know kosher where it's a broker like anybody else uh you know fully uh approved by the government uh but their advantage is that they tailor uh to people they want to develop halger trading so they are focused on that you can do all the trading um manually there too but they are mostly focused on algo trading so they they created these keys um and i i think we have on the readme we have instructions on on how to go um you know i think actually we have a video so if you go on the resources uh directly created a video and where it shows you how to log in and on alpaca how to create the keys so please go on the resources and go to your youtube our youtube channels we have many videos here where we explain all these details but basically uh it should be relatively easy to follow the instructions you get the keys you click on this yellow button uh it allows you know something pops out you put here inside your keys uh and then you do the same thing with the alpha hub authentication so you click on this yellow button you get uh you put in your information the same information that you use to create your account on alpha app then once you have done that you can also actually save so you say click here on save data and that is actually good because next time you want to run the trader let's say you stop it for some reason whatever you simply say load the data and so if you click here it will populate with all the information um and you don't have to put this information by hand every single time it's stored in your computer and by the way that is also important to specify we don't have this information about the alpaca keys is sits on your computer so we don't it's all um it's very safe because we don't have access to these keys and and you know these keys don't allow you anyway you know somebody get all of your keys they cannot steal money from you because of the only thing that you can do it's a trade but you know you should still keep them safe uh because you know you don't want anybody else doing stupid things on your account and it's all in your computer we don't have access to it and and this is one of the reasons why we wanted to do it in this way because uh you know we rather have people do their own trading in their own with their own account so we don't have access to your money we don't have access to your keys it's all done safely in your computer or server okay yeah chris is telling me something just a secret yeah so uh yeah chris chris is talking he might hear if you cannot hear him but he basically was saying you should stop and ask the audience if they have any questions so feel free at any moment i can see your question so there is a um a chat i think uh so you can ask him in the chat anybody are you guys okay you have any questions so far and i apologize if you guys are already subscribers and you know everything you already are familiar with all these things but i'm doing this video also because uh i want to post it um online after we are done so you know it's kind of a guide for everybody that uh sign ups for our services and you never went through these steps so i thank you to be patient if you are already a user but do you have any any questions anybody has any questions any comment anything okay so if you don't uh i'm going to continue and then once you set up everything so basically let me discuss a few more things so there is a uh this uh here is it says amount to trade so this is the amount that you want to trade uh you can be a part of whatever you have on your account um let's say you have a five thousand dollars uh you can go with all the five thousand dollars or you can test it with let's say two thousand dollars i will not suggest you to test with less than two thousand dollars mostly because uh some of the stocks that we buy are already kind of like one thousand dollars and if you and probably want to have at least you know a couple of shares uh when when we buy and uh um and also uh i will not have less than two thousand dollars in the account because uh if you have a two thousand dollars at least two thousand dollars they give you two pair margin and how they bought works uh so i told you right um like and so here you can see these are the stocks that were selected so close position is the stock from the previous day and if you get if you just launch with trader you will not have anything clear so it will like here for example this is it says blank right uh this is like just started uh it's an example of the i think this is actually a real count but you know i took this picture uh when uh um they were not it just started with the day basically so there are no shares so there are no shares with the first day otherwise it will show the shares that you have from the previous day and it's here is the side they say sell right uh this is the new uh this is the open position so in this case it was mtap this is a number of shares so this actually calculates for you you don't have to do any absolutely anything it calculates the number of shares uh here number of shares of the price so it's trying to get the price from the signal so it's trying to achieve these to get to this particular price and yeah you know you put the amount that you want to trade so if in this case actually the portfolio it's five thousand six hundred so but it starts with uh whatever amount and if you choose these uh use previous close uh this will allow you to compound your uh um your gains so even if you see just this number being uh the same over time is actually uh going to compound uh the interest so it's good it knows what to do it takes whatever balance in your account and a continuous trade with amount so you use you see compounded gains over time if you don't want to do that you can always uncheck these and and they particularly probably want to do so if you deposit more money so let's say you started with ten thousand dollars and then a few months later you decide okay it's pretty good performance let me deposit more money you can always do that um and uh but the day you do that uh please uncheck this guy change the amount and then after he does the first trade go back and use uh say use previous close so before anytime you change the amount in your account and you want to trade with more money you need to reset this this this amount and if you if you are confused another thing i want to say if you are confused about any of these feel free to contact me and you know in the github i give you my contact uh named you know i ever use my email etc so just scroll down there is contact information there is contact information on alpha app there is contact with you know you can contact with support where you contact there is contact information on the quantonomy website so feel free to contact us also we have a discord channel so uh that is the other thing that happens when you sign in uh when you sign up uh you get invited to this discord channel and i am there every single day so i wake up that is the first thing i do i go to the discord channel chris is there derek is where so the team is there to help you um so whatever you you have some concern i'm available even um you know to go on a zoom call with you or on discord you know we can uh chat and like we can share a screen i can guide you through you know so i give you instructions here but if you get stuck feel free to contact me and we can do this together and i can show you all the steps and i don't mind i can do this for every single customer uh just let me know in advance you know i want to talk with you if i am on discord we can immediately go and on a private call and i can guide you through all the steps but uh you know at any moment any questions please uh we are very open we are very verbal uh let me know how i can help you you know and uh one of us will help you um so uh the next step it's uh uh these uh uh time zone and so um unfortunately this guy doesn't work for the europeans so we are still trying to find a european or anybody in the world we are still trying to find a way to make it work with our friends uh everywhere else in the world probably one way to do