Jennifer Cohen Crompton on Content Marketing Mistakes (Part 2)

my name is jen cohen crompton and i am from something creative and i'm here today at epic PR studios talking about content marketing mistakes that many people make and you should avoid one of the most important things when you're creating content is understanding the difference between analytics and creativity so whenever you're putting together a content you have to consider it from the standpoint of what are the key words where people searching for what do they want to know about where the buzzwords and if you can marry that with the creative side in terms of what people actually want to read and how they want to read it then you can make awesome content so it starts with the title making a great title because if the titles awesome people are going to read it that determines if they click on it if they read it they open it download it whatever it may be the title is very important and then understanding which keywords are throughout the content so it can be found but making it very creative and interesting so people want to read it and they're not bored by the content when it comes to analytics it's very important to measure what you're doing so analytics can encompass everything from how your content is performing to how people are using it and it can really show you what is successful what is it so you can take a look at those analytics and decided we're doing things the right way the wrong way or if you need minor adjustments you

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