LinkedIn Builds Integration With Launch by Adobe

B2B companies are always looking to grow their business by getting their message in front of key influencers, decision makers, and executives. LinkedIn makes this possible by enabling marketers to reach over 500 million professionals using LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. To power all this marketing and analytics, we use the LinkedIn Insight Tag.

But the truth is this: managing a LinkedIn tag with other tags from different vendors could be complicated and time-consuming. That’s why we are excited to be part of Launch by Adobe. It makes it a breeze to deploy the LinkedIn Insight Tag with your other third-party tags to reach more customers on the world’s largest professional network. Using LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, you can also:

Track conversions: Connect advertising on LinkedIn with lead conversions on your website to gain a more holistic understanding of your marketing programs.
Retarget your ads: Extend your message to prospects who visited your website on LinkedIn… Read More

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