it is to use this broker that is called interactive brokers because i think it can be used in europe they are not super ideals there and you know we can maybe discuss with another time uh on how that works uh basically you have to open their app we have this app and we have to run the app and at will send time and then you can use the api so you will have to open these open bit up it's complicated but if that is the only solution for the europeans we will look into it but uh so unfortunately right now it's the present version is mostly for you u.s people uh if you are a european you can also open uh an alpaca account they want you to have a i think thirty thousand dollars in the account uh that is one of their requirements so if you're interested that you can still open an account and then there is no um selection for the time zone for europe uh but you can also if you run it on a server you can always change the time on your server to make it whatever you want for example you can make it eastern given you know the market trades eastern so you can change the clock on your server uh whatever it is and then the important thing that whatever is on your computer whatever time is shown on your computer doesn't have to be necessarily the real time in that area it just needs to be consistent it needs to be whatever time your computer is set on so if you're a server you know you don't use it so you can put it at any time you know you don't use it for anything else so you can put it up on whatever artificial time you want and then you need to make sure because that is one of the things that happen sometimes people report a problem and say oh you have a problem then it turns out that they didn't set uh the uh trader on the same time zone than the clock of the computer but to need to match okay um so you select this guy then um you know you choose the algorithm that you want uh on the in this part you can go optimus or minor there is like a drop down menu you can choose the guys that you like um and uh you go through the identification process next link what you want to do is to activate your trades uh this is the kind of a safety measure because uh if you wanted to test things without actually doing the trading it can do that and it will not do the trading it will populate the windows it will do everything you can run it maybe for a couple of days like that without doing any trades just to make sure everything is connecting and the first the first time you launch it that is another thing i want to say uh the first time you launch it you will not see any of these graphs you if there is a message you say oh you know the trader is lunch waiting for the first signal so this is what happens the first day you you don't see any it's not populated it's still working so one way that you can verify that is working the first time you launch it and you should launch it outside trading hours and and so you will see the time here and the time updates every minute so if one minute later and this is what the cycles are circles basically are with minutes so when you launch it up this cycle uh every minute updates so you want to see if a cycle updates if the time gets updated so don't worry if it stays still for a minute because it doesn't update every second so after one minute it should update itself um and that means that basically it's working um and uh and you should not worry you know so nothing else will happen uh until basically there are signals available so if you choose optimus it will be 9 40 the day after so when that happens these windows will get populated they will show a signal from the previous day it will show a new signal how many shares the algobot the price uh initial in here you should see something that looks like that it says field in alisha if you open a new position um unfortunately this particular version doesn't tell you if something went wrong and there are some people that say oh it says field and but it does it doesn't it didn't do a trade uh so you can always go to the alpaca account and you should show your real position so while we are trying to do this trader where eventually you can just set it up and forget about it and maybe you can come up once a day check what is going on etc or maybe even go to a vacation don't even look at it and everything is done for you i i don't ever suggest you to do that because it's still money then you know and uh and you want to be watchful you know you want to look at your account you want to end it once a day you know maybe you don't have to do it every few minutes it's still a much bigger help in comparison with doing all these by hand um and so that is what is supposed to be supposed to help you a little bit in automating things is not a completely foolproof system uh it's something that we're still developing we don't charge for it there is no an additional price to use this system we made it as a way of making things easier for our members so you know there are still a couple of maybe some little bugs here and there you know once in a while maybe because a connection is is lacking uh maybe you know it's not necessarily a bot problem it could be a connection problem so a super stable system you know that has been developed over many years it will take care of all the issues uh this guy doesn't you know so once in a while he will have things like it shows there is a trade but the trade was not made so please double check what is going on uh like we will try to improve things over time uh but if if a trade is keep uh and you are working etc i understand you you cannot do anything about it so it's one of the limitation of this trader but still check what what is going on in your account whenever you can and you know you can close the position by end if you didn't close it you can open a new position if you steal a relatively good price so it works like i follow i added at a certain point two or three of these traders on different accounts for testing and you know they run for about three months with without any problem um and uh and that is typical you know like it will run for a couple of months and then maybe there is something happening and unfortunately is this where we are and hopefully with time we will improve it where uh it's you know 99.9 percent perfect you know it's never going to be 100 perfect but uh it's pretty stable in particular this version and i will add more information each and i think in the new version as uh it tells you a little bit more about uh uh you know it's a file that you find in your c drive and by way that is one of the things that confuses people there are very precise instruction please read or read me because some people skip it read it because there are instructions about every single step so for example in a certain point i ask you to create a folder yeah here create this folder in the c drive and so please don't skip this step okay follow every single step of the rhythm uh read the rhythm it's there for a purpose so there are very precise steps again i'm going to help you if you get stuck but you know try the first time at least you know to go through all the steps and in the in that folder uh i think the newest version uh it actually shows the trades which trades indeed the price that uh the trades went in so you can always open um that it's a kind of a notepad uh and you can see all kind of information i should say open and close i think it's two one for up the opens and one for the close and you can see the time that the trade was placed and all this kind of information uh but i i think uh um for some reason um sometimes it says field and it's not so you want to check your alpaca account we are going to prove that this labels this message so we are consistent with what really happened there are also alerts so if something really bad happen uh you will get an alert here or you know sometimes you see stop if you see stop here on the status that means it's not working you know it's just stop and so one of the things we want to do again go you go to that c folder and it should be an error log so that is one of the things that you can do