Make Visible That Which Is Hidden

What does leadership look like in 2018?

Are leaders still believed? Are leaders still trusted? The obvious answer is, “of course!” Just look at the health of the market, the economy and how one business, in particular, crossed the financial threshold into the trillion dollar market valuation (well done, Apple). On the other hand, stop and think about the divisive state of politics, the news, the global economy and the changes shifting us away from a more connected and open world, to one of nationalism and “let’s take care of our own first.” With all of these strange shifts (it does seem like we’re talking out of both sides of our mouth), the leaders of today not only have to deal with the economics and politics at work, but must dig deeper, and find more reason and meaning for their team to pull it together, show up, stand out and make a difference.

Leadership is about more than nurturing a team and contributing true economic value to the corporation.

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