Make Experience Your Business

I’m about to tell you something that won’t shock you: We’re smack in the middle of a major disruption. You know it, because it impacts you every day. Digital is changing everything about business, and that probably includes your job, too. Marketing isn’t about brand awareness anymore — it’s about something higher, a brand purpose that creates a deep connection between a company and its customers. Instead of telling our customers what we think they want, they now tell us exactly what they want, and how, when, and where they want it. The challenge for everyone, from marketers to data scientists, architects, and CEOs, is to figure out how to close the gap between people and the things they want to do and experience, and to make customers feel a little special along the way.

This is the heart of what we call Experience Business. And since the current shift in what it means to interact with customers is pretty massive, I want to tell you about where we, at Adobe, think… Read More

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