um it's to report uh that there was a problem and uh just you know send me an email sends uh support you know on the uh alphabet there is a a support uh a link um let us know one good thing is always always ask to take a screenshot of a trader so take a screenshot of a trader uh if you send us an email you know link attach the screenshot attach the error log um any information that you can give us you know with time that it got stopped or whatever and then we can try to resolve the problems all the back and and you can always simply restart it and hopefully it will continue to work relatively fine the other information that you get on this gui uh you know here there is some stats like the same stats you see my website but you can choose the time so if you click here you can look at three months you can look at six months nine months twelve months and it will give you all this information you know how much uh they all got made in bedtime um the success rate the sharpie and one of the things we do we always compare it with qqq that is a benchmark and qqq is like one of the best etf in the world and the reason we compare it with it is because it beats the market so if you if you beat qq you actually beat the market okay we say oh it's impossible to beat the market we we beat the market over time for sure and they fat actually beat this qqq with those better than the market over time qqq does better than the average so you know it trades nasdaq so it's supposed to be the nasdaq index like nasdaq 100 uh and it's considered one of the best etf in the world like in the top 10 percent uh and so we we because we have such high standards we compare with the qqq if i cannot beat qqq i'm not happy because just by qqq right why you should buy our signals go and get qqq and so over time and you don't see it here because it's only three months but if you try six months one year you can see they diverge really a lot you know we have a consistent gain like a i think a calculate the other day like 1.6 percent uh over every day we gain 1.6 percent over qq over time so we do better when uh this one one of the things that sometimes people ask uh is uh well um what if i buy qqq and it's considered a long term investment so of if you keep it for one year at the end of the year you will have to pay taxes right it's one thing that comes often what about taxes so i did a calculation and show if you stick with our algorithms and you know you're consistent uh you keep going for one entire year and hopefully you know the performance of these traders will be more and more consistent over time so you don't skip a trade etc so under perfect condition even with sleepage because with sleepage sleepage is basically the idea of getting a difference between the price so there are two main concerns where people are once they believe that this actually is a real performance we have different concerns one concern is well this is still a theoretical performance what about sleepage so what slippage is and again i apologize for all the people that are knowledgeable and we know what slippage is but i try to do this as an introductory video for everybody so it's the difference between the suggested price so we use basically the last price you know when whenever we trade let's say 940 we look at the market we get the data from our data provider that is the last price the last price that was executed so it's just a reference right and this but is what the computer uses to make his calculation so we want to be as close as possible to that price and how how this gal go works uh it it's there are many sophisticated way of uh trying to go from you know a suggestion like this to actually execute the trade and there are simple ways sophisticated ways eventually we will add a very sophisticated way but right now we do something very simple that is uh we place a limit order and we do um two orders actually every time this is one other reason why i was telling you please at least try to keep two thousand dollars in the account and the reason is that if you have two thousand dollars you will get uh two per margin and the two per margin is useful uh to get uh a better execution and the reason is we we don't want to wait to sell uh whatever we hold to do the buy after that we are placing two limit order limit order means get me this price uh or better and sometime you cannot get that price okay so uh first of all we do it at the same time we do the buy and the close at the same time and that means if a if a sell doesn't happen because you're trying to get this very good price and maybe uh you know the price is going up too fast and so you're not able to execute this the oh and with the cell with the sell actually um means that you're trying to sell something right so the price maybe is going down right so the price is going down because yeah it went down yesterday but now is the market is opening and the stock is correcting so the price is going slightly down right so you're trying to sell to this ideal price but we algo suggested but the price is going down so you're not able to sell it but you know for some reason uh you have a good opportunity to buy of a suggested price and so the algo will try to buy before it sells and the only way you can do that uh if you're trading the entire amount you know so you say you have five thousand dollars and you're trying to trade this entire amount is to borrow you're going to borrow from alpaca these five thousand dollars and they allow you to do that if you have at least two thousand dollars so it's called margin this idea that you can borrow the money and some people are worried about doing this thing and you know to but to borrow uh but it's now that we are going to do this over you know a day or something it's go we're going to do this only for a few minutes you know until the cell order goes through and uh um so it's you should not worry and there are fees associated with that but i check my account is maybe like 50 cents you know in one month uh not in one day just in a month because you you basically borrow only for a few minutes and it doesn't cost much to do that so don't worry about it but you know if you are worried about and you have ten thousand dollars in account again you will be able to trade only five thousand dollars because you want to keep the other five thousand dollars to do this thing with explaining you know to buy and sell at the same time it's how the algo is of execution of the trader it's uh set up but with margin don't simply don't worry you can trade the entire amount so then the sell up ends and you're fine right you get back the money you can basically pay your debt it's all automatic you know by the way you don't have to worry um but what happens if after a certain point you know we sell or we buy don't go through so what we do we wait five minutes and then after five minutes uh we do what is called a market order that basically say well give me this stock whatever price you know not whatever price but whatever price is available so usually that means a little bit worse price than uh what you are trying to buy at but you know so we have some data about the performance of this uh trader uh we collected data over time and what happens 70 percent of the time we get executed at this particular price that we suggest and 30 percent of the time we don't right we get uh actually sometimes we get better prices so this 30 percent a portion of that in fact i think it's even like 20 20 of the time we actually get even a better price and because what happens let's say you're trying to buy something uh momentarily the price goes down so you get actually a better price and then if it goes up uh great you know so um you know you made a gain and actually got a better position um and same thing with for we sell you know so sometimes we actually get a better price uh we sell higher or we buy lower than we intended and there are times where we don't and so we use these market orders but in gen and that means you know it's going to bring up uh the price that i usually pay and so this difference between the um the intended price