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comparison that what is better our own business or doing business in network marketing which
is better so you're in this video will get those points that what are the the advantages
in business and what are the advantages in network marketing so in the end, you can take
a decision that on which side you have to take your focus and what you have to do so
let's start with the first point see if you are doing your own business you start your own
the business then there you need an initial investment to start business you need to invest some
money it may be possible that they would not have money but business in starting needs
capital but in network marketing you don't need any major investment you can start
with very less money in network marketing now second thing if you are starting your
own business you invested your money and you are not enjoying it or because of some reason
you want to stop your business then you will get losses in that because exit cost in business
is there in starting person puts on some capital create the infrastructure in which his money
is spent and after that he want to stop his business then they say that doing business
is like riding a lion this means that until you are sitting on business sitting on a lion
till then there is the the fear that but you are on business and as you will come down
business will be ended but in network marketing the exit cost is nothing you can stop your
work anytime what did you invest that you will lose so here exit cost is nothing now
in business, the third thing is you have fixed expenses salaries you have to give continuously
you need if your office is on rent then office expenses would be there your rent would be
paint your liabilities are there every month and if you want have income then to run a
business it would be very difficult but in network marketing you don't have to give salary
to anyone you don't have to keep office you don't have to manage inventory here you have
don't have fixed expenses just like zero so you have to see where you have to go now the
fourth point is in business you have fixed working hours you have to open the gate of
your shop in the morning then close it you have to sit whatever the work is you have timings
for that but yes if business build up then it is not important that you go or not your
work will be done but in starting same you have to put on hard work may be afterwards
also you would have to see how your workers are doing how is the work happening in factory
everything you have to manage and if it is a small business then only you have to work
but in network marketing you don't have any fixed timings yes but yes you might have
to work more than a businessman why because you don't have fixed timings Businessman has
to open his shop at 9 a.m.

Close it at 8 but in network marketing it might be possible
that you after 8 or 12 or 1 put on extra effort yes and business also they put on extra effort
it's their own business they can do till anytime but here in business you have to give some
fix timing in network marketing if you don't give then also it would work if you a shop
then you have to open it then only money will come in network marketing even if you don't
open it then also money will be there now fifth point in business generally training and
support is not there if there is family business Family guide you, your parents guide you but
no professional training and support isn't there in business in network marketing you have upline
you have a company to give you trainings know they give you training so people grow a little
bit fast although they don't learn anything but basic is clear in business no one will
hold your hand to move forward in network marketing you get upline who holds your hand
to guide you now the final sixth point is business is not for everybody because to do business
you need training you need experience you should know what should be done and most importantly
money so every person cannot do business but network marketing can everyone do yes everyone
can do answer is yes but in network marketing you need to learn skills there is a 95% failure
and dropout 95% people don't become successful because they don't develop the skills which
is important in network marketing and if you also think that your network marketing business
is not growing so now you have to take the decision that you need to learn that skill
sir tell me what are the skills and I am ready to learn them you will have to take this decision
today else you will be in the category of 95% because company give you basic training
not a professional training on skills there is no training people don't know what skills
they need to develop what we need to do in that what they have to say with which people
join human psychology in network marketing no trainer teaches you in India so I have
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