Local Video Marketing for Irish Businesses with Gaffey Productions, Part 2

Hi everyone, Patricia here from Gaffey Productions.
Did you know that Video marketing actually IS Return On Investment? It is scientifically proven, that we are able
to process visuals 60,000 times faster than text, yes you heard right: sixty thousand! Day by day, we are all in a rush to view the
next thing online so how do YOU get your message across? You only have little time to capture
the viewers attention and give enough information to be able to make the sale. A page of text is very often too long, an
image does not provide enough information – so the answer MUST be video. Businesses have been creating videos for years
now. From TV commercials to big corporate videos, yet smaller businesses tend to stay
clear from video marketing. Why?
Because they still think video is too expensive for them, so they rely on lots of text to
make the sale.

The statistics say that larger companies use
video much more than smaller businesses. Why is that you wonder? Because Video is the best
way to provide a Return Of Investment. If small businesses took the leap into video
marketing, they may generate enough sales to grow and become a bigger business. If you have a video demonstration of YOUR
product or service viewers are 85% more likely to buy.
So, Video CAN increase your conversion rate. As a business, no matter how big or small,
you would be mad NOT to use video. We here at Gaffey Productions would love to
create your Video and you can contact us via email, twitter or facebook. We are looking forward to hear from you..

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