the target price that is suggested by the algo and the executed price is called slippage okay and it's measured in a percentage so when we measure it over several months our sleep age is about 0.02 percent okay and they did a calculation so if you compound it over time let's say that is the average sleepage that we are going to suffer over time uh in one year that means a six percent difference between uh the real performance and the theoretical performance so if you have an algo that makes you two times in a year well okay you made you know not you didn't make 100 percent you made 94 okay and some of these algos do three times a year you know so it's in the end it's a uh rounding error you know so it yes there is some slippage but it's very minimal and over time we are going to introduce actually better more clever way of doing this execution where we can reduce that slippage even more but even with the existing sleepage you should come very very close uh to the real performance and one of the things that we do in this graph we show the difference between theoretical and real um i think actually this one of things that happened with this account i was like relaunching it and i wasn't like missing a trade maybe this was while i was doing testing i had to relaunch it a couple of times and so you see a big difference here but this but it's mostly due to um to missing some trades so most of the time when there is a difference between between over a small period of time like in a few months uh it's mostly due to the bot not doing what he's supposed to do like basically crashing but if he's stable and he continues to trade the two curves should be on top of each other and we have some graphs where we shove it perfectly let me see if i can pull it out later uh they were on top of each other for over like maybe three months you know um so you don't even see the sleepage if you look at a period of three months you will be able to see it over if you go you know over a year or something uh this last graph is basically uh you know what of a stock that was chosen is doing during the day um and you know it doesn't do anything it's just for you to to see the green line is basically where you bought where the suggested price was supposed to be and the and this is a bar graph of a price performance while you're trading you know while you're so it can give us your feeling of how things are going and you know it shows europe uh this guy was making hundred dollars that day you know with five thousand dollars invested um so it shows basically they gain a loss um so do you have any questions um about the trader how to use it um maybe you want to comment about your experience if you use it i know it has not been perfect all the time once in a while like i say it does crash please report the bugs you know i i ran three of these guys and you know 90 percent of the time they work now we do have another uh version of it that we uh the optimizer uh and that version um let me let me see if i can i don't know where to show it to you maybe on our website um let's see if i have a version of that yeah so this guy here yes yeah so this is the new version um what this new version does it looks more complicated right so what this version does it has two rows uh and so basically these are the um two different uh main algo that we have one stock algos that we have a minor and opti algos the first row is opti the second row is minor and so what what happened is that you know there were people trading uh both algos before and some time they opened two different servers one was running opti one was running minor and uh and so we said okay why don't we do something to optimize these and so we came up with these optimizers so after alpha hub optimizer and right now we have version nine online so it's more or less all what we discussed before but now instead of having just one row you know that is only one stock you can have two and so uh the idea is that this version allows you to trade at the same time of t and mine and so you have two different ways of doing this one you could do it manually so he where you select that is here so right now it's selected because this is just a static picture it shows uh uh that i selected the optimizer but again it's a drop down uh menu so you can choose manual if you wanted to what manual will allow you to do is to set your weight so let's say you wanted to trade 50 50 i want to put 50 percent of my money on mine i want to put 50 percent of my money on opti you choose this window so if these are you can change any number here right now it's zero and one but you could put 0.5 0.5 and that means it will take whatever amount amount you want to trade and it will split it and he knows you know that uh optic comes out at 9 30 knows with uh minor comes at 10 sorry 9 40 and 10 40.

So at that particular time it will go online and we'll do the trade again all automated for you and it will split the money in your account between these two algos it will choose one or the other um so not choosy on the other will split it according to whatever percentage you choose if it is 50 50 it will do 50 50 if you lose 70 30 we'll do 70 30 whatever you choose it's manually and you set it up here and you choose your money manual or weights you choose manual you choose the the weights and so it will trade both of them uh for you and it will split it automatically and you can see here this is you know over six months this recurve for opti this is the curve for minor both of them beat qqq even i know it has a pretty bad draw down here still beats qqq and then uh we actually put did an innovation that we didn't have before that is called the optimizer and the optimizer is the red curve so what we optimize the optimizer dose you can see with your eye that they are not completely anti-correlated you know minor and opti there are many times where minor goes down optic goes down like here and minor goes up right and vice versa like here opti goes up and minor goes down so you we try to exploit this and uh uh and so they optimize that as an internal algorithm where uh it can switch it can go from one to the other and he knows what to do because you can see what happened over time it beats both of them so it's not an average of the two it's actually an optimization of it too it beats both of them and i cannot change here and show you nine months but uh it's really dramatic it's like it does almost two times better than optimus over one year so if you look at one year it's two times better than hot deals uh and it's a usually a smoother curve like look at what happens here six months sharpie of 4.48 i don't know if you guys can appreciate that there are no many algos i mean in the world right uh the trade stocks with sharpie of 4.5 almost uh it's a rare thing like maybe like top one percent okay and if and usually if people have such algos we don't have very big gains so it's very rare to have a big sharpie and also big gains you know because you have usually one of the other so you have an algorithm that is crazy as a incredible leverage etcetera but yes huge big throwdowns and so that reduces sharpie uh yeah big gains but no sharpie sharp is basically a measure of risk it tells you how big your gains are versus uh the variations you know how much goes up and down so it's a ratio between these two things so usually uh you if a sharp is good it means it's a very smooth line um and so yeah it's smooth but you don't get big gains uh oh you know if you get big gains when the sharpie will go down having both uh big sharpie and crazy gains like this guy did two pair in six months okay that is really unbelievable for uh for uh trading stocks uh and you can see qqq did barely 10 over time maybe a little bit better okay and we beat it we made it like to a pulp you know um and uh um yeah so it's really rare and that like who say if if there is any firm that does an algorithm that does this kind of as this kind of behavior huge gains and amazing sharpie they don't they don't make it public they don't make it public and we share it with you guys you know i mean it's know it it's real we we open it to the public uh we are proud of that because we want to work with the the small retailer you know basically it's kind of a community a family you know and uh um and we are very reasonable in what we ask in terms of uh fees you know we are trying to run a company and uh we are not charging you an amazing amount of money for something of this quality okay so you can choose the optimizer here and what it will do it will automatically switch and you don't have to worry about weights it will do it for you so here for example this day this particular day decided to go with minor and the way to tell is basically you can look at the weight and so if he says weight one for my no that means it went with minor and you can see also here basically i say zero shares for a line that was uh whatever opti decide to do day uh he didn't buy anything uh first with shares but he bought 10 shares of uh e-r-e-g-n um because you know he was choosing mine so it sets his own internal ways now of course it is now a magic ball he doesn't know which algo necessarily will do better but it tries right tries to make a prediction and you can see that it seems to work right over time it's actually outperforming both of them so that actually is my suggestion to most people uh if i if i was a user this what i will choose i will choose the optimizer and uh this version of the trader it's a little bit less stable because it's a pain in i'm sorry let me say i i don't care pay penny by us it is a penny bus uh to uh coordinate we buy and sell chris knows because he's trying to do these signals uh online for some time you could get the optimizer only to do the trader but now we are posting the signal line so in theory actually can trade them manually uh the optimizer before you couldn't do it um and uh it's difficult to coordinate um you know the the signals um you know buy these sell that because it's different times you know like for example what happens if you're you bought minor yesterday and so we are is what is going to happen if you buy minus because mine is 9 10 for turn 30 is going to keep a position open until 10 30 and then sell attention even if you bought a line so this is another reason why you need the margin because uh in this case you will borrow for one hour you know you bought the line uh because you still keep the position from minor from the previous day uh let's let's say that this today was opti you know the choice instead of a minor but yesterday was mine all right so i will keep the position uh from from yesterday it was this guy and at 10 30 i sell it so i need to use my margin to do that because i will not be able to buy a line otherwise and then you know when i when i close my position i basically close my margin position you know so it's just one hour so instead of a few minutes now it's one hour still basically nothing you know you will you will not pay almost any fees and it's not risky uh to just buy to borrow money for one hour um and uh um yeah and so it's complicated but we all go does pretty good job i would say it's a little bit less stable than the other trader uh but also again i ran these for several months and it never gave me trouble and but you know i cannot tell you it's 100 percent uh working all the time once in a while it will stop and we are again we are trying to improve that we are trying to to make it where it's 99 um stable and correct but unfortunately it's not yet there okay it's again this is why we make it available for free completely free it's a tool for you to use okay and uh and improve your execution all right uh again if you have any questions let me know i can i can still see all your comments you know just write a comment in your in the chat uh otherwise um i will move i know uh it's it's supposed to be chris is telling me it's two hours it's supposed to be like an introductory video this at this point is my main goal uh i'm intended to do this anyway um to have like a video where people can stop look and you know there is all the information that you need to have and you don't have to watch it you can move it forward if you don't need to but i want to have it as a a way to uh reference people too so because we discuss all these issues um but i i will not go much further uh uh maybe like give me another 10 minutes i want to cover a couple of more topics one more topic so this so we already discussed two different ways right to do the trading one is doing manually one using these automated traders and there is one more way uh that is basically uh i don't know if you can find it in the uh i don't see it here i ask uh actually derek to update but it's not updated yet but you can find it in our web page so if you go on our web page if you go in our web page let me see how to get out of this all right so if you go on on our web page and you go under community challenges and prices so one of the things that happens in theory you can get the signal by uh by using our api so and we have also instructions and the resources were an instruction so how to use our api so i told you you know there is an api for the alpaca right you can get uh you can do trading you can get information from your account via api and this is what we bought uses but we bought also get information from alpha by using the api but we put instructions online because if somebody is a programmer and is a developer you can use the api and then you can write your own bot you can write your own bot to do the trading you can get the signals and then you can connect with whatever broker you like uh an a trade etc whoever has an api even if it is complicated you can use it or maybe you can write that on in another language that makes more sense to you or whatever so this is a community effort uh where people are starting to contribute different type of code that is not necessarily our trader and so the link is here it's also a github and you can find the link in this section community challenges and it's called challenges because actually we are asking for contribution and we are going to have prices like for example uh this is for this challenge is for the our crypto algo but i will discuss maybe in the hand uh like last week what i want to discuss and so we have a challenge where we are there is this uh platform called frac trade uh that many people use it uh connects many different exchanges and so on so we made a challenge where if you do the challenge and you contact us and you resolve it we give you a price like you know amount of free subscription but you know if you say well contact us and and maybe we can work out something but you know it's just symbolic to say if you help us with this making life easier to our members we are going to give you some reward it could be a one-month membership but depends on your work we could do something better than that but uh contact us you know here is my email let me know what is your proposal and then we can come up with you know some deal but it's basically a way to say look you know if you it's a community if you want to contribute some people do it for free because they like it or they did something and they want to share it anyway uh but you know uh we don't mind to give you some rewards you know in the form of a free membership or stuff like that uh for the crypto you know another reward is that we could give you early access because right now for example our algorithm for crypto is not open to the public but uh if somebody wants to develop an application we could give you access early access that could be another way to reward you but you know we have also a stock challenge here where we are asking for all the contributions and so if you click here github so going to that place is again another github and you can see there is a somebody contributed a c-sharp solution they say they didn't break uh and uh uh there are very nice instructions step by step where even if you are not a programmer you can still follow the steps uh and you can run it you don't have to know c sharp okay there are instructions you can launch it uh they have a console that anybody can open on their computer on a server and at the end follow instruction maybe one of maybe i don't know if chris chris is still here here whenever you have chance maybe you want to test these guys and see if they are working and if we can improve the instructions but uh um you know the the user that posted this thing um his name is here um claims that he's working fine so if you want to if you don't like our trader and you want to find and many of them many of these solutions don't have a nice gui and whatever but you know the gui goes so far if you have a better solution it's more stable and it doesn't crash why not use this guy you know usually she's she's sharp test it look the same and somebody also uh publish a a python solution uh here you know we have a very nice uh explanation again even if you are not a developer maybe you can follow the instructions uh and uh run these so if you are a developer you can use these and improve it you know uh you can do your own version uh and i also posted an example on how to connect with alpaca if you if you are a matlab user or maybe you can use it as an example and translate it in your favorite language uh i have an example now again in matlab on how to connect with alpha hub and eventually i want to post actually the source code for the trader it will be only matlab but if you're a matlab user you you know you can take it as an inspiration and translate it in another language so i will post it because there is nothing proprietary in the trader uh and we can share it with the public so um so this is another way uh that you can actually use our signal you can use this community and hopefully with time there will be more contributions and they will improve it etc and if you are a developer please let us know because we can give you prizes uh but you know you can also help the community by adding to this list of community solutions now we have one more way so basically we did a let me uh refer you to these i have a link for this just a second i've wrote a medium article actually on these yes i will give you a link for the article because the article contains also um instructions so you can use it i will post it later on our website too but uh uh here it is so uh yeah so we we talked with this company uh their name is uh uh arcade trader okay and uh it's just arcade trader so let me go there there are links in the article okay here it is so um so it's this platform and basically what this platform does it's all on the cloud um it's uh it's very nice uh let me show you uh so you know it has this uh um interface so what what this allows you to do uh you log in uh unfortunately is no free uh so we have actually they gave us uh and i would send an email to all our current uh users but we will put also on our website so we make sure it is available on this side but basically you're going to have a coupon and you get a 20 discount so right now if if you have an account that is below 30 000 it's going to be i think 24 dollars a month okay and what you get for 24 a month so you connect your pack account and it will give you all the information all your positions all your order for the day it has a nice chart you know to show you uh what your account is doing during the day or any other different times it has a history of all your trades and you know it has a lot of nice features but also uh we made an agreement with them where uh uh so they were supposed to be like a marketplace where they post many different signals for many different but they kind of gave up with the idea but they were glad to work with us so our signals actually are available on their website so you will need to have a an account with us you you use the coupon you open an account with them then you use your authentication from from alpha hub and uh um and this is how you set it that you know you set your basically you set everything like if you were on the trader but it's i think it's easier you put the amount you want to invest i wrote you instructions and uh and as an appointed you know you say adding strategy and you will see like here you see it has the optimizer in fact it has all our strategies including minor 3 because you probably don't want to do it manually but if you have a bot it's like a bot right and the beauty of this bot it's all online you don't have to download anything you don't have to um have a server it runs on their servers the bot runs on their server and they do it through a secure method where uh they don't even you know collect your apis uh information it sits actually um on alpaca you know and uh um so they connect you know we have this way of connecting their service to up alpaca and they can trade for you automatically and it's all online you can you know whatever you can use a browser you log in on your account you can see what they bought is doing uh you don't have to run it on your computer you can turn on and off your computer whenever you want you don't have to rent a server it's all there and i talk with them and they say we tested this system for more than two years now it never crashed once it always knows what it's supposed to do it does the same execution strategy that uh sorry i went here okay it has the same execution strategy that i described before for the trader the beauty of that is also beta and uh i put this in step number three um so by the way this you know this this information is fake uh but you you will put here your alpha signal uh information you know like your password and your email so you can you get connected with alpha hub uh you choose your strategy you can try all all the different algos which we have you can do mono opti optimizer or maybe just the optimizer or minor three whatever uh and it does all of them and you decide uh how much percentage on each uh strategy uh there is a step three and there it's not necessary it's just i say for advanced users but um the beauty of that is that if you want to have a better execution um and then i didn't go in the details because we have a very nice manual and you can read the manual uh but i'm telling you where to go um to do step number three step number three basically allows you to change the execution strategy so let's say you want to do something more sophisticated like you know buy slowly down or buy slowly up you know to reduce lead page etc and you know what you're doing and like i said you can read the manual and there are examples and over time probably we will have also examples that you can copy uh or you know there are three different ways three different languages python natural language you know like basically like logic uh so we will have examples already made for you if you want to use this example right now you can use the default one but basically it's like the trader with automatic trader like you know what i explained before uh so you don't have to worry about anything but if you want to fool around and want to say okay i want to try to make it uh better you make execution better with something more clever you can try you know you have a manual and you can follow instructions it's not like i said it's not necessary something that it's there as an option and i think it's a really great thing uh so the only problem with this guy is uh it's not free because you know we have a different company if he was a if we develop this we will probably make it free for our members but we didn't it's a collaboration with another company simply because really you know to be honest guys i want to focus on making better algos we have so many different things we want to try you know different markets a different uh strategy maybe having options you know so we want to offer many different services uh we also try a little bit worried about too many people coming in so we have this problem of making our solutions scalable where maybe several hundreds people can trade it by the way one thing i want to say that uh in a certain point we are going to cap our number of uh people so you know probably to only a few hundred people so it's going to be a family but you know kind of a close group on a certain point uh but you know even with 300 people we would like to make sure that it's a scalable solution where you know if someone of hamas was to try to trade hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions it can be done so we want to work on these solutions you know we want to be focused on signals on making the strategy as good as we can and the execution part is you know if we add the resources we will focus on that too we don't so this is why we have this community contribution so this is why we did do an effort you know to give you like an automatic way of doing this uh that it works but it's not perfect and over time as we have a timely resources we will continue to improve it uh and now we have this one and i think this one to be honest it looks to me like the best solutions for both for advanced and for uh uh beginning users because you don't have to do anything there are instructions here that are as simple as they can get uh you can set it up uh it's supposed to be super stable so maybe after you test it for a little while maybe you can you know just check you once a day maybe even take a couple of days break uh and and trustworth is doing his thing you know um the only uh con of this solution is that it's not free but it's still reasonable right because uh it costs like 26 dollars a month you know so yes it's 26 dollars in addition to your alpha ab fee i think our price is very reasonable when you add the 26 dollars it's not a big difference right uh the the algo i cannot promise you the algos are going to do certain things because it's both unethical and illegal but based on what we are doing right now we are about you know the optimizer is doing about 10 percent you know historical performance so if he continues to do that right and you have uh 5 000 so it is 500 a month right so you can afford 126 dollars a month fees and you're still doing a pretty good game you know so this is this is my suggestion to use actually this solution um and uh uh test it you know we don't well another thing another disclaimer i need to make is that uh we just started like literally uh but i'm going to test it myself on on monday using paper account that is the other beautiful beautiful thing about this solution uh whereas also the paper uh only for alpaca unfortunately uh but um you also have two other choices of brokers uh that is another advantage of this solution um let me show you that so we have three different brokers so we have alpaca we have ameritrade uh one of the beautiful things about ameritrade alpaca doesn't have our ira but you can open an array with ameritrade i was mentioning taxes before when i went on a tangent and then i didn't say what what i want to tell you about taxes there was a time when i did a calculation uh where uh you know you will have to pay a little bit higher taxes because if you use our algos because uh it's not considered long-term investment but even when you consider higher taxes uh you still do much much better than qqq and i i promise actually the members that i was going to do a calculation of that i will post it on the website and show look you know this is with taxes um and this is how you you know even if qqq you will have to pay just 15 because uh it's a long-term investment and without without traders you will have to pay proportionally to what you made it's going to be considered like income but even with higher taxes given the incredible performance of the algos you still do better than qqq much better and and they will show you on a graph but one of the nice things you can also open an ira and you can put the bot on that account and trade with ameritrade the ameritrade allows you to open an ira account and the other thing is robbie nude you know maybe not many of us like robin hood but a lot of young people like uh for whatever reason uh and so we have also that option so i don't know if you have like a young friend that loves robbie nude and he's losing money because this is what happened a lot of uh these people are it's great because you learn about trading you know you learn about investing it's fantastic that there are a lot of young people interested in robinhood but a lot of them don't know what to do uh so maybe this is going to help them um so yeah so we have also ruby note and we are talking with them about maybe adding a few more um so one more thing i want to uh mention uh and then we can wrap it up finally is that uh we also have a crypto algo the algo is not available yet this is our crazy algo it's actually called cryptomoneta we show just the performance from january i calculated one year performance uh over one year he did like 70 times like 70 pair and you can see what he did over january it's a 36 pair 37 pair um since january is just insane um it has a lot of drawdowns etc because yeah crypto is very volatile it's crazy uh but you know it you can see it recovers and it goes up now there is a lot of interest for this algo probably we are going to have like maybe a few beta testers maybe like 10 people uh one of the things we are going to do i'm going to send an email say okay but 10 first 10 people that send us a request we are letting them in so we will give you keys to trade with this guy if you want to we don't have a bot for it trying to develop one uh it's a complicated because crypto it's a mess one solution could be again um arcade trader because what they told me we are going to add um possibly um finance and other exchanges and we are working on that but in the meanwhile because we have a robinhood solution and you can buy uh crypto on robinhood what what happens on robbie nuty don't really buy the crypto you buy um you basically trade them you know and this is all what we care because we we uh the algo works in the same way like for the stocks uh you just buy it it actually cycles every 10 hours instead of one day so it's very difficult to do it by hand almost impossible because it's going to be odd time unless you know you put an alarm clock and you wake up when the new signal is supposed to come out uh so you want probably automated solution so for now we could try the robinhood stuff because maybe it's not the best price but if you come close and you can just trade with it uh why not you know we don't have commissions so maybe there is a little bit more slippage i don't know it's something to test you know so that that could be a temporary solution till up maybe we have a better exchanges for crypto too uh so again uh i really i'm really i was really happy about this collaboration uh i know some people have some reservations why do i have to pay 26 dollars more but i i i think it's really the way to go you know that is my opinion at least to try you know try a month and see if you like it and i think you you will make up your 26 dollars pretty easily you know anyway so i i think i'm done uh one maybe one last thing so in the website um let me guide you through the website so basically uh we have a services right so you can look at our services um you know here i mentioned we crypto stuff um and uh um now by the way for international users if you ever want to ask to test a particular market that you're interested um like india whatever and you have the data and you want to send us the data we can do an analysis of that market and maybe explore you know if it is we should make the signal public maybe for indian people say or australia and whatever or maybe you're you know like a a group with a small group we want to test these and you're interested in our signal send us an email you know and we will do the study for you we can run our argus on your data uh or if you have another in the ad you know with like a you're a trading group or whatever that is interesting working with us contact us you know because one of the things we are going to do is also some consultancy on algo trading using our very unique approach um here on about quantonomy uh i'm going to write more about these but i kind of wrote and chris told me it's uh it has a lot of typos so i'm going to fix them but you know be patient with the typos but uh um it's kind of our philosophy of trading but it's very unique it's very different from everybody else it gives you a feeling of what we are doing you know so i'm not going to go through it uh read it i'm going to have uh but one of the things i ask you so if you're interested to look at our blog because i'm going to post uh are also publishing a medium but if we publish anything convenient it will be on the blog and plus i will have probably some other blog entries that are just on the blog and not on medium but over time i'm going to tell you more about what we do and how we think about trading it's not just like randomly trying something we have a very precise philosophy a very precise approach but actually by interacting with other algo traders you know it looks like to me very unique uh very different um i don't say it's we are the only people on earth doing this but it's very different it's very methodic um and and you know you have events here like everyone today hopefully we are going to learn how to do this thing better next time there is a forum this is meant for people discussions um right now it's mostly me asking myself talking to myself and making a case so i meant it mostly to do it like a kind of question and answer type of thing and i will add more questions but please go ahead and ask questions if you have a and they say support but it could be basically anything and we can maybe actually add a another section where people can discuss or can make comments suggestions it doesn't have to be a question it can be anything and then you know this is us is chris looking at what kind of cool place is that chris what what is that chris where are you are you still online i think i lost chris but it's a really cool place is okay what what is that place on the picture ah you said it okay fantastic i love it i have cascades etc so he's looking at a mountain or something you know what he's looking actually is the optimizer going up and up and up and up is what he's looking at and that is me before kovid i look like castaway right now and derek and you know gregory is like an advisor so these are is our team okay yeah yeah chris tells me that he figure out how uh to set up facebook but we can try also the platform like youtube etc uh so we will do this again um but uh yeah and uh um and one other thing so i told you about the community uh there is a dissection about education so here basically you can find all the different videos so we have also a youtube channel where uh we explain how to register how to use alpha uh this is for the developer so if you want to write a websocket i say a little bit about the trader here there will be more information so there is follow us also on youtube because uh we're going to post their uh different things and you know different videos instructional video but also um here so one of the things we do is called online portfolio selection so some people want to know more about them uh and so there is actually a library so you can experiment i mean i don't mind if you learn more you know if you're interested if you're maybe an algo trader yourself uh i think our uh we are inspired by all p's we do something much different from the typical old ps type of approach so i don't mind people exploring but it's a way of educating ourselves because it's good to know it's not just a black box i mean we are not going to give away our tricks but i like uh in informing investors so if you understand the general philosophy of what we do uh it's actually a good thing um because you know it's not just a complete black box for you and that i'll give i'll give them some more information it's mostly a placeholder so these are my some of my favorite books like uh you know probably if you read the philosophy and also my articles you understand that a lot of what we do is based on this idea of treating the market like if it was a physical system uh and having this scientific approach you know instead of just trying some garbage so these are some of my favorite books but i will post here over time maybe even we can have even like a little school you know where we can go through some exercise you know some other things you know because uh it's good to have a uh well well educated uh investors so we will add a more educational material here in this in this section uh and then finally and right now again it's because i just started the website it just shows a very well done report and we will try to make it uh updated that maybe like once a month i will post the new performance of the algorithm um if i can figure it out maybe we can do it even automatically where it updates itself every day or something but at least once a month i will post a new performance but it's a very detailed performance where it gives you all the stats you know a drawdown so all these things mean something and again we will have some educational material where we explain them uh and give a relevance of them you know if you are interested if of course if you're not it doesn't matter but uh we want to be super transparent super scientific want to give as much information as possible so here it is you know how much you're making over the years later monthly returns you see for example here one one of the nice things to see is that you know it never almost never went down over a month you know maybe there are a couple of months where we lost but most of the months we won you know and this is the average it's about a little bit better than 10 percent per month without the optimizer and you know you can see the drawdowns here you know where where have it happened the green months uh here we don't have information this way say zero you know but it's known it starts it's here i know i basically yeah i'm almost yeah i'm almost done i'm basically i'm done uh chris is telling me cut it cut it out uh he's right okay yeah so this is it you know basically this was the last thing i wanted to show you but we have a very detailed description of the behavior of the algos and we'll try to keep them updated right now it's only the optimizer but it's basically i think it's our best algo and what i suggest you to use uh we will post the performance of the other guys and also i i i don't know this is a quant start it's not our algo but it's another good thing it's actually a third-party uh application so we just put the data and they give you so you know it's actually nice to have a third party because it's independent um it's another somebody some another quantity wrote that uh i'll go and i'm just using it uh it's a publicly available algo but i will post also the performance of the other algorithms so you can compare them and also compare them with qqq so you can see the difference okay so i think i'm done uh and uh we can you know you can tell you can ask questions if you if you follow so far um thank you gerald it was nice to meet you virtually sometime we should have a call by the way but anyway guys um is there any question uh oh comment or whatever chris do you do you want to comment or do you want to say something because i can they cannot hear you but they can say whatever you want to say chris okay yeah so he's saying that we went to yeah we went for two too long i like i say i made it mainly made it because i wanted to have like one single place where people can go and maybe you know go through different sections we i will try to maybe edit it we can also break it down in that way we can try to cut it um hopefully we can get to the original video and we can download it and edit it um but yeah maybe in the future we can focus on one particular topic at a time and do something more interactive we'll try to have meetings like this in the future so people can actually participate and maybe we can also do some time uh live you know so we can show how the algos work uh during a trading day or something uh but um yeah um feel free to ask questions later send us an email you know go to the forum um otherwise um we are done today thank you for your patience you know it was crazy that you were able to follow us all this time thank you guys see you

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